Endorse the #CulturalDealEU now!

Endorse the #CulturalDealEU now!

#CulturalDealEU Campaign: Endorse the #CulturalDealEU now!

December 15, 2020, 3:04 pm

Support #CulturalDealEU now!

There is no recovery or future for Europe without culture. The European cultural ecosystem is convinced that Europe needs a new Cultural Deal, a transversal, overarching framework that should demonstrate the EU’s political commitment to place culture at the heart of the European project.

Culture is what brings us together. It is at the basis of the European project and determines the future of our societies. The gravity of the Covid-19 crisis proved again that culture is not a luxury, but a necessity to build cohesive, equal, sustainable and free societies. A Cultural Deal for Europe is a call from a wider European cultural community to acknowledge the pivotal role of culture in shaping the future of our lives.

The #CulturalDealEU campaign calls heads of states and governments of the EU Member States to devote at least 2% of their National Resilience and Recovery Plans (NRRPs) to culture and show due evidence for cultural and European relevance. It also demands the full inclusion of culture in the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and the European Green Deal. #CulturalDealEU is also a call for relevant and timely support to cultural workers post-Covid and an appeal to include artists, creatives, cultural workers, heritage operators, independent, amateurs, non-profits, volunteers, and civil society organisations in the Conference on the Future of Europe.

We need your help, support this campaign to put culture at the heart of public debate and decision-making!

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#CulturalDealEU is jointly developed by Culture Action Europe, the European Cultural Foundation, and Europa Nostra (representing the European Heritage Alliance).
1,031 signatures
Latest Signatures
1,030 Mr João dos Santos Portugal ESAD.CR - Polytechnic of Leiria
1,029 Mrs Rita Lyons Kindlerova Czech Republic Czech Literary Translators' Guild
1,028 Ms Carla Gonçalves Pereira Portugal SINASE
1,027 Ms Jesús Villanueva Ortega Spain Artista Visual
1,026 Ms Ștefan Teișanu Romania
1,025 Ms Carme Polo Vives Spain Ripoll City Council Cultural advisor
1,024 Mr Frederic Riehl France Fedecrail
1,023 Mr Jens Frimann Hansen Denmark Helsingør Teater
1,022 Mr urs schnell Switzerland FONDATION SUISA
1,021 Dr. Vivian Norris Switzerland La Mirande Tours
1,020 Miss Lidija Maric Serbia
1,019 Ms Jenni Pekkarinen Finland
1,018 Mr Nicolò Rosada Italy
1,017 Ms Helen Kontos Greece United World Music Management
1,016 Miss Marzia Azzariti Italy
1,015 Mr Jochen Brandau Germany Verband Deutscher Museums- und Touristikbahnen e.V.
1,014 Ms Amalia Dragusin Germany
1,013 Mr Philippe Bischof Switzerland Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council
1,012 Ms Olga Pozeli Greece NOITI GRAMMI THEATRE GROUP
1,011 Mrs Tetiana Lobodovska Ukraine Public Institution "Ostroh State Historical and Cultural Reserve"
1,010 Ms Jhonatan Calderon Estonia Aurea Agency
1,009 Ms ales novak Slovenia SNG Maribor
1,008 Mr pompeu josé Portugal ACERT
1,007 Ms Marta Costa Portugal ACERT
1,006 Mr José Rui Martins Gonçalves Teixeira Portugal ACERT
1,005 Mr Jan Hokeš Czech Republic Czech Literary Translators Guild
1,004 Mrs Mirna Queiroz Portugal Mombak
1,003 Mrs Vassiliki Boulerou Greece Panhellenic Foundationof Annunciation of Virgin mary
1,002 Ms LEIRE LOPEZ Spain
1,001 Ms Jitka Jindřišková Czech Republic The Scandinavian House
1,000 Ms Lucie Bregantová Czech Republic Czech Literary Translators' Guild
999 Ms Mona M Belgium
998 Mrs Kateřina Klabanová Czech Republic Czech Literary Translators' Guild
997 Mrs Manuela Moreira Italy Italia Nostra
996 Ms Natália Urblíková Slovakia Creative Europe Desk Slovakia
995 Ms Igual Leire Spain
994 Mrs Francesca Giola Belgium Europa Nostra Belgium
993 Ms Sara Asensi Spain
992 Ms Ildiko Sirato Hungary Hungarian National Library, Hungarian Dance University
991 Ms maya somerling Belgium Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels
990 Ms m. cristina vannini Italy soluzionimuseali-ims sas
989 Mr Jaanus Kiili Estonia Estonian Manor Owners Association
988 Mr Manuel Veiga Portugal
987 Ms Zuzana Li Czech Republic Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic
986 Ms Georgia Voudouri Greece Eleusis 2023 European Capital of Culture
984 Ms Vânia Rodrigues Portugal Independent
983 Ms antonella ortis Italy
982 Ms Roberto Borgogno Italy Confartigianato Restauro
981 Ms Rachana Kar India Nrityarchana Academy
980 Ms Renate Böck Austria European Federation of National Youth Orchestras (EFNYO)
979 Mr Spiros Pisinos Cyprus
978 Ms Astrid Aspegren Denmark Center for Arts and Interculture
977 Ms Monica Luengo Spain ATP, S.L.
976 Dr. Graca Correa Portugal University of Lisbon, Faculty of Sciences, CFCUL-Center for Philosophy of Science || ARTCOM
975 Dr. Sofia Aleixo Portugal CHAM-FCSH/UNL
974 Mrs Dessy Georgieva Bulgaria Varna Municipality
973 Dr. Lina Stergiou Greece ArchitectureStrategies
972 Ms Matthias Balzer Germany Bundesmusikverband Chor und Orchester (BMCO)
971 Ms Werner Schmitt Germany MUS-E® Deutschland e.V.
970 Ms Rocio Leza Spain
969 Mrs Isnaba Miranda Italy Industria Scenica
968 Miss Marina Landabaso Spain Mainara Projects
967 Dr. Elena Dimitrova Bulgaria ICOMOS-Bulgaria
965 Mrs Angela Dematté Italy Playright
964 Ms Claudia Zeiske United Kingdom
963 Ms Rachel Clarke Germany Storytelling Arena
962 Dr. Valeria Pica Italy GSSI
961 Ms Villeneuve Jeanne France
959 Mrs Nelly Stoeva Bulgaria Sofia University
958 Mr Augustin Derado Croatia Institute of social sciences Ivo Pilar, Croatia
957 Mr Bart Raymaekers Belgium KU Leuven
955 Dr. Luisa Conti Germany University Friedrich Schiller Jena
954 Mrs Rute Carmo Mendes Portugal Lisbon Municipality
953 Ms Yvona Havel Belgium Permanent Representation of the CZ to the EU
952 Ms Daniela Miscov Romania Association Artelier D
951 Mrs Claire Giraud-Labalte France Territoires imaginaires
950 Mr Jorge Chaminé France Centre Européen de Musique
949 Mr Ton van Gool Netherlands STRP
948 Ms Laura Brossico Belgium UNICA
947 Ms Maria Elisa Nobili Italy
946 Ms Pedro Krupenski Portugal
945 Ms agnes henry France extrapole
944 Mr Lars Garpenfeldt Sweden Scesam AB
943 Ms Midou Grossmann Germany Artvision Opera and Concert
942 Ms Marta Martins Portugal ARTEMREDE
941 Ms Petra Šantorová Czech Republic Creative Europe Desk Czech Republic
940 Ms Kenneth van Toll Netherlands What Design Can Do
939 Mr Remi Wacogne Italy
938 Mr Joost van Iersel Netherlands Former memer of Parliament
937 Miss Maria Teresa Annarumma Italy Complesso Museale Purgatorio ad Arco - Naples
936 Mr Uula Neitola Finland
935 Mr Philippe Gimet France OPEREL
934 Mr Frank Priebitz Norway Medieverkstedet på statsbud:S\\\+\"!"jettt ... .
932 Mr Demosthenes Severis Switzerland
931 Mr XAVIER LEURQUIN Belgium 12/06/1943
930 Ms Marco Martin Portugal
929 Ms nevena bajalica Netherlands
928 Ms Adriana Dimitrova Bulgaria Studio Komplekt
927 Mr Bruno SCHNEBELIN France ilotopie company
926 Mr Vasileios Vasileiadis Bulgaria Privately
925 Mr simon Clarke United Kingdom Independent
924 Dr. Milene Gil Portugal Hercules Laboratory-Évora University
923 Ms Luca Jahier Italy EESC
922 Mr José Portugal Portugal Quaternaire Portugal
921 Ms Voicu Niculae Romania Ngo Home of Strings
920 Dr. Lidia Varbanova Bulgaria
919 Ms Irena Sertic Croatia Omnimedia
918 Mr Nelson Brito Portugal modular, arq:i+d, lda
917 Ms Brandusa Dascalescu Romania Humanitarian Fondation Clopot
916 Mr Frank HERMAN Belgium Creative Europe Desk -Flanders
915 Ms Caterina De Nardi Italy Passaggi
914 Ms Johanna Leissner Germany Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
913 Ms Erika Bochereau Belgium CINOA
912 Ms Sara Cacchiarelli Italy
911 Ms Massimo Preite Italy Associazione Italiana Patrimonio Archeologico Industriale AIPAI
910 Mr ANTONIO TEJEDOR Spain Instituto Universitario de Arquitectura y Ciencias de la Construcción IUACC
909 Ms Griet Menschaert Netherlands KONTMagazine
908 Mrs Cristiana Candellero Italy COORPI
907 Mrs Clara Peranetti Italy
906 Mr Fabrice de Kerchove Belgium
905 Mr Adriaan Eeckels Italy Joint Research Centre of the European Commission
904 Mr Rumen Barosov Bulgaria Foundation for Bulgarian Literature
903 Ms Philip Geoghegan Ireland (Architect)
902 Mr olof thiel Sweden olof thiel
901 Ms Amna Walayat Ireland Artist
900 Mr Charles Fraser-Fleming United Kingdom Hampshire Building Preservation Trust
899 Mr gerhard verfaillie Belgium CCHA / Krokusfestival
898 Ms Patricia Maes Belgium Vrije Ateliers
897 Ms Helga Madera Austria kulturnetzTirol
896 Mr Rainer Kern Germany Enjoy Jazz - Festival for Jazz and More
895 Mrs Jeanneke Den Boer Netherlands db consult ./ culture connection
894 Ms Ida de Kat Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs
893 Ms Anne Béchard-Léauté France Université Jean Monnet
892 Mr Martin Jankowski Germany Berliner Literarische Aktion e.V.
891 Ms Céline Bodin France Institut français
890 Mrs Christina Polychroniadou Greece griffon dance co
889 Dr. Yoav Friedman Hungary Bezalel Academy of Art and Design JErusalem
888 Ms Pia Shekhter Sweden IAML - International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres
887 Ms Tina Wik Sweden Europa Nostra Sweden
886 Dr. Tracy Pickerill Ireland TU Dublin
885 Mr Milan Vracar Serbia Association Kulturanova
884 Mrs Argyro Gialamprinou Greece
883 Ms Oana Nasui Romania Formare Culturala
882 Mrs LILI PARISAKI Greece
881 Dr. Antonio Addari Italy Arterìa srl
880 Ms stella hall United Kingdom Festival of Thrift
879 Ms Silja Fischer France International Music Council
878 Ms Naciye Küçük Turkey
877 Mr Петър Петров Bulgaria The live Roots of Bulgaria - Fondation
876 Ms Iwona Preis Sweden Intercult
875 Ms Mateja Rot Slovenia Slovene Union of University Women
874 Mrs Charlotte Hamilton Sweden
873 Ms Sandra Kocuvan Austria Assoziation for cultural policy
872 Ms Janny Devriendt Belgium Artsu
871 Ms Berenika Partum Germany Centrala Berlin e.V.
870 Ms Johanna Brandt Austria Kulturverein SALETTL
869 Mr Stijn Van Dierdonck Belgium Stad Kortrijk
868 Ms Beatrijs Hollebosch Belgium CC De Herbakker
867 Mr Jasper Steurs Belgium CC De Factorij
866 Ms Isabell Huter Austria youngstar - association for kids and youth culture
865 Mr Bart Verhaeghe Belgium De Federatie
864 Ms Ștefania Robu Romania Transylvanian Opera Academy
861 Mrs Ilaria Foroni Italy Ca' Foscari
860 Ms Pernille Weiss Denmark EPP
859 Ms Marie Emilie Liland Norway
858 Mr Malcolm Maclean United Kingdom
857 Ms Juan Manuel Santomé Spain
856 Mrs Lidija Stojanovic Macedonia Institute of Folklore "Marko Cepenkov
855 Ms Dimp Nelemans Netherlands Foundation Maritime Art & Design Voorstraat 45 4486 AJ Colijnsplaat
854 Dr. Jaap den Hertog Norway Teater Fusentast (Lege Artis as)
853 Ms Marlijn Gelsing Netherlands Kunstloc Brabant
852 Mr Eric Japenga Netherlands Kunstloc Brabant
851 Mr Bimal Sherchan Nepal Kathmandu Artist Club
850 Ms Jennifer Hinves United Kingdom
849 Ms Jorge Martín Spain
848 Mrs Silvia Mascheroni Italy Università Cattolica, Milano
847 Ms Ella Denny United Kingdom
846 Mr Jochen Raithel Germany Kunstzentrum Karlskaserne, Kunstschule Labyrinth
845 Mrs Helun Firat Turkey Development and Progress Party
844 Dr. Rita Marcalo Ireland Instant Dissidence
843 Dr. Ruba SALEH Belgium ICHEC Brussels Management School
842 Mr Dimitrios TSIAPKINIS France Omnivion
841 Ms Ilda Maria Gonçalves Teixeira Portugal ACERT
840 Mr Paulo Neto Portugal ACERT
839 Ms Carolina Marques Portugal Culturgest
838 Ms Sylvia Amar France Mucem
837 Mr Jimmy Jamar Belgium Europa Nostra
836 Dr. Heather Gill-Frerking Canada NTK
835 Mrs Nicoleta Molocha Greece
834 Mr Modou Jabbi Austria Verein NaNang
833 Ms Julia Müllegger Austria Kulturverein Kino Ebensee / Freies Radio Salzkammergut
831 Dr. Arnaldo Costeira Portugal Observatório das Indústrias Criativas | Portugal [i2C.ADD]
830 Mr Robert Bognar Austria
829 Mrs Monica Garcia Spain Oei
828 Mr Eduardo Portal Martin United Kingdom Passion for Conducting
827 Mr Jakob Haesler France Foxdiixneuf
826 Ms Kamilla Sultanova Finland Connectuz
825 Ms Francesca Cavallo Italy www.undercats.com
824 Ms Carola Carazzone Italy Assifero and Philea
823 Ms Carrie Pilto Netherlands Aesthetic Relations
822 Mr Jean-Dominique Seroen Belgium New University of Lisbon
821 Ms Aleksandra Ćwik Poland University of Warsaw
820 Ms Leonie Wichmann Germany
819 Ms Ivana Nevesinjac Bosnia and Herzegovina Association of Translators and Interpreters in BiH
818 Ms Lara Seixo Rodrigues Portugal Mistaker Maker
817 Mr Ihor Savchak Ukraine Centre for Cultural Management
816 Ms Wapke Feenstra Netherlands Myvillages
815 Mr Cid Carmo Portugal
814 Ms Olga Gratsaniti Greece Arts Council Greece
813 Mr Panayiotis Neufelt Greece Arts Council Greece
812 Mr Panayiotis Neufelt United Kingdom International Independent (Industrial Consortium of Cultural and Creative Industries Organisations and Initiatives)
811 Mr Panayiotis Neufelt Belgium International Cultural and Creative Industries Regulatory Authority
810 Mr Alexander Hristodorescu Romania Asociatia StArt.Act / StArt.Act Association
809 Ms Katerina Zourou Greece Web2Learn
808 Ms alina sulicu Romania centrul judetean pentru conservarea si pormovarea culturii traditionale braila
807 Ms Eirini Doudoumi Greece
806 Mr Jon Sveinson Iceland
805 Ms Eirini Papadimitriou Greece PhonoQuest
804 Ms Tiina Susiluoto Finland Annantalo Atts Centre
802 Ms Daniela Carneiro Fuentes de Léon y Léon France Transdisciplinar International Cooperation Projects
801 Ms Miraç Ayça Türkfiliz Turkey Middle East Technical University
800 Ms Anna Dijkstra Netherlands eurafrika foundation
799 Mr Sven Borei Sweden Transforlag, HES Konsult.AB
798 Mr J. Christian Kirsch Germany International Delphic Council
797 Mr Jaap Nieweg Netherlands FEDECRAIL
796 Mr laurent levi-strauss France Europa Nostra
795 Mr Juan B. Vidaechea Spain Isla Elefante
794 Mrs Ljiljana Perišić Croatia Our Children Society
793 Mrs Malgorzata Cwikla Germany ICLEI
792 Mr Ossi Tuusvuori Finland Lingsoft
791 Ms Tetiana Ilchuk Ukraine Ukrainian Media League
790 Mrs Myriam Metcalf United Kingdom On the Verge
789 Ms Linda Foster Italy LindaFosterMOVES
788 Dr. Józef Niżnik Poland IFiS PAN
787 Mr Menno Liauw Netherlands Futures - European Photography Platform
786 Ms Anton LUMI Romania Bridge4Innovation
785 Ms Camille Pradon France Visual artist • Independent curator & critic
784 Mr Haris Biskos Greece
783 Ms Andrés Sánchez González Spain Pipas de Coco
782 Mr Laurent Héau France
781 Mrs Anastassia Belessioti Italy Alfabi studio d’arte e reastauro
780 Ms Gabriela Meszaros Switzerland
779 Ms Frans Hakkemars Netherlands NVP-UNIMA-Netherlands
778 Ms irina cozma Romania PA3-EUSDR
777 Ms Jana Souckova Czech Republic Czech Committee of the Blue Shield
776 Mr George Sarlis Greece MOSAIC // Culture & Creativity
775 Ms Veronica Franklin Gould United Kingdom Arts 4 Dementia
774 Miss Alba González De Molina Soler Spain
773 Mrs Maria Dores Ribeiro Portugal Incubator Photo Gallery
772 Ms Simone Dudt Germany European Music Council
771 Ms Lucia Diaz Spain
770 Mrs Aggeliki Girginoudi Greece VICE VERSA THEATER
769 Ms Stanislava Tasheva Bulgaria Municipal foundation Plovdiv 2019
767 Ms Kveta Kazmukova Slovakia
766 Ms Maria Carvalho Portugal UTAD
765 Mrs Maud Ntonga France Michael Culture Association
764 Mrs Margarita Lioulia Greece Ministry of Culture
763 Mrs Beata Skorek Poland Jagiellonian University Krakow
762 Ms Biljana Kuzmanoska Macedonia /
761 Mr Francesco Grugni Italy Meta-Scient
760 Ms Giuliana Magro Conti Malta N/A
759 Mrs Beata Polaczyńska Poland Centre of Culture, Góra Kalwaria
758 Ms sara simoes Portugal Produtores Associados
757 Mrs Aiste Ulubey Lithuania Artscape
756 Ms Helena Lopes Portugal Media Shots
755 Dr. Željka Zdravković Croatia University of Zadar
754 Ms Anneliek Sijbrandij Switzerland Verbier Art Summit
753 Ms Polina Stoynova Bulgaria
752 Ms Margherita Dei Tos Italy LUISS Guido Carli university
751 Ms Panayiota Aktypi Greece Ecotourism Zakynthos network
750 Ms Nora Meesen Austria Kunst + Kulturverein Dounia in Contact
749 Mr khaldoun Alali Sweden grupp av knoppar
748 Mr Mahmmed Abu Hassera Palestinian Territory gaza
747 Ms Ana Alvarez Calleja Spain
746 Ms Grażyna Kowolik Poland
745 Mr Ballo Moussa Mali Artiste Marionnettiste
743 Mr Zlatko Iv Krstevski Macedonia VIZANT VISUAL ARTS CENTER PELA
742 Ms Stéphène Jourdain France Le Centre des Arts du Récit
741 Mrs Nava Vardjan Slovenia Zavod Dobra pot
740 Ms Marketa Sabackova Czech Republic Creative Liberec
739 Ms Annika Söderlund Denmark Nordic Council of Ministers
738 Ms Frans de Wolff Netherlands Secretary Comité Europadag Utrecht
737 Ms Marjolein van der Meer Netherlands MarjoleinvdMeer
736 Ms Mihaela Clincu Romania Kasta Morrely Association
735 Ms Ruth Pfletschinger Austria IMZ International Music + Media Center
734 Mr Giovanni Pescarmon Italy Ministry of Culture
733 Dr. Maciej Zdanowicz Poland Jan Kochanowski University of Kielce
732 Mx. Antonio Kiselić Ledinsky Croatia Artist organization for cultural mutations Zetetika
731 Mr Eugen Alexandru Micsa Romania BIA 23 - Dreamproject
730 Mrs Anna Ochmann Poland Foundation ARTeria
729 Mr robert Clemens Belgium VVIA
728 Mrs Anna Szynkaruk-Zgirska Poland Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre
727 Mr Charles Thomson United Kingdom Europa Nostra UK
726 Dr. Gabriela-Diana Bohnstedt Gavrilas Romania artist Fine Art, associate professor at University of Oradea, Romania
724 Ms Leyla Ozturk Turkey Solis Kreatif
723 Ms Alicja Jelińska Poland Obszar Metropolitalny Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot
722 Ms Sophie Blais Spain Can Serrat
721 Mrs Barbara Czechmeszynska-Skowron Poland Pokolenia Pokoleniom Foundation
720 Mrs Joanna Masarczyk-Bełz Poland Filharmonia Śląska im. Henryka Mikołaja Góreckiego
719 Mrs Lucia De Franchi Spain
718 Mrs Anna Maria Mydlarska Poland European Solidarity Centre
717 Ms Aleksandra Kardynał Poland Obskurne Studio
716 Ms Marie-Amélie de Bérard France Culture Mam
715 Ms Ekaterina Dotcheva Bulgaria
714 Dr. Jordi López Spain UAB
713 Ms Susanne Radke Austria Lern.Film.Studio
712 Ms Liz Nolan Ireland Liz Nolan consultant
711 Dr. Predrag Cveticanin Serbia Centre for Empirical Cultural Studies of South-East Europe
710 Miss Vânia Caetano Portugal RUA/MãE- Freelancer
709 Ms Evi Sfikaki Greece WORLD-CEF ltd
708 Mr Richard Anthony Greece En Dynamei Ensemble
707 Mr Laurentiu Rosoiu Romania Ballet Magazine Romania
706 Ms Martina Knoll Austria Wiener Wortstaetten
705 Mr Massimo Macaluso Italy euradia
704 Ms Michaela Zingerle Austria Styrian Summer Art
703 Ms giuliana ciancio Italy University of Antwerp / Liv.in.g / Be SpectACTive!
702 Ms Veronica Polese Italy
701 Ms Gina Kafedzhian Bulgaria CCD Productions Ltd
700 Ms Fleur Hutchings Belgium freelancer
699 Dr. Tony Roos Sweden Konstnärsalliansen
698 Dr. Sophia Handaka Greece Benaki Museum
697 Mrs Anna Pinotti Blanch Spain Conexiones improbables
696 Mrs Monica Gyorkos Belgium MGF Partners
695 Mr FINBAR KELLY United Kingdom Artist
694 Mr Chris Torch Italy Pisciott'Arte
693 Ms Eriu Scopel Italy Università Statale di Milano
692 Ms JOSÉ CARLOS LOMBAS HUERTA Spain carlombas content curator
691 Mx. Ester Prat i Armadans Spain Independent
690 Ms Laura Hassler Netherlands Musicians Without Borders
689 Mr Lluis Bonet Spain University of Barcelona
688 Dr. Inês Amado United Kingdom BreadMatters
687 Mr Johannes Ester Netherlands Jaarboek Deutsche Chronik
686 Mr Marko Hren Slovenia UPASANA SPD Nature Center Faith Cosmological Association
685 Ms Marieke van Hal Netherlands Manifesta, European Nomadic Biennial
684 Mr Andrew Stapleton Estonia Cuiablue OÜ
683 Ms Edita Sabalionytė Lithuania National Association of Creative and Cultural Industries
682 Ms Zuzana Pestanska Slovakia Slovak national museum
681 Mr Fotis Papathanasiou Greece Theocharakis Foundation
680 Ms Klodeta Buzi Albania Muzart
679 Ms Tugce Karatas Italy Design Atlas
678 Dr. Giorgio Bacchiega Italy Amateo
677 Mr Albert Meijer Netherlands
676 Dr. Svetlana Hristova Bulgaria South-West University
675 Ms Marta Dias Portugal
674 Ms Alessandra Pace Greece Friends of Paxos
673 Ms Katrin Woelger Austria kunstverein am donnerstag
672 Mr Adriaan Hebly Netherlands Europa Festival
671 Ms Raluca Iacob Romania cultural policy and management analyst
670 Ms Eva Hilhorst Netherlands Drawing the Times
669 Mr Peter Simon Germany p3c7
668 Mr Nuno Ricou Salgado Portugal Procur.arte
667 Ms barbara del court konig Netherlands AllOne
666 Dr. Susanna Hietbrink Netherlands Hietbrink Consulting
665 Mr Jesse Larner Germany
664 Mr Marco Minicucci Italy
663 Ms Iskra Dimkovska Macedonia Skaznuvalka
662 Mr Carlo Maria Pesaresi Italy Nexab
661 Ms Lucia Scoca Belgium OperaMus
660 Ms Tara McGuinness ?? Synapses productions
659 Mr Fred Tassy France cyberian radio mixlr
658 Ms Jovana Lukic Croatia Freelance
657 Mrs Elke Kristoffersen Belgium Centre for Fine Arts - Bozar Brussels
656 Dr. Elena Charalambous Cyprus
655 Mr Florin Iepan Romania Asociatia Documentor
654 Ms Katharina Weinert Germany European Music Council
653 Miss Élodie Crouzet France MaMA Festival & Convention / JUMP
652 Ms claire harsany France atelier de paris
651 Dr. Sofia Aleixo Portugal
650 Ms Elisa Pérez Babo Portugal Quaternaire Portugal, SA
649 Ms Irene Garofalo Netherlands ELIA
648 Ms Maria Hansen Netherlands ELIA
647 Ms Carla Vicente Portugal
646 Ms Tarja Haili Finland Uusimaa Regional Council
645 Ms Jumana Al-Yasiri France Independent arts manager, researcher, translator
644 Mrs Noomi Reinert Faroe Islands MÁF
643 Mr Alain Reul Belgium none
642 Mrs Päivi Myllykangas Finland Council of Tampere Region
641 Mr Pablo Alvarez de Eulate González Spain Acción Cultural Española AC/E
640 Ms Alexandra Angeletaki Norway NTNU
639 Mr Mike manicardi Netherlands Badhuistheater
638 Ms Laia Gasch Casals United Kingdom Mayor of London - Greater London Auhtority
637 Ms Bruno Ribeiro Portugal Self-employed
636 Mr Inigo LOPEZ Spain Baizara
635 Mr Hicham Khalidi Belgium Jan van Eyck Academie
634 Mr Vangelis Ioakimidis France Transeuropephoto.eu SEE
633 Dr. Tiziana Destino Italy Goethe-Institut
632 Miss Paula Ribeiro Portugal Individual Researcher
631 Ms Nelly Nedelcheva Bulgaria Ministry of culture
630 Dr. Mariangela Lavanga Netherlands Erasmus University Rotterdam
629 Ms Michela Cocchi Italy Lady Lawyer Foundation
628 Dr. Diana Andreeva-Popyordanova Bulgaria Observatory of Cultural Economics
627 Ms Dominique Van ratingen Netherlands Amsterdam University of Applied sciences
626 Ms Veronica Franklin Gould United Kingdom Arts 4 Dementia
625 Ms Lucile Devulder France Sciences Po
624 Ms Narine Chukhuryan Armenia
622 Mrs Rosa Abal Spain Karraskan - Innovación en Cultura .Cultura de la Innovación
621 Dr. Susanne Ådahl Finland Arcada
620 Ms Rute Carmo Mendes Portugal
619 Mr George Pkhakadze Georgia Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film State University of Georgia
618 Mr Fernando Bittencourt Hersan Belgium
617 Dr. hinrich cramer Germany
616 Mr Johannes Bergmann Germany Dachverband Tanz Deutschland e.V.
615 Ms oriol caba Spain El tigre de Cibèria
614 Ms Mário Alves Portugal ACI-Centro InterCulturaCidade
613 Ms Jorge Martin Spain
612 Mr João Rosa Portugal 4iS - Plataforma para a inovação Social
611 Ms LUCIA Apostol Romania
610 Mr Hildebrand de Boer Netherlands Stichting Industriecultuur Nederland
609 Dr. Vincent Caruana Malta Centre for Environmental Education and Research - University of Malta
608 Ms Maia Simonishvili Georgia The National Parliamentary Library of Georgia
607 Ms Amandine Roggeman France
606 Ms Heidi Johanne Engsig Denmark Helsingør Teater
605 Ms Olimpia Bratu Romania „Christian Tell” Gorj County Library
604 Mr Marshall Marcus Italy EUYO
603 Mr Balázs Simon Hungary Utca-SzAK/RIOTE
602 Mr Alfridas Pajuodis Lithuania NGO Skulptūros centras
601 Mr Xavier Laumain Spain ARAE Patrimonio y Restauración SLP
600 Mr محمد بوطالب Tunisia مركز التربصات والاصطياف الشابة
599 Ms Jessica Mirador Portugal Troiacruze Lda
598 Mr MAURIZIO GRASSI Italy Local Cultural Council
597 Ms Angela López Sabater Spain ARAE Patrimonio y Restauración SLP
596 Ms Hana Kohout Croatia
595 Ms Elizabeth McIntyre United Kingdom
594 Dr. ELENI ANNA CHLEPA Greece EHL panel
593 Ms ADRIANA MATOS Brazil FID - Fórum InterNacional de Dança
592 Ms Beatrijs Demeester Belgium De Spil vzw
591 Ms Bettinelli Rossana Italy Europa Nostra
589 Mrs Maria Vandborg Denmark Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality
588 Mr Joerg Heinemann Germany UNtER4
587 Dr. Corien Hoek Netherlands Sekem Friends, The Netherlands
586 Ms Dilara Ünal Turkey İyilik Design Center
585 Mrs Jacomine Hendrikse Netherlands DutchCulture
584 Dr. Fernando Mencarelli Brazil Federal University of Minas Gerais
583 Mr Joan Alvarez Spain Madrid
582 Dr. Júlio Martín da Fonseca Portugal Universidade Aberta
581 Mr Collectif Autonome France association du punk autonome
579 Ms Nia Tabakova Bulgaria
578 Mr Giovanni Bove Italy Independent Researcher and Project Manager, Teacher
577 Mr Jernej Skof Slovenia SKUC
576 Ms Tânia Vicente Portugal ABAE
575 Mr Giovanni Giorgetti Portugal University of Lisbon - FLUL
574 Dr. Patrick Pasture Belgium KU Leuven
573 Ms Ángela Martínez-Carrasco Martínez Spain
572 Ms Maria Luigia Saccone Italy Europa nostra membership
571 Ms Tania Moreira Portugal INOVA+
570 Ms Mary Moynihan Ireland Smashing Times International Centre for the Arts and Equality
569 Ms Sivana Denicolò Italy Movimento 5 Stelle - 5 Star Movement
568 Ms Mónica Rodriguez Lovelle Spain
567 Ms Luisa Caparros Malta ITS
566 Ms Antonia Satou Greece Mosaic // Culture & Creativity
565 Dr. Miles Oglethorpe United Kingdom The International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage (TICCIH)
564 Mrs Rodica Precupetu Romania Independent
562 Mr Gian Luca Bombarda Italy JCP
561 Mr Siegfried Dittler Germany LAKS Baden-Württemberg e.V.
560 Ms elise sabourin France
559 Ms Bea Kiesslinger Germany Dachverband Tanz Deutschland e.V.
558 Ms Merce Segu Spain Art Directors Club of Europe
557 Ms Aine Leamy Ireland
556 Mr Kenth Bender Sweden Kenth Bender
555 Mr Michel Platnic Israel ReGenesis
554 Dr. Sophia Handaka Greece KOLLEKTIVA for social innovation and culture
552 Dr. Rita Marcalo United Kingdom Instant Dissidence
551 Ms Vlasta Tichá Czech Republic Faculty of Law, Charles University, Prague
550 Mr Burak Sayin Sweden Trans Europe Halles
549 Ms Emma Grossi Netherlands
548 Dr. Simona Neumann Romania Timisoara 2021-European Capital of Culture Association
547 Miss Carmen Torrano Spain
546 Ms Stela Kamenova Bulgaria Sofia Graffiti Tour
545 Ms Emma Masi Italy
544 Ms Elisa D'Amico Italy
543 Mr Yannick Boudeau Belgium
542 Mr Francesco Dalmasso Italy
541 Ms Chiara Nicoli Italy
540 Ms Ana Cibrão Portugal Braga'27 - European Capital of Culture Candidate City
539 Ms Saskia Bruynooghe Belgium
538 Mr Frans Hakkemars Netherlands Puppeteer, NVP-UNIMA-NL, UNIMA
537 Ms Carolina Lapa Portugal Braga'27
536 Ms Mathilde Naud France
535 Ms Ana Sofia Santos Martins Portugal ECOS, freelancer consultant, facilitator and project coordinator
534 Ms Vreni Spieser Switzerland Visarte CH
533 Miss Mariana Correia Portugal Braga'27 - Theatro Circo
532 Mrs Italia Nostra Onlus-APS Sezione di Viterbo Italy Italia Nostra Onlus-APS
531 Mr Fulvio Fiorentini Italy Italia Nostra Onlus-APS
530 Ms Andreea Iager-Tako Romania Centrul Cultura PLAI
529 Mr Vullnet Sanaja Afghanistan Anibar
528 Ms Franca Ferrari Italy
527 Mr Luís Ferreira Portugal 23 Milhas
526 Ms Ana Bragança Portugal Braga'2027 - European Capital of Culture Candidate City
525 Ms Claudia Leite Portugal Braga 2027
524 Mrs Natasha Correia Portugal Braga'2027 - European Capital of Culture Candidate City
523 Ms Joana Meneses Fernandes Portugal Braga'27 - European Capital of Culture Candidate City
522 Mrs Concha Maza Spain La Cultora association
521 Mx. Hermès Louis Belgium
520 Mrs Violeta Zlateva Bulgaria HomeNet Eastern Europe and Central Asia
519 Ms Carmo Stichini Portugal Abril Ceramics
518 Ms Ana Gouveia Portugal
517 Mr Kevin Trappeniers Belgium Stray Light vzw
516 Mrs Marie Lilholt Denmark Swinging Europe
515 Ms Lina Kirjazovaite Belgium EUNIC
514 Ms Federica Aramu Italy
513 Mr Nod Knowles United Kingdom European Folk Network
512 Ms Fairooz Tamimi Sweden Trans Europe Halles
511 Mr James Doyle Ireland Cultural Action Europe
510 Mrs Casorati Natalia Italy Associazione Culturale Mosaico Danza /Interplay Dance Festival
509 Mr Igor Stokfiszewski Poland Krytyka Polityczna
508 Ms Stefanie Thomas Belgium CUMEDIAE
507 Mr Gyorgy Szabo Hungary Trafo
506 Mr Ferdinand Richard France independant
505 Ms Giulia Francini Italy
504 Dr. Fergus Johnston Ireland
503 Ms Pedro Krupenski Portugal
502 Ms Ana Velasco Spain
501 Ms Darya von Berner Spain studio dvb
500 Mr RUSEN Mihai Ionut Romania Universitatea Națională de Arte București
499 Ms Roxana Trestioreanu Romania Union of Fine Arts Artists
498 Ms Manon Richard France Europa Nostra
497 Ms Marcela Alvarez Germany
496 Ms Clelia Farrugia Canada
495 Ms Kalinca Susin Italy
494 Ms Gottfried Wagner Austria
493 Ms MARIA DRAGATAKI Greece THEAMA - Theatre for the Disabled
492 Mr Andrzej Stelmasiewicz Poland Gdansk Community Foundation
491 Ms Marina Palà Selva Spain CCCB Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona
490 Ms Alina Simpetru Romania Independent
489 Mrs Zofia Czartoryska Poland Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw
488 Ms Rafaela Ribas Portugal aFirma
487 Mr Ricardo Simões Portugal Restart Events
486 Ms Ashley Thompson Netherlands European Cultural Foundation
485 Ms Uta Eberhardt Germany Creative Europe Desk Berlin-Brandenburg
484 Mr Miško Ćirić Serbia Cultural Centre Pirot
483 Ms Tanja Cvitko Slovenia
482 Ms Constanza Zambrano Chile @candleconcert
481 Ms Alexandra Sarrigeorgiou Greece
480 Ms Birger Klinke Germany @candleconcert
479 Mr Utku Cenan Yıldırım Italy European Cultural Centre
478 Mr Jure Počkaj Slovenia Jure Počkaj - Pevec
477 Mr serafino paternoster Italy EcocNews.com - All news about European and National Capitals of culture
476 Ms Monica Garcia Alonso Spain Cooperation Oei
475 Mrs Irma Puttonen Finland Voipaala Art Center
474 Ms Iskra Mihaylova Bulgaria European Parliament
473 Ms Michaela van Wassenaer Netherlands High Impact Philanthropy
472 Ms Michaela van Wassenaer Netherlands HIP
471 Ms Liesbeth Bik Netherlands Artist, Akademie van Kunsten
470 Ms Marga Kroodsma Netherlands Veem House for Performance
469 Ms Zuzana Révészová Slovakia Creative Industry Košice
468 Ms Irene Tsitse Greece Culture Action Europe
467 Ms Tere Badia Belgium Culture Action Europe
466 Ms María del Carmen Diego Lafuente Spain Mamen Diego S L
465 Ms David Segui Spain
464 Ms Teresa Boal Spain
463 Ms Barbara van Santen Netherlands
462 Ms Chrisa Daisy Gonzales Philippines
461 Ms Evelyn Conlon Ireland Writer
460 Ms Delphine Bos Netherlands Light Ventures
459 Mrs Susanna Ohtonen Italy Operaextravaganza
458 Mx. Amy Fee Sweden Danscentrum Sverige
457 Mr Joseph Vogten Netherlands Retiree - Europen Investment Bank (EIB)
456 Mr Ignace Rizzuto Belgium
455 Ms Michèle Déome Belgium
454 Ms Basma El Husseiny Egypt Action for Hope asbl.
453 Ms Sonja Greiner Germany European Choral Association - Europa Cantat
452 Mr Juan José Brizuela Aguayo Spain EQUILIQUA BRANDING & COMUNICACIÓN
451 Ms Vesna Bukovec Slovenia Artist
450 Mrs Rachel Faulkner Denmark Culture Shift
449 Mr Mihael Kelemina Slovenia
448 Ms Vittoria Colotti Italy
447 Ms Maria Teresa Natale Italy Maria Teresa Natale
446 Mr Viktors Kravčenko Latvia snow workshop
445 Mr Christian Tamas Romania Writer
444 Dr. Jayarajan Vayalkara India Folkland International Centre for folklore and Culture
443 Ms Ana Maria Klem Italy Artist
442 Ms Teresa Machado Portugal
441 Ms Guida Casella Portugal faculdade de belas artes da universidade de lisboa
440 Ms Kama Sokolnicka Germany
439 Mrs Cecilia Gobbi Italy Fondazione Tito e Tilde Gobbi
438 Mr Ramiro Camelo Finland Myymala2
437 Ms Vivien Hewitt Italy
436 Ms Blanka Chládková Czech Republic Janacek Academy of Perfoming Arts
435 Ms Gergana Dimitrova Bulgaria 36 Monkeys Organization
434 Ms Klaudia Chzhu Russian Federation
433 Mr Joao Bispo Portugal El Vals del Conejo Records
432 Dr. Silvia Valenzuela-Lamas Spain Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
431 Ms Aneta Fodorová Czech Republic third // space, z.s.
430 Ms Martina Ptáčková Czech Republic Targeta
429 Mr Jakub Olejnik Poland Polish Jazz Association Wrocław
428 Miss Nuria Diaz velarde Spain Adicine
427 Ms Steven Defoor Belgium Culture Mechelen
426 Dr. Maria Joaquina Coelho Soares Portugal Centro de Arqueologia da Universidade de Lisboa-UNIARQ
425 Dr. Michal Lázňovský Czech Republic Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
424 Mr Giorgi Spanderashvili Georgia Freelance curator & art manager
423 Mr Pedro Barros Portugal
422 Dr. Mariana Diniz Portugal University of Lisbon - Portugal
421 Ms Srdjana Cvijetić Croatia Lazareti Art Workshop
420 Ms Linda Maria Schwarz Austria
419 Dr. Carlos Fabião Portugal Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal)
418 Ms Noelia Ruiz Ireland
417 Miss Teresa Jular Pérez-Alfaro Spain xli design+thinking
416 Ms Bettina Carpi United Kingdom Freelance Artist
415 Mr Francesco Carignani Italy Fucina Umanistica Digitale
414 Ms Dorien Jongsma Spain Imágenes y Palabras / El Hacedor
413 Mrs Nadia D.Manning United Kingdom Freelance Creative
412 Mr Mahir Namur Austria
411 Dr. Tatyana Oleinik Ukraine NGO "Youth for Democracy"
410 Mr Rishikesh Thapa India Institute for cultural diplomacy
409 Mr Juan Lázaro garcia Spain Arte_facto diseño
408 Dr. Fearghus Ó Conchúir Ireland
407 Ms Maria José Cruz Portugal
406 Ms Elif Obdan Turkey Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV)
405 Ms Mary Boland Ireland Theatre Royal Waterford
404 Dr. Pedro Quintela Portugal Faculty of Economics University of Coimbra
403 Miss Berta Plans Morillo Spain CAE
402 Mr Gabriele Rosana Belgium Culture Action Europe
401 Ms Dobrica Veselinovic Serbia Ne davimo Beograd
399 Ms Özlem Ece Turkey Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV)
398 Mr José Miguel Fernández Spain Profesional independiente
397 Ms Marion Herrmann-Gorzolka ?? Freeflow e.V.
396 Mrs Annette McNelis Ireland Music education
395 Mr Ulrich Besirske Germany Landesvereinigung Kulturelle Bildung Bayern e. V. (LKB:BY)
394 Mr fernando gonçalves Portugal Incubator Photo Gallery
393 Mr Ciprian George Purcaru Romania #jesuisciprian
392 Ms jasia mcardle United Kingdom
391 Ms Constanze Schulte Germany Ruhr-Universität Bochum
390 Dr. László Stachó Hungary Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest
389 Ms Anca Roxana Constantin van der Zee Romania Asociatia Culturala Flower Power
388 Ms Sofia Sundström Sweden konfront
387 Dr. Jana Montorio Czech Republic Artist
386 Ms Juan Pastor Bustamante Spain Fundación Politécnica de la Comunidad Valenciana
385 Ms Robert Brdarić Croatia Museum of Arts and Crafts
384 Mr Giulio Stumpo Italy Liv.in.g. srl impresa sociale
383 Mr Benicio Aguerrea Spain CIRCULARCOM
382 Ms Simone Inguanez Malta Arts Council Malta
381 Ms Mariona MIRET Spain Mariona Miret
380 Ms Gita Lalloo Netherlands
379 Mrs Birgit Ellinghaus Germany alba KULTUR - Int. Office for Global Music
378 Mr Salvatore Calì Slovenia Artist
377 Mr Maurizio Roi Italy Mediartecultura Association
376 Mr Carlos Costa Portugal Visões Úteis
375 Mr Jörg Grünert Italy Artist
374 Ms Carmela Lecce Italy Actress
373 Ms Alejandra hernandez Spain Independent
372 Ms Wendy Smith Ireland
371 Ms Catherine Boothman Ireland
370 Miss Nerea Urdangarin Spain
369 Ms eva gartnerova Czech Republic Faculty of multimedia communications TBU Zlín
368 Mr Carles Cañellas Spain Rocamora Teatre - www.rocamorateatre.com
367 Mrs Laure Detalle France Pôle emploi
366 Ms Carles Cañellas Spain Espai Animacions - www.animacions.org
365 Mr Michiel Reynaert Belgium
364 Ms Cristina Braschi Belgium
363 Ms Guillermo Rodríguez Rodríguez Spain
362 Mrs Judit Koltai Hungary Moonshine Chamber Theatre
361 Mrs Marta Kuliš Aralica Croatia Museum of Arts and Crafts
360 Ms Daniela Ruçi Albania Institute of Lidership and Change Albania
359 Mrs MARA CORDUA Italy I. C. 3° don Peppe Diana Portici (Napoli) ITALY
358 Ms Goran Budija Croatia Muzej za umjetnost i obrt
357 Mr Luca Bergamo Italy Deputy Mayor of Rome Jul2016-Jan2021
356 Dr. Vesna Lovrić Plantić Croatia Museum of Arts and Crafts
355 Ms Małgorzata Błaszczyk Poland Fundation Zona ART
354 Ms ayfar khan Pakistan Ayfar.Tech
353 Mrs Ekaterina Djoumalieva Bulgaria Ministry of Culture
352 Ms Dubravka Zrncic Kulenovic Bosnia and Herzegovina Studio lutkarstva Sarajevo
351 Ms Susanna Ferran Andorra
350 Ms Erik Boekesteijn Netherlands
349 Ms Sophie-Carolin Wagner Austria Eurozine GmbH
348 Ms Núria Segovia Spain Cases de la Música
347 Ms Samo Lapajne Slovenia
346 Mrs paola sarcina Italy Music Theatre International
345 Mr Tuomo Haapala Sweden None
344 Mr Miguel A. Cruz Carmona Spain Músic
343 Ms Francisco Palomar Gonzalez Spain
342 Ms Leticia Romeo Spain FESMAP
341 Ms Laura Colò Belgium UNICA Network
340 Ms Anita Lüscher Spain LÜ project managrment
339 Ms Mira Kolanen Finland
338 Miss maria pecchioli Italy Corniolo art platform
337 Ms Nina Lassila Belgium
336 Ms Silvia Alcoba Logüercho Spain Artista visual/ Periodismo/ Activista cultural/Feminismo
335 Ms Kate Mayne Belgium
334 Ms Géraldine Zanaska France COMPASS MUSIC
333 Ms Chiara Sartori Italy Freelancer
332 Ms cristina muto Italy
331 Dr. Friederike Landau-Donnelly Germany Dr. Friederike Landau-Donnelly
330 Miss Mónica Carriço Portugal MovingCities.org
329 Mr Michel Dolique France
328 Mr David Heap Ireland Freelance Actor
327 Ms Evrydiki Lagoura Greece
326 Mrs Elisa Novo Spain Elisa Escuela de Danza
325 Ms Angie Cotte France Fanak Fund
324 Mr Fiachra White Ireland
323 Dr. Nancy Duxbury Portugal Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra
322 Mrs Sage Cushman Portugal Sage Bachtler Csuhman
321 Ms Rowena Kelly Ireland
320 Ms Eirik Birkeland Norway Norwegian Academy of Music
319 Mx. Eduardo Hernando Vilarrodona Spain Pez Limbo
317 Ms Hui-Han Hu Sweden Kulturhuset Stadsteatern
316 Ms Mihaela Laslau Italy
315 Mr Angel Astorqui Spain Tanea Arqueología
314 Mr Michael Scott Ireland City Theatre Dublin
313 Ms Oleg Chorny Ukraine
312 Mr Jorge Fernández León Spain
311 Ms Maria-Emanuela Galanti Italy
310 Ms Silvia Ventura Germany
309 Ms Gisela Weimann Germany GEDOK Berlin
308 Mr Miguel Honrado Portugal AMEC Metropolitana
307 Mr Bernard Goggin Ireland
306 Ms Elisabete Tomaz Portugal
305 Mr Gabriel Corral Mariscal Spain
304 Mr Wim van Zon Netherlands Music Inspired Art
303 Miss Liudmyla Nychai Ukraine NGO Congress of Cultural Activists
302 Mr Paul Zijp Netherlands
301 Ms Beatriz Velasco Spain
300 Mr Olphaert den Otter Netherlands Visual artist
299 Ms Bernard Martin United Kingdom (retired)
298 Mr Alberto Cerezo Soto Spain Interarts
297 Ms Emeline Tournaire France
296 Ms Elena GJorgjievska Macedonia
295 Ms claire HUGONNET France
294 Ms Victòria Peña Spain
293 Ms Nada Švob-Đokić Croatia IRMO
292 Mr Paulo Proença Portugal N/a
291 Mr Roberto Gómez de la Iglesia Spain c2+i/Conexiones improbables
290 Ms Antoniya Kisheva Bulgaria
289 Mrs Noemi Giommi Italy Società Cooperativa Sistema Museo
288 Ms Péter Sülyi Hungary Őri Foundation
287 Ms Carmel Daly Ireland
286 Ms Heidi Hopkins Germany
285 Ms Mateja Lazar Slovenia Motovila Institute
284 Mr Christos Karagiannidis Greece Social Anthropologist | Museologist
283 Mrs Ulrike Tontsch Germany
282 Mr Antoni Laporte Spain ARTImetria
281 Ms Justine BIGOT DE PREAMENEU France
280 Ms Selin Akgunduz Netherlands
279 Dr. Branislava Kuburovic Czech Republic Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
278 Mr GIORGIO MORANDI Italy Feniarco
277 Mr James P Kinsella Austria Visual Artist
276 Mr dara vallely Ireland armagh rhymers
275 Ms Julian Llanos Jaramillo Colombia
274 Ms Rossella Pasquini Italy
273 Ms Nuala Ni Chonchuir Ireland Splonk (editor)
272 Ms Davinia Galea Malta ARC Research & Consultancy Ltd
271 Mr Eduardo Maura Spain Universidad Complutense de Madrid
270 Mr Fred Meinke Germany
269 Mr Marian Citu United Kingdom Composer/Artist
268 Mr Miguel Sánchez Spain Culturburo
266 Ms Mary Zurigo Italy Z.E.A. Zone di Esplorazione Artistica
265 Miss Maria Ribeiro Portugal
264 Mr Michel Wesseling Netherlands BredaPhoto
263 Ms Kremena Hristova Bulgaria A25 Cultural Foundation
262 Mrs Andreja Repic Agrez Slovenia
261 Miss Duna Viezzoli Italy
260 Mr Miguel Teixeira Portugal Oficina do Desenho
259 Ms STJ Coumans Belgium Culture le Hic
258 Dr. Armando Nascimento Rosa Portugal Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema, Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa
257 Mrs Rita Orlando Italy Foundation Matera-Basilicata 2019
256 Ms Kiki Papadopoulou Greece National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
255 Ms Sabine Zimmermann Germany Netzwerk Kultur & Heimat Hildesheimer Land e.V.
254 Mr Gábor Mondik Hungary Creative Europe Desk Hungary
253 Ms I Valença Gama Rodrigues Netherlands
252 Ms Ina Kokinova Bulgaria
251 Mr antonio monzino Italy Fondazione Antonio Carlo Monzino
250 Ms Darja Demšar Slovenia
249 Ms Jadranka Petrak Croatia
248 Ms Oana Ciobotea Germany
247 Mr Boban Krstic Netherlands
246 Ms Antonia Kuzmanić Croatia Positive force / ROOM 100
245 Ms Silvia Salanska Slovakia
244 Ms Tiziana Sellato Italy Coop EN KAI PAN
243 Ms sven stilinovic Croatia
242 Ms Taina Pemberton United Kingdom Tipitii Translations
241 Mrs Andrea Kerner Germany conc.arts berlin
240 Mrs camilla Persson Sweden
239 Ms Evgenia Vlachaki United Kingdom Matthew Lloyd Architects
237 Ms Manuela Matran Germany EMCY
236 Mr afm Delemarre Netherlands STOEP
235 Mr Marino Jurcan Croatia Association Metamedia
234 Ms Adam Borowski-Herbst Poland Teatr Ósmego Dnia
233 Ms Margarita M. Birriel Salcedo Spain University of Granada
232 Ms Outi Järvinen Finland Arts Management Helsinki
231 Ms Elisenda Juanola Spain
230 Ms stella cristofolini Germany TAD
229 Mr Galip Deniz Altınay Turkey
228 Ms Roisin Mc Donough United Kingdom
227 Ms anne appathurai France Sounds Now project
226 Mr Giuseppe Amico Italy libero professionista
225 Mr Marc LINTS Belgium Actions Culturelles Internationales
224 Mr Leszek Richter Czech Republic Microregion Górolsko Swoboda
223 Ms Karyn Allen Canada Curator of Contemporary Art
222 Ms Ginevra Goretta Italy
221 Ms Isabel Carrera Suarez Spain Universidad de Oviedo
220 Dr. Waltraud Ernst Austria Johannes Kepler Universität Linz
219 Mx. Wendy Van Wynsberghe Belgium
218 Mrs Nicoletta Cataldo Italy Insolita Film
217 Dr. Sean Taylor Ireland Limerick Institute of Technology
216 Mr Mirko Petric Croatia
215 Dr. Amna Potocnik Slovenia
214 Ms Elizabeth Gardiner United Kingdom Fablevision Ltd
213 Ms Natalie Richardson United Kingdom Konzept Arts & Ideas
212 Ms Birgitta Elfstrom Sweden
211 Ms Lis Freundt Pol Denmark
210 Mr Gianluca Carboni Italy Associazione Culturale Mossa
209 Mr Michele Benvenuti Belgium michele benvenuti
208 Ms Maria Dolores Tosoni Italy
207 Mr Andrea Alfio Maccarrone Italy Associazione Culturale "LUOGOCOMUNE"
206 Ms Alice Bazzichelli Italy -
205 Mr Andi Tepelena Albania
204 Ms Magdalena Verseckas Belgium
203 Ms Annins Blom Finland
202 Ms Raquel Castells Cabestrero Spain IKUSEEARTE
201 Mrs Hana Šormová Czech Republic
200 Mr Kevin Saliba Malta
199 Dr. Melentie Pandilovski Australia Experimenta
198 Mr Biek van Rooij Netherlands ir. Biek van Rooij architect
197 Ms Patrícia Proença Portugal Designer
195 Ms Kerstin Herlt Germany DFF - Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum
194 Ms Henriette Sørensen Denmark
193 Mr Mihai Fusu Moldova Art Center COLISEUM
192 Ms Núria Añó Spain
191 Mrs Irene Favero Belgium
190 Dr. Susan Hazan Israel Digital Heritage, Israel
189 Ms Tara Murphy Ireland Solomon Fine Art
188 Mrs Irene Intxausti Spain Teklak. Estudio de Comunicación y Audiencias
187 Mr Sam Menopa Norway Lege Artis as
186 Mrs Hana Rozlivková Czech Republic
185 Ms Adele Halten Norway Harpe-Diem
184 Ms Kornelia Kiss Hungary Culture Action Europe
183 Ms Laura Jude France ARTCENA
182 Ms gigi guizzo Spain CEPS Projectes Socials #MakingProjects
181 Mr Vasileios Vasileiadis Bulgaria Physical person/Greek writer /poer
180 Mrs Agnès Dudych France
179 Ms Magdalena Müllerová Czech Republic Arts and Theatre Institut
178 Mr Jordi Balta Spain Trànsit Projectes
177 Dr. Lana Pavlović Aleksic Serbia Independent Researcher
176 Mx. bruno cooren France
175 Ms Anna Wangen Belgium
174 Ms Sonja Heimann Netherlands World Music Forum NL | Ritmundo | Cultuur & Communicatie
173 Mr Dominick Luquer Belgium International Federation of Actors (FIA)
172 Ms maite vissault Belgium free lance curator
171 Mr Alberto Fernandes Portugal
170 Ms Anne-Careen Engel Equatorial Guinea Sharing Arts eV
169 Mr Andrey Getov Bulgaria
168 Ms Martina Di Loreto Italy Progea ngo
167 Ms Nicola ffrench Davis Ireland Arts @ Civic Trust House
166 Ms Krisztina Schay Hungary ArtBay
165 Ms Ursula Deuker Germany
164 Ms Korneel hogendoorn Netherlands
163 Dr. Andreas Joh. Wiesand Germany ERICarts Institute and Network
162 Ms Neus Gil Cortes United Kingdom National Centre for Circus Arts
161 Mrs Mateja Sužnik Slovenia Založba Zala / Zala Publishing
160 Dr. Walter Hoogland Netherlands
159 Ms Christina Björk Sweden Unga Klara theatre
158 Mr Mauro Vanni Italy ITACA - Local Development Association
157 Mr Nuno Vaz Silva Portugal
156 Mr Jose Luis Vilallobos Belgium AJILE asbl
155 Dr. Kerstin Große-Wöhrmann Germany Synergize
154 Mrs Gerarda Ventura Italy Anghiari Dance Hub
153 Ms Gail Pilgrim Netherlands Shimmy Shake Festival
152 Dr. José Antonio Ramos Arteaga Spain Cátedra de Gestión y Políticas Culturales ULL - FECAM
151 Ms Carole Bemant United Kingdom Euclid International
150 Ms Sabine Froschmaier Germany
149 Mr Karol Frühauf Switzerland Res Artis
148 Ms Maud Gari France Le LABA
147 Mr Emil Roijer Germany
146 Mr Noah Birksted-Breen United Kingdom Sputnik Theatre Company
145 Ms Oľga Smetanová Slovakia ISCM
144 Mr Klaus-Jürgen Liedtke Germany Forum Mare Balticum e.V. / Virtual Baltic Sea Library
143 Ms Iva Said United Kingdom London Art and Food
142 Ms Nina Ditoiu Romania technical university of cluj-napoca
141 Mr Pieter Delafortrie Belgium Pulse Transitienetwerk vzw
140 Mr Fernando Completo Portugal Escola Superior de Hotelaria e Turismo do Estoril
139 Ms Celia Grau Belgium Opera Europa
138 Ms Jaysha Obispo Belgium FP24
137 Mr Raul Atalaia Portugal Teatro O Bando
136 Ms Zsuzsa Berecz Hungary Közmü Association
135 Mr Dan Orghici Romania
134 Mr Dieter Welke Germany no name
133 Ms Sara tari Germany European Union of Music Competitions for Youth (EMCY)
132 Ms Anna Kilian Netherlands
131 Mr Federico Rinaldi Belgium European Concert Hall Organisation
129 Mr Villy Dall Denmark AKKS
128 Mr Vlad Vătău Romania The Students' League form the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications (LSFETc)
127 Ms Sabine Kock Austria Smart Coop Austria
126 Mr Frantz Dhers France Original's
125 Mr Jon Balke Norway Magnetic Music
124 Ms Renata Papsch Germany
123 Ms Ana Clara Ferreira Portugal
122 Mr Francesc Sala i Pascual Andorra
121 Mr Viktor Debnár Czech Republic Arts and Theatre Institute
120 Mr Arne van Vliet Netherlands BECCA Europe
119 Mrs Veronika Ratzenboeck Austria österreichische kulturdokumentation.internationales archiv für kulturanalysen
118 Ms Gerbrand Bas Netherlands Federatie Dutch Creative Industries
117 Ms Juliette Olivares France Live DMA
116 Mr Alejandro Martín Perera Spain Cátedra de Gestión y Políticas Culturales ULL - FECAM
115 Ms Janina Benduski Germany LAFT Berlin
114 Ms Juan Luis Martín González Spain
113 Mr Marco Montaguti Italy Conservatorio di Musica, Bologna
112 Mr Juan Waelder Spain
111 Mr Paul STIEGELBAUER Romania Liga AC
110 Dr. Roberto Ruffino Italy Fondazione Intercultura
109 Ms Tomás Antonio Afonso González Spain Cátedra de Gestión y Políticas Culturales ULL-FECAM
108 Dr. Ann McVeigh United Kingdom
107 Mr Oliver Weindling United Kingdom Vortex Jazz Club
106 Ms Annette Schol Netherlands
105 Mr Johan-M. van de walle Belgium paradox
104 Ms Patrícia Delgado Portugal
103 Ms Margareta Nilsson Sweden
102 Mr Donald Muldrow Griffith Germany Fountainhead Tanz Theatre, Black International Cinema, THE COLLEGIUM Forum & Television Program
101 Mrs Rasha Shaaban Sweden National Museums of World Culture
100 Ms Dace Melbarde Latvia European Parliament
99 Mrs Dijana Martinovich Serbia Music Association AllegroNB
98 Mr Eric SLINGENEYER Belgium
97 Mr Chris Straetling Belgium Bureau Gruzemayer
96 Ms Veneta Stefanova Bulgaria Stefani Art
95 Dr. Dušica Dragin Serbia Academy of Arts Novi Sad
94 Ms LUCIA vazquez Spain Educacion y sostenibilidad
93 Ms May Chehab Cyprus University of Cyprus
92 Mr Carlos Taberneiro Spain
91 Mr Jindřich Krippner Czech Republic Archa Theatre
90 Ms Anna Comacchio Italy Assembly of European Regions
89 Ms Else Christensen-Redzepovic Denmark Else CR Cultural Relations
88 Ms Cristina De Julian Spain
87 Mr Sergio Merino Spain Associació Cultural Arco y flecha
86 Mr Quirino Jesus Portugal
85 Dr. Jurn Buisman Netherlands Museum Geelvinck
84 Mr Amos Ben-Tal Netherlands OFFprojects
83 Mr Enrique Carbó Spain
82 Ms Patricia García Spain Universidad de Alcalá
81 Ms Maria Escobedo Caparrós Spain LIVEMEDIA
80 Ms Ceyda Berk-Söderblom Finland MiklagardArts
79 Ms Maja Hriesik Slovakia Contemporary Dance Platform - Slovakia
78 Ms Monica Lotreanu Romania Inforom Cultural Foundation
77 Mr Sashe Trenkoski Germany
76 Ms Bahanur Nasya Austria wonderland
75 Ms Helena Vičič Slovenia Interpret Europe
74 Ms Estefanía Rodero Spain
73 Mr Manuel Pereira Portugal MAP IN - Strategic Creative Consultancy
71 Ms Tomma Wessel Belgium Apsara vzw
70 Mr Piet Jaspaert Belgium Europa Nostra
69 Ms Sophie Leighton United Kingdom
68 Mrs Consuelo Barilari Italy Schegge di Mediterraneo
67 Mr Thomas Engel Germany ITI Germany
66 Ms Santiago Marcet Spain
65 Mr Neil Mcdonald United Kingdom Stour Space
64 Ms Julie Griffiths Ireland
63 Mr Fred van Welie Netherlands WAV productions
62 Mr Tamás Inczédy Hungary ITEV
61 Ms Tia Ellen Lee United Kingdom Opera Circus
60 Miss cristina caprioli Sweden ccap
59 Dr. Mona Schrempf Germany University of Saarland
57 Mrs Dagmar Bednáriková Czech Republic KD Mlejn + Assitej CZ
56 Mr Joost Heinsius Netherlands Values of Culture&Creativity
55 Mr Chris Guerematchi Netherlands The Netherlands
54 Mr Louis Valente Denmark ASSITEJ
53 Ms Tsveta Andreeva Netherlands European Cultural Foundation
52 Ms Marie José Justamond France Suds,à Arles
51 Ms Ingrid Schöll Germany Volkshochschule Bonn
50 Ms denisa gibovic Spain blue room innovation
49 Ms Corinne Szteinsznaider France Michael Culture Association
48 Ms Stéphanie van Berckel Netherlands
47 Ms Melissa Tomassini Italy UNIDO
46 Ms Marzia Santone Italy Ministry of Culture
45 Mrs Ellen De Schepper Belgium Fine Art Consult
44 Ms Clare McLaughlin Ireland
43 Ms Kathrin Singer Bulgaria Singer-Zahariev Foundation (for the support of Bulgarian contemporry art )
42 Ms Ruth Carter United Kingdom kinokulture
41 Mrs Micaela Casalboni Italy Teatro dell'Argine
40 Mrs Luoana Plesea Romania
39 Dr. Tom Jones United Kingdom Artscoop Central
38 Ms Michela Oliva Italy Università Ca’ Foscari
37 Dr. Matthew Crookes Australia
36 Mrs Mª Ángeles Cabré Spain Observatori Cultural de Gènere
35 Ms Svetoslav Nedev Bulgaria Freelance
34 Mr Philip Parr United Kingdom Parrabbola
33 Ms Ágnes Somló Hungary
32 Mr MISTRIOTIS ALEXANDROS Greece Contemporary Oralities Non Profit Organisation
31 Mr Adolfo Chautón Pérez Spain
30 Dr. Hellen Giblin-Jowett United Kingdom North Star Circle
29 Mr Andrew Cronshaw United Kingdom Cloud Valley Music
28 Mr Friso Wiersum Netherlands European Cultural Foundation
27 Ms Valeria Silvia Francese Italy
26 Ms Linda Messas Belgium Association Européenne des Conservatoires (AEC)
24 Dr. Virgil Ștefan Nițulescu Romania National Museum of the Romanian Peasant
23 Ms Lidija Ivanda Croatia Teatar Erato
22 Ms Stéphane Noël Hong Kong Materialise Ltd
21 Mx. Bel Olid Spain AELC
20 Ms Mihai Adrian Vilcea Romania Timis County Youth Foundation (FITT)
19 Ms Veronka Köver Belgium Opera Europa
18 Ms michael dobbie Germany public futures cafe
17 Ms Mamen Garcia Netherlands Freelance
16 Ms Natalie Giorgadze Belgium CAE
15 Mr A. Birkhoff Netherlands
14 Ms Maya Weisinger Germany
13 Ms Szilvia Kochanowski Netherlands European Cultural Foundation
12 Mr Yassine Boussaid Netherlands Meervaart Theater
11 Ms Ad ‘s-Gravesande Netherlands
10 Mr Henk Keizer Denmark AREA Art in Rural European Areas
9 Ms Marjolein Cremer Netherlands European Cultural Foundation
8 Ms Ineke Soeterik Netherlands
7 Mx. Emmy Bergsma Netherlands Kunstpraktijk EB
6 Mr John Maters Netherlands artist
5 Ms Isabelle Schwarz Netherlands European Cultural Foundation
4 Ms Rene Toneman Netherlands Silo
3 Ms Nina Scholtens Netherlands Cultuurslagers
2 Ms Susan Hoexum Netherlands Municipality of Groningen
1 Mr Thomas van Dalen Netherlands


#CulturalDealEU is jointly developed by Culture Action Europe, European Cultural Foundation, and Europa Nostra (representing the European Cultural Alliance).


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