New Voices

April 21, 2023, 4:07 pm

NEW VOICES, a new project by Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe (FAB), will develop a new methodology to sustain and train a new generation of playwrights, putting dramaturgy into the spotlight, removing the barriers to the profession and integrating digital tools and results in the creation process.

New Voices will be structured in 66 Creative Workshops held by 19 European playwrights who compose the FAB Community. The playwrights will travel around Europe in a twinned mobility scheme, meet other peers and teams thanks to the Cross the Map program, as well as exchange insights and thoughts on playwriting through the video series In a New Light.

New Voices is the new edition of a successful history of cultural promotion in the name of European values, a three years long project which aims to bring contemporary playwriting closer to the younger generations. With this new path, Fabulamundi aims to approach youngsters through creative writing while creating an international community of playwrights.

Across a network of 10 countries and 15 organisations active in the field of theatre and dramaturgy, located in all the European regions including the Western Balkans, Culture Action Europe is happy to join New Voices as a partner organisation.

About Fabulamundi

Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe has been working with European artists, professionals and institutions for 10 years, supporting the careers of the playwrights and promoting a diverse, equal, gender-balanced, sustainable ecosystem for creativity.

NEW VOICES partners
PAV (Italy – Project leader) – Associazione culturale Area06 (Italy) – ITZ Interkulturelles Theaterzentrum Berlin E.V (Germany) – European Theatre Convention EV (Germany) – Théâtre Ouvert (France) – La Mousson d’été (France) Sala Beckett (Spain) – Teatrul Odeon (Romania) – Universitatea de Arte Târgu-Mureș (Romania) – Wiener Wortstaetten (Austria) – Culture Action Europe (Belgium) – Divadlo Letì (Czech Republic) – Heartefact Fund (Serbia)

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