AVnode | LPM 2015 > 2018

AVnode | LPM 2015 > 2018

June 1, 2015, 10:00 am | May 31, 2018, 12:00 am
June 2015 - May 2018

AVnode | LPM 2015 > 2018 has been admitted, amongst 127 applications submitted, to the Creative Europe Culture Program for European Large Scale Cooperation Projects, and this means that we will have the chance to improve and develop our project for the next three years, starting from June 2015 until June 2018, along with our engaged partners across Europe.

AVnode | LPM 2015 > 2018 project foresees the production of 1 Meeting, 1 Audience Development Conference and 12 festivals for each of the following 3 years, besides 200 satellite events. Each festival will host 1 artist as extra feature, so at least 630 selected guest artists will be promoted by the partners across Europe.

AVnode | LPM 2015 > 2018 will reach this estimated numbers over the 3 years, 3.000 artists, 500.000 people during the events and at least 10.000.000 of people with the communication plan.

AVnode | LPM 2015 > 2018 is a cooperation project between 13 partners from 12 countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Turkey and United Kingdom. It’s aim is to promote and develop live video culture to both European and worldwide audiences with 14 events per year.


Flyer Communication | Live Performers Meeting | Netherlands

LOGO Flyer Communication
Flyer Communication is a new media company supports, promote and produce cultural project and events since 2001, positioned and distinguished in the national and international scene of the last 10 years for its cultural, creative, innovative and experimental projects, protagonists of prestigious artistic and cultural internationals events. read more


LPM – Live Performers Meeting offers the unique opportunity to experience 4 days of audiovisual performances, VJing, workshops, panel discussion, product showcases presented by hundreds of VJs, audiovisual artists, new media professionals and thinkers from around the world. read more

2015-2016: May 2016
2016-2017: May 2017
2017-2018: May 2018


Culture Action Europe | AV Audience Development | Belgium

LOGO Culture Action Europe
Culture Action Europe is a European network of artists, cultural producers and activists, and membership organisations dedicated to promoting culture as an essential element of sustainable development both locally and on a European scale. It also contributes intensively to the European debate on culture through the expertise and the practice of a wide community of cultural organisations and practitioners from different disciplines across Europe. read more


AV Audience Development Conference will be held for the first time at european level, thanks to the funders of the project. International partners and the most influential representatives of the local cultural scene, are invited to debate and to identify the best strategies to help European artists and professionals to reach as many audience as possible across Europe as to extend to underneath groups the access to more exposed cultural projects. read more

2015-2016: April 2016
2016-2017: April 2017
2017-2018: April 2018


Institut Français d’Italie | La Francia in Scena | Italy

LOGO Institut Français d’Italie
The Institut Français d’Italie , Under the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, is responsible, must contribute to the influence of France abroad in greater dialogue with foreign cultures and meet the demand of France in a process of listening, partnership and openness. The Institute claims freedom of expression and diversity in a globalized world, while affirming its competence and expertise in promoting French culture in the world. read more


La Francia in Scena” is the artistic season of Institut français Italy launched at Expo Milano 2015.La Francia in Scena opens to several artistic disciplines:rock/pop/electronic music, dance,contemporary circus, theater, visual and contemporany art resulting in 60 shows,10 meetings between Italian and French academies and 4 appointments with contemporary art as part of PLAN – Franco- Italian platform of artistic exchanges . read more

2015-2016: 1 May – 22 November 2015
2016-2017: May – November 2016
2017-2018: May – November 2017

LOGO La Francia in Scena

Video Hack Space | Video Hack Festival | United Kingdom

LOGO Video Hack Space
The London Video Hack Space is a place to share ideas, thoughts, knowledge, technologies, processes and aesthetics on video. We welcome artists, engineers, students, and everyone interested in any video technology. read more


Born as the result of year of av sessions and parties, the Video Hack Festival seek to promote any application of video technology resulting in live performances. Interaction, real time video, coding are the main investigated areas.Exhibitions and workshop are the focus of the program. In fact, this is the first event of its kind proposed in London. read more

2015-2016: TBA
2016-2017: TBD
2017-2018: TBD


4youreye Bischof-Herlbauer OG | AV Playground | Austria

LOGO 4youreye
4youreye provides event video technology, content production & live visuals for the art sector and industry sector. our aim is to improve the acceptance of live visuals. for this we connect and network internationally.read more


Playground AV is an event for everyone interested in all things visuals, VJing, DJing, video- and music production and AV. The first edition happened in Austria in 2009. This network is for participants, guest lecturers and friends, to share their experience and work. The Playground AV Camp is a place for exchange, an audio-visual playground, a melting pot of VJs, DJs, bands, programmers, software designers, hardware producer, technicians, light designers, enthusiasts, freaks and nerds from all over the world. read more

2015-2016: TBA
2016-2017: TBD
2017-2018: TBD

LOGO Playground AV

Flyer Communication | Live Cinema festival | Italy

LOGO Flyer Communication
Flyer Communication is a new media company supports, promote and produce cultural project and events since 2001, positioned and distinguished in the national and international scene of the last 10 years for its cultural, creative, innovative and experimental projects, protagonists of prestigious artistic and cultural internationals events. read more


Live Cinema Festival is a live performing exhibition that explores all the artistic trends whom is attributed the term “Live Cinema”, with live audio video performances by artists from Italy, UK, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, Italy, Poland, France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Greece, which have made this narrative technique their stylistic code. read more

2015-2016: 4 – 12 September 2015
2016-2017: September 2016
2017-2018: September 2017

LOGO Live Cinema Festival

Stichting Oddstream | Oddstream Festival | Netherlands

LOGO Stichting Oddstream
Stichting Oddstream focuses on the production, display and distribution of (interactive) art at the intersection of e-culture, design and fine arts. The art of Oddstream incorporates the latest technological developments and is innovative an experimental. read more


Oddstream Festival 2016 is characterized by a strong focus on social.The selected art addresses a social issue or has a social impact: people can influence the art and the art has an effect on the location /surrounding where is is located. Educational workshops for kids and youngsters, a professional day, an artist in residency on mapping productions as an electronic music club-night with stage-design and mapping wil be the contents proposed for the upcoming edition. read more

2015-2016: 18 -28 March 2016
2016-2017: March 2017
2017-2018: March 2018

LOGO Oddstream Festival

VJ Torna International | Cinetrip | Hungary

LOGO VJ Torna International
VJ Torna International Kft, is an association involved in the promotion of visual art, founded in 2010 by László L. Laki , one of few enthusiasts who helped settling up the VJ culture in Hungary. read more


Cinetrip is an audio-visual party genre, which evokes the atmosphere of the heroic days of Cinema through the aid of modern technology. Cinetrip parties always take place in unique locations and are a combination of spa culture, great visuals and contemporary music. read more

2015-2016: 4 – 5 December 2015
2016-2017: December 2016
2017-2018: December 2017

LOGO Cinetrip

Kultural Kolektiv Foundation | Patch Lab Festival | Poland

LOGO Kultural Kolektiv
Primary goals of Kultural Kolektiv are the development, promotion and support of fresh and innovative cultural activities in fields of electronic music, contemporary art, film, theatre. read more


Patch Lab Digital Art Festival is an international event dedicated to contemporary (post)digital art forms where science and art meets to focus on new trends and opportunities in digital art created with new means of communication where ‘digitalism’ often co-inherence with ‘analogism’. The program foresees interactive and audiovisual works, installations, lectures, conference and panel, medialabs & workshops, AV Night with AV performances & DJ/VJ sets. read more

2015-2016: 6 -11 October 2015
2016-2017: October 2016
2017-2018: October 2017

LOGO Patch Lab Digital Art Festival

Transfera Media Arts sl | Madatac | Spain

LOGO Transfera Media Arts
Transfera Media Arts S.L. is an audio-visual and new media art organization whose main activities, on one side, concentrates on the production, edition, exhibition and support of audio-visual emergent and established tendencies that evolve parallel to the technological advances in all levels, as well the investigation and promotion of innovative digital projects applied to the arts, science and the mass media, trying to search a confluence between academic and experimental processes in order to create essentially projects based on the recognition of the innovating contribution. read more


Madatac is an independent, non-profit, international platform with an on-going commitment to education and free access. Innovation, risk-taking, experimentation lead this laboratory where artists present their creations to audiences, curators,academic community as well to other artists.The main purpose of Madatac is to build global bridges between artists, audiences and organizations dedicated to the most groundbreaking artistic production. read more

2015-2016: 21 January 2016
2016-2017: January 2017
2017-2018: January 2018

LOGO Madatac

Verein für visuelle Kunst und Jetztkultur e.V. | B-Seite Festival | Germany

LOGO Verein für visuelle Kunst und Jetztkultur e.V
Verein für visuelle Kunst und Jetztkultur e.V is an association that wants to represent and establish new media and audio-visual art, offers a meeting place for worldwide artist scene to share knowledge and build networks and friendships and to create a cultural impact with Mannheim as a main spot in Germany and B-Seite as a venue address for quality based experiences for any kind of audience. read more


Compared to the true gem discovered on the “B-Side” of a vinyl record, B-Seite is a non-commercial festival which deals with all varieties of modern visual arts, explores media intersections and opens up new perspectives, a different way to look at new trends and developments. Video art, computer art, interactive projection and light design are the cornerstones of this event, discussions, lectures and workshops will complete the offering. read more

2015-2016: 12 – 20 March 2016
2016-2017: March 2017
2017-2018: March 2018

LOGO B-Seite

Lunchmeat o.s. | Lunchmeat Festival | Czech Republic

LOGO Lunchmeat
Lunchmeat is an audiovisual creative studio as well as an organizer of various public audiovisual events. A core of our work lies in symbiosis of visuals and music. Lunchmeat is based in Prague and is cooperating with talented artists, producers and collectives both in Czech Republic and abroad. read more


Lunchmeat Festival is the inheritance of Lunchmeat A/V Sessions, held in Prague until 2010. The festival’s ambiton is to interlink two separate art fields – modern music and visual art – by force of unique A/V sets. Lunchmeat is now an integral part of the Czech club scene and is one of the most important examples of an innovative interconnection between electronic music and visuals. read more

2015-2016: 23 October 2015
2016-2017: October 2016
2017-2018: October 2017

LOGO Lunchmeat

Multitrab Productions | Athens Digital Arts Festival  | Greece

LOGO Multitrab Productions
Multitrab Productions is an urban non commercial company, based in Athens, that aims to the promotion of the art work of both Greek and foreign artists, as well as the organization of promotional activities involving digital arts. With main arbors the spirit, the energy and the actions of young artists, it contributes to the connection between digital culture and young contemporary artistic events. At the same time, it provides the artists with additional motivation for creativity, as well as the chance to express using all of the audiovisual media in presenting their art work. read more


Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) is an International Festival aims to encourage and promote all aspects of digital creativity by hosting local as well as international artists and communities. The Festival gradually evolved and included more art forms such as web art, interactive installations, animation, digital image, applications and workshops, exploring creative aspects of technology and digital culture. read more

2015-2016: May 2016
2016-2017: May 2017
2017-2018: May 2018

LOGO Athens Digital Arts Festival

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality | Bursa AV residency | Turkey

LOGO Bursa Metropolitan Municipality
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is public body in one of the biggest city in Turkey. Transportation projects, environment and infrastructure projets, cultural haritage projects, social projects, sport projects and culture-art projects are key activities of the municipality. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is committed to the promotion of art and artists. read more


The attitude for new artistic disciplines and the for the technology, as well as dialogue between the Municipality and the other funding members of the project gave rise to what will be the first Bursa AV Residency artist residency focused on live video entirely promoted by a public entity in the city of Bursa. The partners will support the construction of the program and the promotion of local artists, giving a new nourishment to the Turkish contemporary scene which is growing very fast in the latest years. read more

2015-2016: TBA
2016-2017: TBD
2017-2018: TBD



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Rome, Live Cinema Festival | Italy
Amsterdam, Live Performers Meeting | Netherlands
Budapest, Cinetrip | Hungary
Athens, Athens Digital Art Festival | Greece
Nijmegen, Oddstream Festival | Netherlands
London, Video Hack Festival | United Kingdom
Prague, Lunchmeat Festival | Czech Republic
Wien, Playground AV | Austria
Krakow, Patchlab Festival | Poland
Madrid, Madatac | Spain
Mannheim, B-Seite Festival | Germany
Bruxelles, AV Audience Development Conference | Belgium
Bursa, AV Residency | Turkey
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