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Since 2012 Culture Action Europe’s members and team have jointly worked to rethink and reposition our network and imagine the destination of our common journey, the “There” we aim to go (and we should go) as a network.

For the first time in 2015, a full implementation of our choices by discussing together and agreeing on how to achieve a better impact with the work we do – as individuals, as organisations, as a network – was accelerated by a special unique occasion .

How can we act together to amplify our voice, as a cultural community?
How can you make a better use of the activities led by the Secretariat? And how can we all benefit from a higher level of coordination?
How can everyone contribute to the expansion of our community?

The Members’ Forum had (and will have in the future) a different nature.

This is not a conference.
This is not a meeting to be attended occasionally.
This is neither a brainstorm nor just a consultation or a moment for institutional representation.

The Members’ Forum is a space (intellectual and physical) to WORK together to:
– Design the implementation of CAE’s strategy after a brief but detailed overview of the activities and the work-plan put in place by the Secretariat for the following year;
– Explore and agree on how we can work together on the basis of clear and shared “rules of engagement” and defined roles;
– Exchange thoughts on what each member should receive from the network and what they should give to it in return.

One thing is clear: a network cannot be sustained only by the action of a few. It must count on many representatives acting as hubs and multipliers in order to expand, impact, be effective.

 If you are a member, you can access to Members’ Forum #1 materials by accessing to the section “For Members Only” and using the password you were provided.