Schengen Visa Code and Cultural Mobility

‘Global inequality in freedom of movement persists due to unequal distribution of funding and burdensome visa regulations.’ These insights on Schengen visas for thirdcountry nationals with a specific focus on the African continent and the arts and cultural sector are produced within the scope of the EUfunded Deconfining project.

Deconfining is dedicated to contributing to a better understanding of (social, political and economic) confinement patterns from different viewpoints. It aims to explore and develop new approaches to intercontinental artistic and cultural (policy) cooperation, and to provide better access and information for intercontinental mobility and cocreation between Europe and Africa. This short report is closely connected to another piece of research, written by Ukhona Ntsali Mlandu, that aims to redefine and explore the concept of cultural mobility from an African perspective.

The Deconfining project focuses on addressing injustices within the visa system, particularly Schengen visas for artists and culture professionals from Africa. In collaboration with various mobility organizations, a survey was conducted to gather feedback from both visa applicants in Africa and hosting organizations in Schengen countries. The survey aimed to understand the challenges and obstacles in the visa application process, considering the impact of COVID-19 and the June 2019 revision of the Visa Code. The findings, summarized in this report by On The Move , provide insights to improve the mobility of artists and culture professionals.

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