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What is Amplify?

Amplify is a project working across 12 European countries that brings underrepresented voices in the cultural sector to the Conference on the Future of Europe.  During the project, project members work together to write a set of recommendations to EU decision-makers, focusing on ideas, hopes, and demands for the vision of the Future of Europe. Then, after the Conference ends, there will be an opportunity to respond to and publicly advocate for these ideas.

What is the Conference on the Future of Europe?

The Conference on the Future of Europe is the first initiative coordinated by the European Institutions to offer an open, inclusive, and democratic forum for pan-European, citizen-led series of debates about crucial issues that shape Europe’s future. Such issues include Europe’s economic and social system, culture, education, climate protection, and the EU core values. The conference will also explore the lessons that Europe can learn from the pandemic. The goal is to receive proposals from people across Europe in order to collectively imagine our shared future.

How are voices being heard?

Through local working sessions, participants will collaborate in a group to write a set of recommendations. These will be submitted on the Conference of Future of Europe platform for the public to see and interact with. Culture Action Europe put forward a recommendation in combination with those of all 12 countries directly to EU decision-makers.

How can cultural communities get involved in Amplify?

Amplify’s main goal is to gather ideas, proposals, recommendations, and concerns about the vision of culture in the future of Europe. There are four main parts of the project that rely on collaboration and energy at the community level.

  1. Connect 
    • Identify organisations, projects, and/or individuals in the cultural sector who are working to create access and inclusion within underrepresented and/or marginalised communities across Europe
  2. Plan
    • Meet in groups to collaboratively write recommendations to be submitted on the Conference on the Future of Europe platform
  3. Mobilise
    • Start sharing and customising the campaign locally for the Future of Europe and get people interested in sharing their ideas for the Conference
  4. Amplify
    • In Spring 2022, meet for a live Hackathon event that reacts to the conclusions of the Conference and advocate for key focuses for the future of Europe

For more information, see the Amplify leaflet here.

Re-watch the press and public launch of the #Amplify campaign that took place on 7 September 2021 below. Choose your preferred language for subtitles.


#The Future is Yours

The project, coordinated by Culture Action Europe, is executed on the local level through CAE members (Hubs) in their respective countries:





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