Fabulamundi artistic programmes

Fabulamundi artistic programmes

Fabulamundi. Playwriting Europe Beyond Borders?: Fabulamundi artistic programmes

June 1, 2017, 12:00 am | December 31, 2020, 12:00 am

A. Create “Fabulamundi – Playwriting Europe: beyond borders?” Artistic Programs in participating Countries

This WP aims at fostering the circulation of new plays and playwrights through an ongoing and coordinated selection, translation and distribution of plays in the participating Countries. An Audience Development Strategy for drama related organizations will be designed, run and assessed in order to foster the audience development in the participating Countries, and to become a replicable successful model.

In detail, the following activities will be accomplished by the partnership:

A1. Preparation, definition and running of Fabulmaundi’s Artistic Programs in participating Countries.

  • National playwrights and plays pre-selection: according to a methodology already tested and assessed in the past years by Fabulamundi partnership, the drama related organizations will work at national level for the selection of contemporary playwrights and related plays: about 80 authors and 160 plays will thus be pre-selected.
  • Playwrights’ dossier” definition, translation in English and circulation amongst partners: In order to allow a simple and viable circulation of the plays amongst the participating organizations, and to promote them inside the project website, for each author pre-selected a “Playwright’s dossier” in English will be produced and uploaded on Fabulamundi website, for a total of 80 dossiers.
  • Selection of foreign playwrights/plays in each Country; translation in local languages and publication: after 12 professional international encounters with playwrights and participating organizations will be held, each of the Participating Countries will select at least 7 foreign plays that will participate the Artistic Programs. It is foreseen that an overall amount of 90 plays and related playwrights will have the unique opportunity of participating Fabulamundi project (90 plays translated in a foreign language, 40 published abroad…).
  • Set up and running of Fabulamundi Artistic Programs in participating Countries: In each of the 8 Countries participating the project with their dramaturgies, an ongoing Artistic Program will be designed and run. Each Artistic Program will combine an ongoing artistic production and staging activity of the foreign plays selected with an articulated and rich activity of training, networking and communication. Each drama related organization will participate the National Artistic Program with a series of activities, defined according their vocation and artistic tradition. In general terms, each Artistic Program will combine the following typologies of productions: stage presentations, short residencies and production, long residencies and productions. It is foreseen that for this edition 29 stage presentations; 44 short residencies and 17 long residencies will be held, with 90 texts represented in a foreign EU Country; 80 playwrights will participate Fabulamundi activities, travelling in the Country where his/her play is staged.

The “twinned mechanism”

For this new edition of the project a “twinned mechanism” has been designed, that involves in the project other 8 dramaturgies (Hungary, Bosnia Herzegovina, Scotland UK, Turkey, Slovak Republic, Portugal, Iceland and Finland ) twinned to the 8 already participating, for a total of 16 EU dramaturgies represented in the project.
These 8 twins will select new authors participating the project:
40 new authors and 40 plays will be presented on the Fabulamundi website.
16 authors and plays will be staged in the national artistic programmes and in the Final Festival.

A2. Audience Development

Fabulamundi will focus on the Audience Development theme, developing, testing and assessing an overall strategy for theatre organizations, as well as specific ones for each single drama related organization involved in the Artistic Program design and running. Fabulamundi will then become an ongoing case study, during which CAE will test and assess some of the models defined in its research “Study on audience development – How to place audiences at the centre of cultural organisations”. CAE will thus experiment its 2 years research on a high quality and large context, test the methodology and findings presented in the report and assess them. At the end of the project the “AD strategies for drama organization – Fabulamundi case study will be produced and disseminated at EU level.

  • Design and final assessment of an audience development strategy: a research on the current audience will be implemented by all partners, in order to gather and share standardized information. As a second step, a specific work will be done by CAE with the singular theatres/organizations in order to adapt the strategy to their specific needs and 12 AD workbooks will be produced, aimed at providing the participating organizations with a practical, effective and result-oriented tool, immediately viable.
  • Audience Development Activities implementation: theatres will implement their Audience Development Activities, according to the strategy defined, their objectives and needs. Even if these aspects will only be defined in the first year of project, it is reasonable to foresee that each of the 12 drama related organizations will hold workshops and activities with the following target groups: students 14/18 years old; Universities/Theatre schools; associations involved with the “Beyond borders” theme, for a total of more than 30 workshops held.
  • Audience Development Empowerment Workshops: CAE will organize and run 2 workshops for each participating organization, aimed at enabling them to acquire methodologies and competences on AD that will go beyond Fabulamundi project and that can be adapted to other initiatives and programs.


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