Speakers and Discussion Activators

Speakers and Discussion Activators

Beyond the Obvious: Speakers and Discussion Activators

March 2, 2018, 12:15 pm

Speakers and Discussion Activators


Abris Gryllus – Artist, Hungary

Alex Meszmer – Board member, Visarte, Switzerland

Alexandra Sabino – Advisor to the Deputy Mayor for Culture, City of Lisbon, Portugal

Alexandra Szalay-Bobrovniczky – Vice Mayor, Budapest

András Szöllősi-Nagy – President, International Hydrological Programme, UNESCO

András Török – Director, Summa Artium and Budapest City writer

Annalisa Cicerchia – Senior researcher, ISTAT, Italy

Beatriz Garcia – Head of Research, Cultural Policy & Impact, Institute of Cultural Capital, UK

Bel Olid – President, AELC, Spain

Bernd Fessel – President, European Creative Network, Netherlands

Botond Feledy – Senior fellow, CEID, Hungary

Catherine Cullen – Former Deputy Mayor for Culture, City of Lille, France

Chris Torch – Founder, INTERCULT, Sweden

Clymene Christoforou – Executive Codirector, ISIS Arts, UK

Corina Șuteu – Former Minister of Culture, Romania

Cristina da Milano – President, ECCOM, Italy

Daniel Brooks – Zoologist, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Dan Diaconu – Vice Mayor, Timisoara, Romania

Eithne Verling – Director, Galway City Museum

Gary McMahon – Senior Executive Officer, Galway City Council

Gergely Prőhle – Former State Secretary and current director of Petőfi Irodalmi Múzeum, Hungary

Giovanna Barni – President, Coopculture, Italy

Gokce Suvari – Project Manager, Izmir Mediterranean Academy, Turkey

Henry McGhie – Head of collections and curator of Zoology, Manchester Museum, UK

Irena Kregar Segota – Rijeka 2020

Ivor Davies – Researcher and Programme Associate, Pilot Cities, Culture Action Europe

Jonathan Ravasz – Interaction designer and developer

Jordi Pascual – Coordinator, Agenda 21 for Culture, UCLG

Katherine Heid – Head of Political Development, Culture Action Europe

Lars Ebert – Head of Research, Development and Advocacy, ELIA, Netherlands

László Karvalics – Professor, University of Szeged, Department of Cultural Heritage and Human Information Science, Hungary

László Pintér – Professor, Environmental Sciences and Policy, CEU, Hungary

Luca Bergamo – Vice Mayor and Deputy Mayor for Culture, City of Rome, Italy

Luca Kovecs – International Relations & Communication Director, Bakelit, Hungary

Michaela Saisana – Joint Research Centre, European Commission

Natalie Giorgadze – Communications Officer, Culture Action Europe

Nicholas Anastasopoulos – PhD and Professor, School of Architecture NTUA, Greece

Peter Inkei – Director, Budapest Observatory, Hungary

Petr Simon – Novi Sad 2021

Richárd Nagyfi – Research and technologies development, Kitchen Budapest

Robert Kramer – Chief Learning Officer, Budapest Academy for Leading Change, Hungary

Robert Manchin – President and Acting Secretary General, Culture Action Europe

Rosa Pérez Monclús – Policy Officer, Culture Action Europe

Rossella Tarantino – Matera 2019

Salvator-John Liotta – Architect and Ambassador of Farm Cultural Park, Italy

Sara Whyatt – Consultant on Human Rights and Freedom of Expression, UK

Sarah de Heusch – Project Officer, SmartBe, Belgium

Sebastiano Sali – Strategic Projects, Fundraising and International Relations, Mayor’s Office – City of Mantua, Italy

Serhan Ada – Lecturer, Bigli University, Istanbul, Turkey

Simona Neumann – Executive Director Timișoara 2021

Tibor Navracsics – Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, European Commission

Tom Green – Platforma Director, Counterpoints Arts, UK

Yamam Al-Zubaidi – Equality and Diversity Manager, Riksteatern, Sweden

Zoltan Mizsei – Contemporary musician, Hungary

Zsófia Csukonyi – Head of Operations, Design Terminal



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