Kooperativa Statement on Cultural Cooperation in the Balkans

Kooperativa Regional Platform for Culture calls on the national governments in the Balkans and the European Union to rethink the framework of action for cultural cooperation in the region following the conclusions of the Ministerial Meeting of the Western Balkans Platforms on Culture, Research and Innovation, Education and Training that took place on 27 and 28 June in Tirana.

Governments are urged by Kooperativa to:

1. Recognize the important role independent culture has played in regional reconciliation and peacebuilding.

2. Affirm independent culture’s role as a producer and promoter of progressive social ideas, democracy, and wide participation of citizens and stakeholders in cultural production and related decision-making processes.

3. Develop a dialogue with civil society organizations in the Balkans that are involved in independent culture and remain attentive to their excellent and innovative practices of cooperation and exchange.

4. Develop a regional dialogue and culture strategy for the Balkan region  based on the Nordic and Visegrad regions’ good practices.    

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