What: Culture and EU institutions

We, as cultural players and citizens, can contribute to the democratic development of the European Union – a project that we believe wants to express a complex identity rather the hegemony of a single language, culture or religion. We work to integrate culture in EU strategy, policy, programmes and budget. We maintain direct relationships with the European Commission, the European Parliament Culture Committee and other relevant Committees. We follow the activities of the Council of Ministers and seek to influence the work of the Cultural Affairs Committee through working with our network of national members and partners. We are institutional observers to the Council of Europe and the UNESCO, as well as a driving force in the structured dialogue platforms of the EU.



(The-Evolution-of-EU-Cultural-Policy-in-the-Post-Maastricht-Period.pdf - 403.52 Kb)

The Evolution of EU Cultural Policy in the Post Maastricht Period Master thesis by Blanka Konopka, “The Evolution of EU Cultural Policy in the Post-Maastricht Period – Towards Commission Dominance and the Commodification of Culture?” Culture has been widely treated as having a dual rationale at EU Level, both symbolic and economic, however scholars observing the post-Maastricht period of EU…