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“In this period of profound transition, promoting the role of culture calls for inward changes including a new way of thinking about culture and its role in society. Culture enables evolution and human development and should be understood as one of the key components towards a new social contract and citizenship. Culture significantly contributes to economies.  A surge for a Europe-wide movement for culture is then more than ever a necessity to help our society to step out and up from its depression.” These were the words we wrote to introduce our conference programme and package. These were also the words that guided us throughout the process of profoundly revising our statutes– the new strategic approach and new statutes for the future of the organisation were approved at the end of the conference.


200+ participants

30 speakers

 2 Lab sessions
• to challenge the role of culture
• to challenge the status of the CAE network


On Day 1, the workshops in the CAE Labs-format turned participants into “defenders” and “prosecutors” of key players on the EU arena who were “judged” for “crimes” that have a relevant role in Europe’s turning point today. On Day 2, the CAE Labs enabled participants to discuss and contribute to setting the basis of the next five year action plan powered by the network and reflect on their own agenda in relation to the potential for common strategy and medium term alliances.


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