Common Ground 2021 | ECF’s Annual Magazine

The second edition of European Cultural Foundation’s annual magazine Common Ground is out!

This magazine is not about the last days of corona but the future we ought to build out of it. What can we learn from the last one and a half year? What can we do better and how? There is much talk about the New Normal. Can you still remember the Normal just before corona hit? Trump looked confident to win his second presidential term. Despite the Greta Thunberg impact and all the talk about climate change CO2 emissions had reached another peak. California was burning yet again. The new European Commission looked little inspirational while Brexit reached its sad finale. The immediate Normal before corona should not be our reference point as we look into the future. So, what about the ‘new’ New?

Special contribution from Culture Action Europe’s Tere Badia focuses on the Cultural Deal for Europe.

Download your free copy here.