Arts & Design-Based Collaboration and Cross-Innovation

Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture (NDPC) launch a policy brief, as an outcome of the NDPC led project “Creative Cross-Innovations for Sustainability” (2022-2023). This policy brief is a call to policymakers to become aware of arts & design-based collaboration and cross-innovation, and to champion and form policies that truly drive the practice forward. This is important not only to expand the possibilities of livelihoods for the arts or design professionals, not only for acceleration of new innovations for greater revenues – but also due to the necessity to tackle the most complex societal issues of our time.

The data-gathering process consisted of an online survey (59 respondents from 27 countries), followed up with a round of interviews (60 professionals from 14 countries). This data-gathering process (completed from January–August 2023) is referred to as “the study”, and is in the brief brought into conversation with other sources of information. Although the number of explored sources is limited, they contribute in a meaningful manner to the overall analysis concluding into policy recommendations.

The study process led to the shift from the initial project terminology using creative cross-innovations to using arts & design-based collaboration and cross-innovation. In essence, this shift is underpinned by the need to identify the driver of the practice, which consists of professionals from different art and design disciplines.

Read the policy brief here.