Continental Drift? EU-UK Negotiations in the Cultural Sector

December 6, 2016, 4:40 pm

It’s a two-hour train journey to Brussels from London, a 33.3km crossing of the Channel and a mere step across the border in Ireland. Yet the UK and the EU are drifting apart. The cultural sector has been united in defending the permanence of the UK in the EU. Above 96% of the UK’s cultural and creative practitioners supported to the option to remain in Europe and we believe this should be acknowledged.

Artists have always travelled across Europe. First, from court to court; now, from festival to festival, gallery to gallery and theatre to theatre. In this way, they help to shape and disseminate the ideas that constitute the basis of Europe. The creative Industries’ value chain is international in nature and the European institutions have recognized the economic potential of culture Thus securing the ability of the cultural sector to continue to operate trans-nationally is crucial.

The debate will explore three crucial dimensions for the period ahead. Firstly, we will consider the uncertainty which has given rise to pressures for long-standing bonds and new partnerships alike. Secondly, we will look at models for possible future UK-EU relations and address topics of interest for the sector within that framework, such as., mobility, access to market and programmes, as well as copyright. Thirdly, we will discuss how the UK’s departure of the EU could affect European citizenship.

Read here CAE little guide to the EU-UK negotiations. We first consider the benefits the UK has gained from EU membership, before moving on to analyse several scenarios and their potential impact on the UK cultural scene.


16:00 Doors open
16:15 Opening intervention by Clymene Christoforou. Culture Action Europe board member and ISIS Arts Co-director
Followed by:
MEP Jill Evans – Plaid Cymru. Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance
MEP Julie Ward – S&D. (Video intervention)
16:45 Panel Discussion
Bernd Fesel – Senior advisor, European Centre for Creative Economy (ecce)
Assya Kavrakova – Director -European Citizen Action Service (ECAS)
Jeanie Scott – Executive Director – a-n
Harriet Finney – Deputy CEO & Policy Director – Creative Industries Federation
Friso Wiersum – Project Officer Communications in European Cultural Foundation
Moderation: Clymene Christoforou
18:00 Q&A
18.30 Reception
19:30 End


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