CAE elects new Executive Committee members

June 14, 2021, 2:43 pm
We are happy to welcome new members to the Culture Action Europe’s Executive Committee.

Paul Dujardin
(European Festivals Association), Celia Grau (Opera Europa), Niels Righolt (CKI – Center for Kunst og Interkultur), Katharina Weinert (European Music Council) and Julie Ward as a new Individual Members’ Representative, were elected at the CAE Annual General Assembly 2021 on 10 June. The mandate of Executive Committee members lasts for 3 years, renewable for a second term. We are looking forward to continuing joint efforts to put culture at the heart of public debate and decision making with the renewed Executive Committee. Meet them here and hope we will be able to meet each other in person very soon!We are also saying a big thank you to our former Executive Committee members:

Cristina Da Milano, Vice-president of Culture Action Europe whose hard work, engagement and human input will be greatly missed. Cristina has diversified the work of Culture Action Europe by bringing in new members to the CAE community and involving Culture Action Europe in various projects. Cristina was an incredible support for the team, always present and listening. As a long standing member of the Executive Committee, she was a rock, a lighthouse in the storm, with a voice of reason and moderation.

Antonio Gucciardo, Culture Action Europe’s Treasurer, a financial guru of the network, who took the organisation from a very precarious financial situation to a stable standing. Antonio brought his expertise in including research as a a financial asset of Culture Action Europe. He has been a crucial voice in steering Culture Action Europe’s future and has always been there for the team in critical times. And all this with lightness and a great sense of humour! Antonio will continue supporting cultural organisations to value their intangible assets.

Elena Polivtseva represented European Networks’ voice at the CAE board. Her contribution to the organisation’s strategy and advocacy efforts and her critical assessment of the CAE membership are valueless. Elena brought a sharp, reflective and empathetic voice to the board and team.

And last but surely not least, Robert Manchin, who served as president of Culture Action Europe for six years. Robert has led CAE through stormy waters, navigating with a calm, inclusive and wise leadership. Robert also acted as a Secretary General in crucial times when CAE was transitioning between two secgens. Robert’s strategic and diplomatic voice will be missed at the board and the team will lack his words of empowerment, advice and friendship. From the entire network, thank you Robert for leaving a stable, solid organisation behind, standing strong on its feet and ready to unleash its power and embrace the future confidently!

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