Implementing Culture within the SDGs

September 25, 2019, 3:37 pm

In tandem with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Summit taking place in New York from 24-25 September, Culture Action Europe is renewing its call to integrate culture transversally within the SDGs through the publication of a new report titled “Implementing Culture within the Sustainable Development Goals: The role of culture in Agenda 2030”. The Goals, adopted in 2015, provide a common framework and objectives for global, sustainable development, incorporating social, economic and governmental dimensions. However, the full capacity of culture to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs is not explicit within the Goals, and therefore requires increased awareness, dialogue and action.

It is the belief of Culture Action Europe that, with vision and ambition, the institutions of the European Union can pioneer a mainstreaming of culture into the SDGs. The relevance of culture across diverse policy areas, as presented throughout this new report, builds upon Culture Action Europe’s previous impact review, The Value and Values of Culture, as well as member inputs. The report also stresses the need for culture within current and future European action for sustainable development, calling for the creation of a fourth pillar of development for culture as well as a European Cultural Fund for Sustainability as crucial steps in this process.

Access the full report by downloading below.

Implementing Culture within the Sustainable Development Goals: The role of culture in Agenda 2030

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