Letter to Barroso signed by more than 250 cultural organisations and artists 

January 16, 1970, 7:17 pm

The European cultural sector calls on President Barroso to stand strong in the negotiations on the future of the Creative Europe programme

                                                                                                  Press Release 8 April 2013

In the framework of the short-sighted cuts to the European Union budget proposed by the Council of the EU, the main European networks for culture as well as personalities from the arts and culture sector call on the President of the European Commission to stand strong with the Creative Europe proposal and safeguard throughout the negotiations the spirit of the proposed budget allocation despite any short‐sighted criticism.

“At a time of intense financial austerity” –
say the signatories – “the European Commission took a small but significant step by proposing an increase to the cultural budget through the Creative Europe programme. The increase proposed was very small in financial terms but had a high value in signalling a strengthened role for arts and culture in the building of Europe’s future in democracy.

The signatories also reminds that culture is an investment in our future and it is essential to design new narratives for Europe, narratives that President Barroso have also supported and recently reaffirmed in the speech he gave last week in Vienna when he stated that “Culture is the cement that binds Europe together. To this regard the letter underlines that “unjustified cuts to the Creative Europe programme will not only undermine this endeavor but will also be incomprehensible to the cultural sector”.

While confirming their support for the Commission’s proposal for increased funding for culture and education, the signatories also ask that no choice be made that might undermine this.

The open letter, promoted by Culture Action Europe[1] in the framework of the ‘we are more’ campaign developed in strategic partnership with the European Cultural Foundation, has been sent earlier today signed by more than 200 organisations and artists and is currently receiving more signatures here.


[1] CAE is the main European network for culture giving voice more than 80.000 cultural organizations from across Europe.DOWNLOAD THE LETTER HERE

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