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Amplify Media Library

Amplify: Make the Future of Europe Yours: Amplify Media Library

June 3, 2021, 9:12 am

‣ #AmplifyinAction 9 May Highlights


‣ Full #AmplifyinAction event



‣ Photos from #AmplifyinAction | EuropeDay22, 9 May 2022



‣ “8 Verses for Europe,” Francesca Vincentie

Francesca served as an observer of the conversations and dialogue throughout the #AmplifyinAction event and produced this art piece, a song that was inspired by what many of the Amplify hubs discussed at the event: equal rights, freedom, the importance of supporting artists and cultural workers.


Amplify Hubs


‣ Amplify Portugal Hub | May 9


‣ Amplify Poland Hub | Painting to Amplify


‣ Amplify Romania Hub | Describe a Better Europe


‣ Amplify Netherlands Hub | “We imagine a Europe”


‣ Amplify Italy Hub | “Verso Dove” – Iginio De Luca

The Amplify Italy Hub (led by ECCOM) engaged inhabitants of a peripheral neighbourhood of Rome, Tor Bella Monaca, in conversations about Europe. Over the course of nine times, de Luca led participants, on foot, up one of the 15 towers that visually characterize and dominate the Tor Bella Monaca neighbourhood. The voices gathered expressed the progressive fatigue, hardships, hopes and disappointments, local politics, Europe and private lives. This artistic intervention resulted in de Luca’s audio-visual piece, “Verso Dove” or “Where to.”



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