Exit Europe, New geographies of Culture –Recommendations from civil society

October 28, 2010, 11:28 am

Clubture Network, and its partners Culture Action Europe and Asociacija, are proud to present the Exit Europe position paper; the product of multi-annual efforts to connect independent cultural organisations in the region of former Yugoslavia, and to facilitate their participation in European debates on the development of cultural policies.

This position paper is the outcome of discussions held in Skopje, Sarajevo and Zagreb in the context of the Trans Balkans Europe project (2009/10), as well as of previous actions undertaken by the Clubture Network and its partners since 2005.

The paper offers a number of specific recommendations to the European Union and to national governments and local authorities, from the perspective of independent cultural actors – and in the light of EU enlargement processes.

The aim of this paper is to express the needs and views of cultural civil society in the region, as well as to show the readiness of these organisations to take decisive steps towards contributing to overall cultural developments in the region and internationally.

The we are more campaign supports the Exit Europe recommendations, and is looking forward to continue working with its partners in the region and across Europe.

Read the Position Paper here!



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