EESC campaign | #LEuropaebella

April 5, 2019, 9:50 am

Join us in supporting the European Economic and Social Committee’s campaign for the upcoming European Parliamentary elections #LEuropaebella !

The campaign is accompanied by the following statement by EESC president Luca Jahier and activists from the cultural field:

We are European citizens. We are extremely concerned about the current state of the European Union, and by the next European Parliament elections.

While we may not be satisfied with the functioning of the European Union today, we are convinced that the populist, extremist and nationalist tides which may be strengthened in these upcoming elections are not the right way forward. On the contrary, such developments will create tensions, conflicts, regression, will lead to stagnation rather than re-dynamise Europe.

What we need is a more united Europe, more democratic, more inclusive, more ecological, more welcoming, more dynamic, more aware of its strengths, its creativity and cultural wealth.

We therefore appeal to all European citizens to go and vote, and to defend our fundamental values which make our Europe a place of freedom, peace and democracy.

Influential individuals from the cultural sector and beyond have already signed this statement and are raising awareness by sending in videos in which they declare why Europe is important to them and why they support a democratic Europe.

On this page you can find more information on how you can take part and create your own video supporting #LEuropaebella.

Together, we can change and protect our Europe of culture and creativity, freedom and inclusiveness.

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