CAE & the UK referendum

CAE carried out various activities prior and after the UK referendum on the EU:
European and UK cultural stakeholders met at the Beyond the Obvious conference in Budapest on 27 January 2017 to plan ahead the next steps together.

In partnership with Bozar and the European Cultural Foundation, CAE organised a discussion in Brussels entitled “Continental Drift? EU-UK negotiations in the cultural sector”. More information is available here. We keep the Facebook space open for a continued exchange between cultural stakeholders from the EU and UK on the topic. Check out. Twitter #CulturalUnion
We organised two seminars in the UK with the culture sector prior to the referendum
CAE/Katherine Heid has written an article, published in Artsprofessional:
CAE board member Clymene Cristoforou wrote an article on the topic:
CAE’s analysis of the situation in the UK prior to the referendum
CAE’s post-referendum statements and reflections:

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