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Inspirational guests will join Kathréptis acting as “mirror participants” in the process

• François Matarasso, Honorary Professor | Robert Gordon University

François Matarasso is a writer who has worked in social arts practice since 1981, first as a community artist and then as a researcher and consultant. His work is motivated by the belief that everyone has the right to participate in the cultural life of the community, as enshrined in Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“This right is essential to participation in democracy and the protection of individual and group identity. It is not an accident that democracy and theatre emerged in Athens at the same time – the first is a vital compensation for the deficiencies of the second. Having worked in many countries to support local actors involved in community cultural activity, I am convinced that this practice is relevant anywhere and whatever the level of resources available. The only essentials are human creativity, imagination and goodwill. I bring with me 35 years of experience of people working together to through art to imagine alternative ways of living to current realities. Everywhere is different; everyone is unique. But we can share knowledge, skills and ideas to make something new in which we can all have confidence.”

Marc Villarubias, Head of Cultural Co-operation, Department of Cultural Affairs | City of Lyon

With an initial scientific training, his career is at the crossroads of the cultural, urban and social policies and the sustainable development. He followed the Master “Management of cultural projects” of the «Observatoire National des Politiques Culturelles », in Grenoble.
Development Officer within the procedures of « social development of neighborhoods», he impels the establishment in Lyon of a cultural thematic from 1996. In 2001 he has been technical advisor for Deputy Mayors for Culture of Lyon. This period will see the implementation in 2004 of the Charter of Cultural Cooperation, first local tools, in France, for mobilizing cultural establishments  in the field of urban and social policy. He hosts today a « Cultural Cooperation Mission » which involves cultural and artistic matters at the service of the Sustainable City: Implementation of cultural projects territory, taking into account the diversity, knowledge sharing, place of art in urban renewal operations, education, participatory democracy are some of the axes of this mission. The foundations of this work are the extended urban policy questions, Cultural Rights, the SRO – Social Responsability of Organizations – or « Culture 21 : Actions ». He is also the local correspondent of the program “Intercultural Cities” of the Council of Europe, and is mandated by the Métropole of Lyon to accompany the implementation of the Metropolitan Charter of  Cultural Cooperation. He occasionally teaches at different universities and schools a course on relationships between cultural policies and sustainable development.

Stella Duffy, Founder, FunPalaces

Stella Duffy is a novelist, theatre director, and the co-director of Fun Palaces, an ongoing campaign for culture at and as the heart of community, with an annual weekend of simultaneous action every October – culture by, for and with all, with the emphasis on location and place.

I believe that when we engage everyone in our discussions about culture and plans for our society, we create a better future for everyone. Right now, as ever, too much power and influence is in the hands of too few. Whether this is by accident or intent, the result is the same – inequality. I believe it is the duty of artists to make work that not only reflects this inequality, but addresses it – offering possibility and hope.”

The following people will work on “connecting the dots” from beginning to end

Ivor Davies, Independent adviser and researcher in international cultural policy

Ivor is an independent adviser and researcher in international cultural policy with extensive experience of UK and European scenarios. His long-term project artseurope50: bridges in European arts policy is aimed at encouraging European policy institutions and the arts sector towards a more coherent framework for participation in cultural decision-making. He worked with Arts Council England as Director of Performing Arts (2000-2010) and was Director of International Strategy (2009). He has served as adviser to Malta Council for Culture and the Arts (2009-2014), and worked with Culture Action Europe, European Theatre Convention and European Music Council.]

Carla Schiavone, Community Development Director, Culture Action Europe

Carla is a professional with interest and experience in strategy, innovation and community building. In her 10 years of experience as a senior consultant at Architects Of Group Genius, she has served different organisations such as Harvard Business School, OECD, Media Development Investment Fund, Ferrero, Volkswagen, FIAT. Carla has been involved in the design, production and facilitation of more than 100 unique collaborative working sessions. All the projects were dedicated to support and facilitate groups of people that want to create and lead change – either inside their world (for redefining their organization structure, strategy, leadership or products) or towards the communities they are part of (for designing or innovating their relationships with the entire ecosystem, their purpose, their mission). In October 2014, she joined Culture Action Europe to help bringing this network to its next level of complexity and impact.