February 28, 2022, 10:50 am

Come2Art establishes a collaborative scheme between artists and cultural workers currently in limbo and community members promoting life skills development through arts and using creative placemaking as a canvas for pilot testing the acquired skills through an inclusive approach, promoting active citizenship. The goal of this project is to develop life skills on common grounds to build community resilience.

It is a critical moment to build creative resilience at the community level across Europe.  At the EU level, 7.3 million cultural and creative jobs are being affected by COVID-19 (Culture Action Europe, 2020). This will have a significant negative economic and social impact, taking into consideration the role of the arts in the community’s wellbeing. The role of artists is therefore being reshaped and re-invented in order to exploit new opportunities, including digitally-mediated forms for content production, and collaboration with citizens in content creation (OECD, 2020). Simultaneously, as the Covid crisis periods proliferates, artists are in need of new and flexible tools and life skills in order to become more resilient and creative.

In addition to engaging, training and mobilising artists and cultural workers, Come2Art will provide life skills to members of local communities through artistic expression, approaching creativity as a resource for building resilience. The project will also connect local artists, community organisations and citizens through inclusive co-creativity hubs, to practically apply life skills through creative placemaking efforts, promoting active citizenship.

By placing local artists currently in limbo at the centre of collective planning and implementation of creative placemaking projects, such as mural arts, public art sculptures, COME2ART will respond to artists’ need for alternative ways of cultural production and consumption and will satisfy citizens’ need for alternative ways of expression and social connection. Artists have a leading social role in building community resilience through arts, and involved citizens will acquire life skills, such as self-regulation of emotions, flexibility, communication and collaboration, digital content creation, critical and creative thinking.

Come2Art will develop an interventional framework for promoting life skills development and application through creative placemaking, a life skills curriculum (including trainer’s and trainee’s toolkit) through arts in the context of creative placemaking, co-creativity hubs connecting community members and artists / cultural workers for life skills application and creativity placemaking projects at local level inspired by COVID-19 experiences based on the acquired life skills of community members, and leading social role of artists.


COME2ART Partnership comprises 7 key players from 4 EU countries namely:

ActionAid Hellas, Greece

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Culture Action Europe, Belgium

Melting Pro, Italy

Clube Intercultural, Portugal

IoDeposito, Italy

Creativity Platform, Greece

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