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Denmark #Amplify hub recommendation:

🇩🇰‘The EU is us: Give EU back to the citizen’

France #Amplify hub recommendation:

🇫🇷‘The ecological emergency: culture as a contributor to the Green deal and the adaptation of the sector to the ecological imperative. Reconciling interactions and mobilities of the human and artistic encounter, and developing the means of an effective and efficient hybridization’

Greece #Amplify hub recommendation:

🇬🇷‘Cultural Economy deserves recognition and support’

Hungary #Amplify hub recommendation:

🇭🇺‘The fragmentation of European society, both between cultural regions and within societies, has accelerated during the crises. Only common cultural projects could better integrate marginalised people, the elderly and ethnic minorities.’

Italy #Amplify hub recommendation:

🇮🇹’We argue that there is a need to promote the RIGHT TO CULTURE in the EU: not only access to culture in economic, physical and cultural terms, but also active participation and legitimacy of communities’

Netherlands #Amplify hub recommendation:

🇳🇱’One of the key issues we identified is Gentrification. We recommend a project that will start up a conversation in the neighborhood Amsterdam North in order to imagine a shared future, working with archive materials as well as newly created visuals’

Poland #Amplify hub recommendation:

🇵🇱’Cultural education minimum package’ – school must provide each child with the real experience of being a spectator of theater, exhibitions, etc.’

Portugal #Amplify hub recommendation:

🇵🇹‘Decentralize and diversify cultural production and offers’

Romania #Amplify hub recommendation:

🇷🇴 ‘The results of EU funded projects must aim their effectiveness on the medium- and long-term impact on the situation of the people in the target group’

Slovenia #Amplify hub recommendation:

🇸🇮‘Professionalisation and cultural education at local, national and regional levels and financial incentives for more international cultural cooperation’

Spain #Amplify hub recommendation:

🇪🇸‘Redesign and rethink other ways of doing things, as well as policies that comprehensively support the development of community culture ecosystems to develop transversal projects in the field (urban and rural) with invisible and vulnerable communities.’

Sweden #Amplify hub recommendation:

🇸🇪’Trickle-down cultural economics (TDCE) is simply the idea of culture for everyone and the benefits will trickle down’