Fabulamundi network

Fabulamundi network

Fabulamundi. Playwriting Europe Beyond Borders?: Fabulamundi network

June 1, 2017, 12:00 am | December 31, 2020, 12:00 am

C. Create an European Network for playwrights and plays circulation and fruition

The activity is aimed at creating an European Network for the promotion and circulation of playwrights and plays and at enhancing the knowledge and fruition of national and international plays by the public. The network will be composed by playwrights and stakeholders representing the whole chain of a play production, distribution, acting and fruition (playwriting schools, theatres, publishing companies, playwrights’ associations, cultural centres and social associations…).

In detail, the following tasks are foreseen:

  • Create and update Fabulamundi online database of EU drama related stakeholder: During the first months of activity Fabulamundi’s partnership will work together in order to detect and involve in the project their own network of professionals, organizations and stakeholders interested in playwriting projects. The aim is the creation and updating of an online database with information on stakeholders (drama schools, cultural centers and organizations, theatres, publishers…) interested in the project.
  • Design and run national meetings amongst stakeholders: Fabulamundi will organize several meetings in each participating Country with the aim of connecting the operators and stakeholders involved in the network, explaining them the project and start discussing the opportunities opened by the network. During the last meeting foreseen in each Country, a national Fabulamundi network will be officially created.
  • Design and run 1 EU meeting of the national Fabulamundi networks: during the Fabulamundi final festival an international Fabulamundi network will be officially created, aimed at promoting Fabulamundi activities as an ongoing one, promoting new strategies of cultural management and audience development and promote cultural exchange and the co-production of new cultural products and events.


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