Civic Space in Europe survey

February 12, 2016, 5:44 pm

Civil Society Europe (of which CAE is a member) and Civicus, the World Alliance for Citizen’s participation are currently conducting a survey to map out key trends on civic space in Europe. The survey will assess how operating conditions for civil society have changed in Europe over the past 12 months, what are the emerging trends and challenges that civil society organisations have to face, as well as the possibility to develop common responses.

The survey is open to associations and leading activists in the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland, and the candidate countries to the EU Accession: Albania, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey.

The survey includes 30 questions and should not take more than 15 minutes. The findings will be made freely available for users. All responses will be confidential, will not be shared with third parties and will be analysed as a collective dataset.

The survey can be found in English or in French.

For any questions or technical difficulties, please contact Civic Space in Europe survey at

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