Campaign appeal

Campaign appeal

EP Elections 2019 Campaign: Campaign appeal

December 19, 2018, 3:55 pm

Culture Action Europe’s Appeal for the European Parliament Elections 2019 calls on the European Parliament’s political party groupings and candidates standing for election to explicitly recognise the cultural dimension of the European Union. Without acknowledgement of this, the future of the EU as a common endeavour is difficult to imagine.

Voters must know in advance where each party and candidate stands, at a minimum, on support for culture, cultural diversity and cultural rights, freedom of artistic and cultural expression, as well as their proposals regarding welfare regimes and labour conditions for vulnerable cultural workers.

The CAE Appeal is designed for you to send to MEP candidates in your Member State to raise their awareness of these critical cultural issues and to urge them to take a positive stance on them. The appeal is already available in several languages

CAE-EP Elections 2019 Campaign Appeal

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