Capacity building for European Capitals of Culture: Podcasts

December 12, 2019, 10:20 am

In this podcast series by the ‘Capacity Building for European Capitals of Culture’ project, we will share insights, best practice & know-how from experts from different fields on topics relevant for the design and the implementation of European Capitals of Culture.

Podcast 1: Audience development

The first Academy Camp made it clear that audience development is not an image, but rather a movie whose script must be written in a collaborative way by all parties involved in the process and that it must be anchored in a coherent strategy, in this case of an ECoC.

Ep. 1 Sylvain Pasqua, Team Leader of Capitals of Culture at the European Commission

Ep. 2 Cristina Da Milano on the principles of audience development

Ep. 3 Alessandra Gariboldi discusses managing change

Ep. 4 Niels Righolt to explore iterative planning and implementation

Ep. 5 Jonathan Goodacre, discussing cooperation and partnerships

Podcast 2: Digital

The second Academy Camp took the form of six online sessions across May, June, July and October 2021 with the delivery team and partners of Chemnitz 2025 and focused on Digital approaches to ECOC.

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