Fabulamundi festival

Fabulamundi festival

Fabulamundi. Playwriting Europe Beyond Borders?: Fabulamundi festival

June 1, 2017, 12:00 am | December 31, 2020, 12:00 am

D. Create Fabulamundi European Festival

This activity aims at creating the first edition of FABULAMUNDI – PLAYWRITING EUROPE European Festival, an international event dedicated to playwriting. FEF  will be composed by 2 sessions: the live session, with a selection of the best productions from participating organizations and stage presentations selected from “twinned Countries”, and the professional session, dedicated to training, meetings and conferences and to networking. The activity is meant as the piloting of a yearly event to be produced in the different Countries participating to and adhering to the project in the forthcoming years. The first edition FEF will be held in Rome in September 2020.

The following activities are foreseen:

D1. Preparation, definition and running of the first edition of FEF (Fabulamundi’s European Festival):

  • Set up of the Artistic Programme: The Artistic Programme will give the hosting city the unique possibility of showing, in a single Festival, a selection of some of the best new plays circulating at EU level on the theme “Beyond borders?”. The Festival Artistic program will be composed of: a selection of 12 best Fabulamundi staged plays, selected by the participating Countries amongst the ones already performed; 16 Stage presentations of the plays selected in the Twinned Countries; stage presentation of the collective play produced during workshops.
  • Set up of the Professionals’ session: see related paragraph above
  • FEF organization and running: FEF will last 1 week and will be composed of an Artistic Programme and of a Professionals’ session. As it concerns the Artistic Programme, about 29 performances will be held (12 “best of” productions, 16 twinned stage presentations and 1 collective stage presentation); Professionals’ Program will run for 7 days. Communication and dissemination activities will be developed during the FEF.

D2. Audience development:

  • definition and implementation of a specific Audience Development strategy for the FEF: Being it the first edition of Fab International Festival, a specific strategy will be set up and implemented to attract the public, ensure the professionals and artists participation to the Professionals’ sessions, ensure the sustainability of the Festival and more in general the network after its end. For this reason, CAE will be responsible for defining and implementing the strategy together with the hosting partner and the other partners involved in the project.
  • Fabulamundi Audience Development Conference: In order to share the results and findings of this multi annual theoretical and practical research on Audience Development, an international conference will be held during the final phase of the FEF.


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