Fabulamundi voice

Fabulamundi voice

Fabulamundi. Playwriting Europe Beyond Borders?: Fabulamundi voice

June 1, 2017, 12:00 am | December 31, 2020, 12:00 am

E. Communication and dissemination of project results

The communication will be held at 2 levels: international one, aimed at fostering the project and its activities beyond the project’s borders – with stakeholders of EU countries and institutions; at national and local level, in order to maximise the impact on the local audiences and stakeholder organizations. The activity leader will be in charge of the overall communication strategy, of the development of communication activities at EU level and of the coordination of the activities at national level. The partners will be responsible for the development of activities at national and local level, according to the overall strategy defined.

Amongst the foreseen communication tools:

  • Fabulamundi websitehttp://www.fabulamundi.eu/en/ Fabulamundi website will be in English and will provide information on the project, its activities and results; on the different ongoing activities (meetings, networking activities…); on the specific Artistic Programs. A specific area will be dedicated to the playwrights online catalogue and stakeholders’ databases, where all the dossiers will be available for researchers through a simple and intuitive search bar. Documents and tools will be available for free download.
  • Newsletter to professional and stakeholders: A monthly newsletter will be delivered to professional, stakeholders, targeted audiences and press contacts in order to update them about the project activities and results and invite them to participate specific events.
  • Project launch conference: concurrently to the kick off meeting, the project launch conference will be held: The Steering Committee and testimonials from the past Fabulamundi editions will attend the conference, explaining the project main aims and goals and describing the networking strategies that will be implemented.
  • Artistic Programs communication (national and local level): in order to ensure an effective communication of the project activities at local and national level, and in order to maximise the impact of specific moments of the project itself, held at national/local level (meeting with playwrights, running of the Artistic Program…) a specific communication strategy will be implemented by each of the participating organizations.
  • FEF communication and launch conference: FEF (September 2020) will be one of the most relevant moments of the project, and will need a specific communication action, in order to maximise the attendance and participation of public, professionals and stakeholders the project wants to involve in the artistic and professionals sessions.
  • Disseminating meetings: Each participating Country will organize a dissemination meeting at the end of the project aimed at transferring the projects findings. Where possible, the events will be hold in coincidence with national relevant events linked with the playwriting sector, in order to maximise the impact of the event itself.
  • Final conference: The project final conference will be held the last day of the FEF Festival (Rome, September 2020) and it will be the most important moment for the dissemination of the project results, since it will address all the aspects treated during the project: artistic production and circulation of EU plays, Audience Development activities, definition and assessment of a specific methodology for the professionalization of playwrights and drama related organizations.
  • Dissemination of the project to EU relevant events: in order to maximise the diffusion of the project results and achievements, projects’ representatives will attend 5 amongst the most important EU events in the sector.
  • Web channel: the Web channel will be one of the most powerful and innovative tools designed during Fabulamundi project, thanks to its favourable balance costs/benefits. The Youtube Web Channel “Fabulamundilive” will be weekly updated with contents developed by the partnership, with a particularly high activity during the running of the Artistic Programs at national level.


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