‘Structurally F–cked’: a report into artists’ pay and conditions

The ‘Structurally F–cked’ report on artists’ pay and conditions, published by Industria and a-n, highlights a culture of low fees and unpaid labour, with key findings including a median hourly rate paid to artists of £2.60. The report concludes with proposals for new ways in which publicly funded institutions can better work with artists.

‘Structurally F–cked’ draws its title and data from testimonies gathered through Artist Leaks, an online survey of visual artists conducted by Industria, an artist-run organisation that examines and challenges the current conditions of the ‘art world.’ Artist Leaks submissions were received from artists who had been contracted to deliver projects by publicly funded galleries in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The projects ranged from major commissions and solo exhibitions, to talks and education workshops. The extensive questionnaire invited artists to share their experiences and fees, which are typically obscured from public view. The resulting data illustrates a culture of low fees, unpaid labour, and systemic exploitation.

The report also features newly commissioned texts by Lola Olufemi, Juliet Jacques and Jack Ky Tan, reflecting on their experiences in the creative sector.


Structurally F–cked
(Structurally-F–cked.pdf - 1.52 Mb)