What: Culture and sustainability

We believe culture can act as a powerful catalyst for local transformation.
It can be a key element to sustainable and territorial development – a mission that also requires the cultural sector to build alliances beyond itself.
Using culture as a way to build new processes of urban regeneration, we – as citizens – can act to make our city a better place to live in and to shape its future the way we dream it of. Because: the city is us.



(A21_PilotCities2015_EUROPE-def-ENG.pdf - 216.15 Kb)

PilotCities2015_EUROPE The “Culture 21 Actions” toolkit providing guidance for cities aiming to evaluate, design and implement cultural policies contributing to sustainable development was adopted at the first United Cities and Local Governments’ Culture Summit, held in Bilbao on 18-20 March 2015 under the title “Culture and Sustainable Cities”. The ‘Culture in Sustainable Cities. Learning with Culture 21 Actions’ programme, jointly…