On The Move has released its Cultural Mobility Yearbook 2022

The month of April 2022 was a new milestone for On the Move, as the organization launched its new annual report called the Cultural Mobility Yearbook. 

This Yearbook is part of On the Move’s multi-annual program co-funded by the European Union. It is intended to provide a glimpse into the many calls and resources that are collected and promoted every day. Through the organization’s website database, it is possible to extract data to analyze and identify trends and to put emerging and more familiar issues in context. Therefore, this Yearbook aims to provide a comprehensive reference framework of cultural mobility data that can be updated and revisited every year, in terms of world regions, disciplines, and mobility formats. This year’s focus is on digital mobility. The formats and opportunities it offers, as well as its limitations, which resemble many aspects of in-person mobility such as access, geography, and power relations.

A Cultural Mobility Yearbook is an in-depth look at the many challenges, changes, and evolving formats of cultural mobility, as well as hints of possible future developments. In Collaboration with Nordic Culture Point and Howlround, the yearbooks will be integrated with yearly Cultural Mobility Forums. These publications can enable researchers to collaborate on novel research projects to share findings, compare data, and gain a deeper understanding of cultural mobility’s impacts and forms.

To access the yearbook, click here.