ECF EP elections overview | Your vote matters!

March 12, 2019, 10:48 am

The European Cultural Foundation has created a webpage dedicated to the EP elections with useful information on the voting process, an overview of awareness campaigns and more tools to inform and engage citizens.

We invite you to access and make use of this information and would like to share with you the following message by ECF:

On 23-26 May 2019, the European citizens will be able to cast their vote in the European Parliament elections. At the European Cultural Foundation, we believe each one of us should have a voice in how the European Union will be shaped for future generations.

We believe in an ever more democratic, open and inclusive Europe, based on fundamental principles as solidarity, equality and freedom. Voting alone will not make a difference immediately for the EU and for all of us, but it is a good starting point. NOW IS THE TIME to inform and activate as many people as possible.

One of the key challenges at the previous European Parliamentary elections (2014) was the very low turnout of EU citizens (hitting a bottom of 13% of the population of some EU member states!). Let’s all together try to prevent a low turnout in the upcoming elections. And yes, we are aware many people do not yet know about the elections, or even about the fact they have a voting right, about when, where or how they could cast their vote and that their vote matters! We compiled a webpage for them.

On this page we offer an overview of useful information about HOW and WHERE one can vote in European Union, of awareness campaigns which help people understand WHAT do you vote for and what does your vote DO at the European Parliament elections.

We kindly invite you to help spreading this information across your network of partners, friends and communities before 23 May 2019! Because #ThistimeImvoting and we hope you do too!


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