Chair of EP CULT answers to CAE’s defense of the ‘Creative Europe’ budget

May 16, 2013, 3:34 pm

Yesterday (15 May), we received an answer from Doris Pack, Chair of the EP Culture and Education committee, who also wrote on behalf of the EP President, Martin Schulz, to our letter in defense of the European budget for culture from 2014.

In the letter, Mrs Pack underlines that “when making its recommendations, the Parliament consistently stressed the importance it attached to adequate funding for culture and education” while recognizing that ” the Council’s approach to the heading in the multi-annual financial framework which includes the proposed new ‘Creative Europe’ was, indeed, disappointing”.

Mrs Pack also warned that in the current context of negotiations, “it is likely that any increase in funding for Creative Europe will be small” but that her colleagues and herself share our conviction about the need to invest in culture and that “this is the spirit in which [they] shall approach these negotiations“.

Read the letter here (part1, part2).

We will continue our work to defend the Creative Europe budget and, despite the difficulties, we still hope to be able to guarantee an increased budget compared to the current Culture programme.

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