“Where to land: embedding European performing arts in the new Climate Regime” report

On 5 and 6 October 2022, the Where to land forum brought together 131 European performing arts professionals at the Maillon, Théâtre de Strasbourg – Scène européenne, with the aim of committing to a series of measures for the redirection of the performing arts, at a time when the ongoing ecological disaster is placing demands on the cultural sector as well as on the whole of society.

Participants of the forum formulated key commitments for the European performing arts sector as a whole, with action plans to ensure that the necessary transformation rapidly becomes a reality.

The participants of the Where to land forum discussed actions to be taken to achieve the necessary ecological transformation within a group focusing on the performing arts sector on a European scale. The aim was to assess the extent of the sector’s readiness to take on the proposed recommendations. 

As a result, concrete proposals to activate a political roadmap were formulated. They can be grouped into 6 categories illustrated here by a few examples – for details, refer to the thematic chapters:

  1. Produce open source tools for environmental diagnosis.
  2. Funding climate awareness training.
  3. Create dedicated funds to finance expenses related to degrowth efforts.
  4. Investing in infrastructure.
  5. Coordinate efforts to promote cooperation.
  6. Make subsidies eco-conditional. 

Download the full Forum report that includes the detailed description of the workshops and outputs to dive deeply into the subject.  



(WHERETOLAND_EN.pdf - 4.38 Mb)