CAE Communiqué | Council Meeting Bucharest

April 15, 2019, 2:40 pm

In the context of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, Culture Ministers of European Member States will meet on April 16, in Bucharest. Culture ministers will discuss funding and innovation for the cultural and creative sectors and the legacy of European cultural heritage. It is expected that the Council approach to the next generation of culture programmes will also be discussed.

Ahead of the informal meeting of the ministers of culture CAE has circulated its position on the legacy of the European Year of Cultural Heritage and reinstated the need to double the budget for culture if we aspire to make the cultural and creative sector sustainable at EU level. CAE insists on an inclusive and forward looking definition of cultural heritage across policies, programmes and actions, based on an active engagement with present cultural production and contemporary society.

In view of the upcoming interinstitutional negotiations and current technical talks on Creative Europe, CAE has published and circulated a Communiqué on Creative Europe for Interinstitutional Negotiations, building on its Creative Europe 2021-2027 position and incorporating CAE’s members views on the latest positions of the European Council and European Parliament. The Communiqué invites the European institutions to address the low success rates in the culture strand of Creative Europe with the doubling of the budget for culture and in view of the new priorities.

CAE members have been in contact with their ministers of Culture, Finance and Foreign Affairs to ask for stronger budget for Culture. CAE invites the cultural sector to contribute to this joint action.

Here you can find an updated template letter for writing to the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Culture and the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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