Uphold culture in the EU budget

May 29, 2020, 2:21 pm

A call for a central place for culture in the EU long-term recovery budget

Despite its historic relevance, the revised Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF)  proposal presented by the European Commission on 27 May is unambitious for culture. Member States now have the opportunity to show that a forward-looking strategy for the Europe of tomorrow does not leave culture and its ecosystem behind. 

Creative Europe

While we recognise the unprecedented effort to put together the biggest EU budget of all times, we note that the new MFF reduces funding for Creative Europe, the only EU programme dedicated to culture. Culture is the driving force holding the Union together: a European recovery strategy based on solidarity and fairness cannot treat culture as an auxiliary tool but needs to make it pivotal in all its actions.

Creative Europe’s unique purpose is to stimulate and support European cultural cooperation, as it raises professional standards within participating organisations, while creating innovative models of cooperation. This is particularly urgent at a time when the international dimension of culture is under particular threat, as most of the internationalisation budgets are cut or suspended, localisation tendencies are growing, and cross-border mobility is at risk. 

In 2018, the Commission recognised that Creative Europe is underfinanced, despite its great potential: “The success rate declined from one programming period to another, reflecting that the schemes are insufficiently funded compared to the potential interest they generate; a large number of good applications are rejected.” Taking into account the initiatives that Creative Europe is supposed to cover, its budget is not capable of providing the support required for this already oversubscribed and underfunded programme. Doubling Creative Europe’s budget, as we have been asking for years together with the European Parliament, is more urgent than ever. 

However, the Commission has made some step backwards by decreasing the overall figure from 1,64 billion euros in its previous proposal from May 2018 to 1,52 billion euros in its new Communication. As the new ambitious financial envelope to finance Europe’s recovery accounts for 1,85 trillion euros, Creative Europe represents only 0,08% of the whole package. This is a rather unambitious and short-sighted move for a strategy that expressly targets the next generation and the strengthening of more resilient and sustainable societies. Furthermore, it ignores the catastrophic impact that the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns have had on cultural and creative sectors. 

We share the reaction of the European Parliament CULT Committee rapporteurs: the new MFF proposal for Creative Europe is indeed “deeply disappointing”. The budget should show the necessary centrality for culture that can make a real difference to the sector, and to Europe 

Next Generation EU

A few weeks ago, a statement on the new MFF by Culture Action Europe made it clear that “a recovery budget for Europe needs support for culture”, calling for 7% of the Recovery Fund to be earmarked for culture. Hence, we were encouraged to see that the new instrument presented by the Commission had been labelled “Next Generation EU”, a forward-looking way to focus on the future we want to build for the Europe of tomorrow. 

Culture and creative operators are resourceful, resilient and inventive even in hard times. With increased funding, however, they would be able to achieve exponentially more. Furthermore, the cultural and creative sectors employ 8,4 million workers in the EU, nearly half of which are young people.

Despite this, Next Generation EU does not channel any additional money specifically to Creative Europe, disregarding the crucial role that culture has to play in building more resilient, sustainable, inclusive and fairer societies – all core objectives of the new recovery package. 

The additional top-up cohesion funds foreseen, for example, under the REACT-EU initiative to support workers in regions and sectors most affected by the pandemic – among which also culture is mentioned -, must reach cultural operators. They often live in precarious conditions and are intermittent freelancers lacking protection under national social security systems. 

To rebuild a sustainable post-pandemic Europe, supporting and investing in culture is not an option but a necessity. 

Our calls:

Ahead of the European Council meeting on 17-18 July, we call on the Member States to:

  1. Double the budget of Creative Europe, as the core programme for reinforcing European cultural cooperation. (#Double4Culture).
  2. Make sure that the additional funds stemming from the Next Generation EU initiative, such as REACT-EU, reach cultural operators.

There will be no real recovery for Europe if culture is left behind.

Endorse the statement here:

Uphold culture in the EU budget

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2,712 Ms EHTTA Association Belgium European Historic Thermal Towns Association
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2,709 Ms Marieke Van Hal Netherlands Manifesra
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2,699 Mr Jens Besse Netherlands URLAND
2,698 Miss Nela Bártová Czech Republic Bajkazyl Brno
2,697 Ms Barbara Pouwels Netherlands
2,696 Ms Isabella Devinast Germany Devinast Artist/ Volt Europe Culture
2,695 Ms Anna Rottier Netherlands Master your Expression
2,694 Ms Marie-France van Oorsouw Netherlands
2,693 Ms Julia van de Graaff Netherlands LYNX Theatre & film
2,692 Ms Martin Učík Czech Republic Bohnická Divadelní Společnost ®
2,691 Mr Günther Kinstler Germany Bundesverband Jugend und Film e.V.
2,690 Mr Rüdiger Hillmer Germany
2,689 Mr Arthur Sauer Netherlands SauerMuziek
2,688 Ms Justine Blau Luxembourg
2,687 Ms Lotte Klein Netherlands
2,686 Ms Marije Nie Netherlands Parliament of Practices
2,685 Ms Marjolein Niels Netherlands HKA
2,684 Mr Patrick Cramers Netherlands Circuspunt
2,683 Mr Hans Brouwer Netherlands Another Kind of Blue
2,682 Mr Ad de Jong Netherlands w139
2,681 Mrs Benien van Berkel Netherlands Benien Performing Arts Management
2,680 Mrs Maite Guerin Belgium
2,679 Ms Arlette Hanson Netherlands Komt het Zien! (live audio description)
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2,672 Mrs Renée Heijnen Netherlands City of Utrecht, Cultural affairs
2,671 Ms M Brenner Netherlands
2,670 Ms AMA Pijnappel Netherlands Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten
2,669 Ms Marga Kroodsma Netherlands Veem House for Performance
2,668 Ms Ilona Jonkman Netherlands Vereniging Vrije Theaterproducenten
2,667 Ms Ine van Son Netherlands
2,666 Mr Mark Pol Netherlands Almyrna BV
2,665 Mr Siart Smit Netherlands Oerol Fetival
2,664 Ms Victoria Coeln Austria Atelier Coeln
2,663 Miss Sietse Remmers Belgium Sietse Remmers
2,662 Ms Hilde de Bruijn Netherlands Cobra Museum voor Moderne Kunst
2,661 Mr George Wiegel Netherlands Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra
2,660 Mr Chris de Jong Netherlands STOA
2,659 Mr Karl Wallace Ireland Arts Council
2,658 Ms Martina Beria Italy
2,657 Mrs Francesca Bevilacqua Italy
2,656 Ms Mikal Rodríguez Martín Spain Asociación de Profesionales de la Gestión Cultural de Canarias
2,655 Mr Tim Forrester United Kingdom Staffordshire University
2,654 Mrs Rebecca Diependaele Belgium Nadar ensemble, MATRIX New Music Centre
2,653 Ms Patrizia Toia Italy European Parliament
2,652 Ms Iain Cartwright United Kingdom BRITISH CERAMICS BIENNIAL
2,651 Ms Antonia Silvaggi Italy Melting Pro
2,650 Ms Grazia Pallagrosi Italy
2,649 Ms Petra van Cronenburg France artiste
2,648 Ms Pina Picierno Italy European Parliament
2,647 Ms Biljana Djordjević Serbia National Museum in Belgrade
2,646 Mrs Biljana Crvenkovic Serbia Museum of Applied Art
2,645 Ms Birgitta Schmidt Germany Bröhan-Museum
2,644 Ms Priska Falin Finland Aalto University
2,643 Mrs Andrea Bártová Czech Republic Creative Prague
2,642 Ms Radka Rajnochová Czech Republic
2,641 Dr. Helena Koenigsmarková Czech Republic Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague
2,640 Ms Kat Evans United Kingdom Kat Evans Ceramics
2,639 Mr Owen quinlan Ireland Limerick School of Art & Design, LIT
2,638 Mr Michael Moore Ireland
2,637 Ms Ruth Bielmann-Gerber Switzerland Domicil
2,636 Ms Iliana Veinberga Latvia Riga Porcelain Museum
2,635 Dr. Christopher McHugh United Kingdom Ulster University
2,634 Ms Jana Göbel Germany Porzellankon - Staatliches Museum für Porzellan in Hohenberg a. d. Eger / Selb
2,633 Ms Florence WHAAP France
2,632 Ms Yvonne Stausbøll Belgium Freemuse
2,631 Mr Pablo Garcia Belgium The New Baroque Times
2,630 Mr Petar Krivoshiev Bolivia
2,629 Mr Horst Tellioglu Austria
2,628 Mr Vasily Belyavin Russian Federation
2,627 Mr Marko Kravos Luxembourg
2,626 Mrs Caterina Giangrasso Italy
2,625 Ms Laury Grard France Bibliothèque interuniversitaire de Montpellier
2,624 Mr Enrico Bellei Italy Grandezze & Meraviglie
2,623 Mrs Thelma Fox McFadden Ireland Cultural travelling entertainment
2,622 Mr Antonio Addari Italy Arterìa srl, CEO
2,621 Miss Hilde Wintein Belgium ou-vert
2,620 Mr mohamed sahardid Netherlands european may
2,619 Ms Clémence Garnier Belgium ENCC
2,618 Mr Pascal Lervant Belgium
2,617 Ms Sara Vanderieck Belgium les enfants du garage
2,616 Mr Antonio Kiselić Ledinsky Croatia Artist
2,615 Ms Paula Moore United Kingdom Talkin' Culture
2,614 Mr Jean-Claude CROMBEZ Belgium Private
2,613 Mrs Louisa Heine Belgium VtbKultuur
2,612 Ms Margreet Bongers ?? De Rietzanger
2,611 Mr Peter Missotten Belgium
2,610 Ms Hilda Cosgrove Ireland TUI
2,609 Dr. B. Nieuwenhuis Belgium
2,608 Ms Joke Stroobants Sweden
2,607 Ms Elisa Soster Italy
2,606 Ms Berina Kokona Albania Universiteti Arteve Tirane
2,605 Ms Lieve D'hondt Belgium
2,604 Ms Lidewei De Sterck Belgium
2,603 Mr Bruno Greff France
2,602 Miss Ana Alvarez Calleja Spain
2,601 Ms Patty Herbosch Belgium
2,600 Ms Giulia Morroni Italy
2,599 Mr Peter Gowen Ireland Fight2Flight Theatre
2,598 Ms Inneke Van de Velde Belgium
2,597 Mr Olivier Fredj France
2,596 Ms Frank De Moor Belgium
2,595 Ms Elke Janssens Belgium
2,594 Ms Sevda Shishmanova Bulgaria
2,593 Ms Pascale Lauwereys Belgium
2,592 Ms veerle vervoort Belgium ursa maior
2,591 Mr Jan Stroobants Belgium
2,590 Ms Liselotte Sels Belgium Royal Conservatoire Antwerp
2,589 Ms Manon Brunin Belgium
2,588 Mr Gert Terny Belgium
2,587 Ms Muriel Geryl-Simon Belgium
2,586 Ms Ingrid Leys Belgium
2,585 Mr Joris Stroobants Belgium
2,584 Mr Filip Jordens Belgium
2,583 Miss Giulia D’Alessandro Italy
2,582 Mr Peter de Caluwe Belgium
2,581 Ms Rosana Calderón Martin del Campo Mexico National Institute of Anthropology and History
2,580 Dr. Michal Laznovsky Czech Republic Theatre faculty of Academy of Performing Arts
2,579 Ms Veronika Apolenova Czech Republic
2,578 Mr Sebastien Pirlet Belgium
2,577 Mr Faustas Norvaisa Lithuania
2,576 Mrs Katerina Bohadlova Czech Republic Geisslers Hofcomoedianten
2,575 Mrs Denagtergal Claude Belgium
2,574 Mr Burkhard Haasch Germany Kulturvermittler-sh.de
2,573 Mrs Lucie Bienfait France 22D
2,572 Mrs Raluca-Maria Bucur Romania
2,571 Ms Eva Lietavová Slovakia
2,570 Ms Elayce Ismail United Kingdom
2,569 Mr Zlatko Teodosievski Macedonia New Line Association
2,568 Dr. Vasiliki Sirakouli Greece
2,567 Mr Adam Ernest Czech Republic
2,566 Ms Juliane Kosarev Germany
2,565 Mr Dalibor Procházka Czech Republic
2,564 Miss Anna Kompasová Slovakia
2,563 Ms Bojan Terzic Montenegro InArt festivak
2,562 Miss Camilla Stacey United Kingdom
2,561 Ms Begum Calimli Turkey
2,560 Ms Saskia Mourik Netherlands Zash
2,559 Mrs Radost Nikolaeva Bulgaria KRUG Art Movement
2,558 Mrs Spyridoula Pyrpyli Greece
2,557 Mr Mike Fitzgerald Netherlands
2,556 Mr Thélo Maufroy France Latitudes Contemporaines
2,555 Ms Sofía Faget-Auersperg Austria IMZ International Music + Media Centre
2,554 Ms Dolores Tosoni Italy
2,553 Mrs Roslyn Anderson Netherlands
2,551 Ms Merit Ariane Stephanos United Kingdom Miss
2,550 Mx. Ondrej Koščík Slovakia Koscik.photos
2,549 Ms Mela Peñalver Gómez Spain Sala La Imperdible
2,548 Ms Nora Mebarek France
2,547 Ms EMMA YANDLE United Kingdom
2,546 Mrs Daniela Choderova Czech Republic
2,544 Mr Eric BATTIER France
2,543 Miss Claire Goichot France
2,542 Mr Jean-Marc Bruneau France
2,541 Mrs Laura Boury France SUDS, à ARLES
2,540 Ms Marloes Wardenier Netherlands
2,539 Ms Isabel Pérez Gálvez Spain
2,538 Miss Viktória Hollá Slovakia
2,537 Mr Toth Roland Slovakia
2,536 Miss Eleni Papaioannou Greece A(r)CT
2,535 Ms Ivan Cabrera Netherlands
2,534 Mr Michal Vajdička Slovakia VŠMU
2,533 Mr Kyle Janssen Netherlands Vault
2,532 Mr Kyle Janssen Netherlands Kyle Janssen Music
2,531 Mrs Katarina Kissoczy Slovakia Atelier.EM
2,530 Dr. Emil Viskupic Slovakia 1900, s.r.o.
2,529 Ms Lia Ambros Austria
2,528 Mrs Helena Mlejova Slovakia Bratislava City Library
2,527 Mr Iban Garcia del Blanco Spain European Parliament
2,526 Dr. Barbara Sigmundová Slovakia DoSlov
2,525 Ms Zuzana Mrvová Slovakia
2,524 Mrs Cristina Braschi Belgium ARBA ESA
2,523 Mrs Belén Castano Spain
2,522 Mr Gerbert Priester Netherlands
2,521 Mr Lubomir Belak Slovakia TATRA ABB spol. s r.o.
2,520 Mr Eyal van der Reep Netherlands Eyal
2,519 Mrs Ilse Solleveld Estonia Solleveld & Toim
2,518 Mr Ronald Buts Netherlands TicketSwap
2,517 Ms Sylvie Guillaume France European Parliament
2,516 Dr. Giorgio Bacchiega Italy Consulta Periferie Milano
2,515 Ms Catherine Buckland Netherlands Ki Culture
2,514 Mrs Katarina Figula Slovakia Bratislava in Movement Association
2,513 Ms Dáša Zvončeková Slovakia
2,512 Ms Elise Vanderhofstadt Belgium International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation
2,511 Mr Vladimir Sestovic France European Civic Forum
2,510 Ms Soňa Šimková Slovakia
2,508 Dr. Rachel Holstead Ireland Ealaín (na Gaeltachta) Teo.
2,507 Ms Giulia Ascoli United Kingdom Sadler's Wells
2,506 Mr Adam Langer Czech Republic Sladovna Písek, o.p.s.
2,505 Mrs Marianne Poncelet Belgium International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation
2,504 Mr Andre Quelhas Portugal
2,503 Ms Françoise Dupal Belgium
2,502 Mr Ján Valík Slovakia
2,501 Miss Solenn Manescau France ATAA
2,500 Ms Zuzana Šplhová Slovakia
2,499 Dr. Emília Perez Slovakia
2,498 Mrs Katarína Perná Slovakia Freelancer
2,497 Ms Olga Ruppeldtová Slovakia
2,496 Ms Minna Liski Finland
2,495 Mr Shane McDaid United Kingdom
2,494 Mrs Laurent Mireille France
2,493 Mr Borja Franco Spain SONwall
2,492 Mr Thomas Siddons Germany Glocalise Ltd
2,491 Mr Oriol Freixa Matalonga Spain
2,490 Mr Gonzalo Puente Spain
2,489 Ms Anna Ramos Spain MACBA
2,488 Ms Sara Davidsen Denmark
2,487 Dr. Dušica Dragin Serbia Academy of Arts Novi Sad
2,486 Ms Sara Sottini Italy CoopCulture
2,485 Mr Jose Ortigueira Bua Spain
2,484 Ms Amy Gowen Netherlands Onomatopee Projects
2,483 Ms sophie Waldteufel France CSDEM
2,482 Ms Mariona Miret Spain My own
2,481 Mr Nicola Ventrella Italy
2,480 Mr Lutz Mauk Germany DanceArt Performance Network
2,479 Ms Claire Granier Blaschke Austria
2,478 Dr. Georgina Jackson Ireland The Douglas Hyde Gallery Dublin
2,477 Ms Mirari Korta Spain
2,476 Ms Julia Iglesias Mengod Spain Sermus
2,475 Mrs Ulrike Tontsch Germany
2,474 Mrs Lenka Kolihová Czech Republic Divadlo X10 z.s.
2,473 Ms Constanze Schmidt Germany Privatanschrift
2,472 Mr Frederik Schnoor Denmark
2,471 Ms Sophie Guénebaut France le LABA
2,470 Mr Jesús Piles Spain
2,469 Ms Lis Blanco Spain AEDEM
2,468 Mr Fernando Martínez Romero Spain
2,467 Mr Alban Genty Germany Allianz Kulturstiftung
2,466 Mr Jože Kos Grabar Slovenia Združenje Ljubor
2,465 Mr Ovidiu Dajbog-Miron Romania
2,464 Dr. Demetrios Michaelides Cyprus
2,463 Mr Luca Lamonaca Portugal ISCTE-IUL Lisbona
2,462 Ms Kaisa Adair Finland Turku University of Applied Sciences
2,461 Mr Louis Saey Belgium Thomas More, part of the University of Leuven
2,460 Ms Katarina Lindholm Finland Dance Info Finland
2,459 Mr Raphaël Canta Belgium Article 27
2,458 Dr. Aristita Albacan Romania Independent researcher/artist in theatre and performance
2,457 Ms Montiel Bailén Francisco Spain
2,456 Ms Rhian Hutchings United Kingdom RESEO
2,455 Mrs Maria Lazkano Spain MARIA LAZKANO
2,454 Miss Flor Hernández Portugal
2,453 Mr Vicente Martínez Spain Songsforever
2,452 Ms Vilma Skiepenaitiene Lithuania
2,451 Ms Gelas Laureline France
2,450 Ms Marieke Istha Netherlands
2,449 Ms Julia Wetzel-Kagelmann Germany
2,448 Miss Maria Guida Italy Eccom
2,447 Mr Santiago Ortega United Kingdom
2,446 Mr Andreas Kühne Netherlands Andreas Kühne
2,445 Ms Anete Goldmane Latvia
2,444 Miss Nerea Ruiz de Azua Larrañaga Spain
2,443 Mr Steve Blount Ireland Freelance
2,442 Ms Eliška Honkova Czech Republic Moravian philharmonic orchestra
2,441 Mr Rossen Mihailov Bulgaria Heteropodi dance Co.
2,440 Ms Giulia Fiaccarini Italy Melting Pro
2,439 Mrs Stéphanie Lenoir France
2,438 Ms Amaia Isazelaia Spain
2,437 Mr Iñaki Bengoa Spain Shot grabaciones
2,436 Ms Simona Costa Belgium Tour4eu
2,435 Mrs Marisa Merlin Italy
2,434 Mr Jan Bontje Netherlands
2,433 Mrs Giuliana Ciancio Italy University of Antwerp I Be SpectACTive I Liv.in.g srl
2,432 Miss Carlotta Garlanda Italy Liv.in.g srl social enterprise
2,431 Ms Cristina Alonso Spain
2,430 Mr Degli Esposti Goffredo Italy
2,429 Dr. Jurn Buisman Netherlands Museum Geelvinck
2,428 Ms Helga Dostal Austria Internationales Theaterinstitut der UNESCO - Centrum Österreich
2,427 Ms Fernando Pascual El Salvador Kric krac
2,426 Mr Francesco Cochetti Italy Società Cooperativa Culture
2,425 Ms DINI Luca Italy Fondazione Fabbrica Europa
2,424 Mrs Paola Autore Italy Società Cooperativa Culture
2,423 Mrs Giovanna Barni Italy Società Cooperativa Culture
2,422 Ms Jara Díaz Spain
2,421 Mr Inigo Escauriaza Spain Freelance
2,420 Ms Vittoria Colotti Italy
2,419 Ms Isabella Valoriani Italy
2,418 Mrs Liliana Grasso Italy Acume
2,417 Mrs Marina Bistolfi Italy Centro di Creazione e Cultura
2,416 Mr Ugo Bacchella Italy Fondazione Fitzcarraldo
2,414 Mr Giambattista Tofoni France EJN Europe Jazz Network
2,413 Dr. Federica Pesce Italy Melting Pro
2,412 Ms Ludovica De Angelis Italy Melting Pro
2,411 Ms Vittoria Lombardi Italy cultureandprojects
2,410 Mr Iñigo Herreros castañares Spain R sound
2,409 Miss kristina bangert Austria
2,408 Mr Fabián Daniel Sánchez García Spain ASOCIACIÓN NACIONAL PRESENCIA GITANA
2,407 Mr Andreas Schubert Poland PSWM Polish Music Publishers Association
2,406 Mr Anwar Al Atrash Germany KulturMarktHalle
2,405 Mr Thomas Zoll Germany Firmament Musik GmbH
2,404 Mr John Muldowney Ireland Foroige
2,403 Mr Renaud BAJEUX France
2,402 Ms eleanor methven Ireland
2,401 Ms Carla S Izquierdo Spain L'Apothéose (early music ensemble)
2,400 Ms Jarmila Outratová Czech Republic Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival
2,399 Mrs Andriana Mardaki Greece Cosmos of Culture
2,398 Mr Anders Söderling Sweden
2,397 Ms Romana Drdova Czech Republic
2,396 Ms Patricia Isabel Varas Turrientes Spain ALONDRA MUSIC
2,395 Mr Rudi Schedler Austria Rudi Schedler Musikverlag GmbH
2,394 Ms Paula Bárcia Portugal Teatro Artistas Unidos
2,393 Mr Anders Mören Sweden Misty Music AB
2,392 Mr Lukáš Černý Czech Republic #dikyzemuzem
2,391 Ms Jesus Placencia Spain
2,390 Mr Jens-Markus Wegener Germany Edition Intro Meisel GmbH
2,389 Ms Noella Jansen Netherlands Strengholt Music Publishing BV
2,388 Ms Sarka Pavelkova Czech Republic Czech Association of Independent Theatre
2,386 Mr Valerio Rocco Lozano Spain Círculo de Bellas Artes
2,385 Ms Marion Brun France Les Suds, à Arles
2,384 Mr Brendan O'Sullivan Ireland
2,383 Mr David Heras Verde Spain David Heras
2,382 Mr Ángel Astorqui Spain Plataforma de Empresas Culturales de Cantabria (PECCA)
2,381 Mrs Cora Romein Netherlands Nanada Music B.V.
2,380 Ms Sytske Sotemann Netherlands
2,379 Mrs Sophie Lanoote France GALATEA
2,378 Ms Lo Te Netherlands Lotte Geeraedts BV
2,377 Ms Venla Virkamäki Finland
2,376 Ms Marcella Ruscigno Germany Amatamia Theatre
2,375 Mr Stanislav Kurakin France EUR ArTeC (Université Paris-8 / Uiversité Paris-Nanterre)
2,374 Mr Ludovit Napoky Slovakia A4 - associations for contemporary culture
2,373 Mr Stein-Inge Århus Norway Bergen Kunsthall
2,372 Ms Daria Bocharnikova Belgium Centre for Fine Arts BOZAR
2,371 Ms Annette Wolfsberger Netherlands Paradiso Amsterdam
2,370 Mrs Aleša Valič Slovenia RTV SLOVENIA
2,369 Mr Thomas Jamois France Velvetica Music
2,368 Ms GUIDO CASATI Italy Associazione Musicadesso
2,367 Mr damien helly Belgium dh creative partnerships
2,366 Ms Katharina Bangert-Jordan Germany VN000436
2,365 Mr Walter Holzbaur Germany Wintrup Musikverlag
2,364 Mrs Sira Hernandez Spain
2,363 Mrs Chiara Curia Italy
2,362 Mr Niclass Björlund Sweden Edition Björlund AB
2,361 Mr Motaz Sobhy Egypt 6 Bab Sharq Art & Culture Space
2,359 Mrs Tsvete Yaneva Bulgaria Theatre Tsvete
2,358 Mr Emmanuel Deletang France 22D
2,357 Mr Pierre Mossiat Belgium Strictly Confidential Music Publishing
2,356 Ms Barbara Stivarou Cyprus
2,355 Ms Jane Scheidl Austria
2,354 Ms Monica Carrico Portugal MovingCities.org
2,353 Mr Patrice Poyet France Indépendant
2,352 Ms Raquel Berzosa Spain Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo
2,351 Mr Burak Sayin Sweden TEH
2,350 Ms Giulio Stumpo Italy Liv.in.g.
2,349 Mr Manfred Reuter Germany KulturMarktHalle e. V.
2,348 Ms Ana Feliciano Portugal
2,347 Ms Angeliki Tsotinou Greece
2,346 Ms Ana Teresa Castelo Portugal
2,345 Ms Tanja Bunjevac Croatia
2,344 Mr Nicolas MARIE-MAUREL French Polynesia A.ssociation M.ouvement A.rtrope
2,343 Mrs Carla Boyle Ireland Musician rte nso ireland
2,342 Mr Oleg Chorny Ukraine
2,341 Ms Sonja Kirschning Germany KulturMarktHalle e.V.
2,340 Mr Anders Budde Christensen Denmark
2,339 Mrs Barbara Büchler Germany Frau
2,338 Ms Beatriz Escudero Spain
2,337 Mr Aadel Essaadani Morocco Racines
2,336 Mr Pablo Cuello Spain Cia Subcielo
2,334 Mr Matej Trnovec Slovakia Theatre Populus
2,333 Ms Luís Pisco Portugal OS PISCOS
2,332 Ms ger hatton Belgium IMPF
2,331 Mr Michal Paulovsky Slovakia Dram art studio
2,330 Ms Renata Sancho Portugal
2,329 Mr Slavo Krekovic Slovakia Atrakt Art
2,328 Mr David Vyhnánek Czech Republic Divadlo Lab
2,327 Mr Józef Niznik Poland
2,326 Ms Helena López Camacho Spain MUSAC
2,325 Ms Monika Michnová Slovakia Slovak Chamber Theatre Martin
2,324 Mr Panos Vourgiotis Greece
2,323 Miss Elisavet Stamou Greece
2,322 Mrs Beatriz Velasco Marcos Spain
2,321 Mrs ANNE BECKER France IRCAM
2,320 Mr Konrad Rigo Slovakia MOST-HÍD
2,319 Ms James P Kinsella Austria Visual Artist
2,318 Mr Kimmo Mattila Finland Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes
2,317 Dr. Inês Amado United Kingdom
2,316 Ms agnes henry France extrapole
2,315 Ms Darina Kárová Slovakia Association Divadelná Nitra
2,314 Ms stefanie mandel Germany
2,313 Miss Klara Ruskova Czech Republic
2,312 Dr. Maria Letizia Compatangelo Italy
2,311 Miss Magdaléna Medlenová Slovakia
2,310 Mr Joseba Lazkano Spain ACT Festival
2,309 Mr Paul Zijp Netherlands
2,308 Ms Vânia Rodrigues Portugal 224519956
2,306 Mr Andrzej Rejman Poland
2,305 Miss Nela Rusková Czech Republic
2,304 Ms Fran Quiroga Spain Gabinete de Imaxinación
2,303 Ms Catriona Ryan Ireland RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra
2,302 Mrs Gerarda Ventura Italy Anghiari Dance Hub
2,301 Ms pierrot hans Switzerland
2,300 Ms Christian García Marco Spain Coral Allegro ONCE Valencia
2,299 Ms Lucía Jaén Serrano Spain
2,298 Mr viktor georgiev Bulgaria
2,297 Mr Bernardo Torrens Spain
2,295 Ms Alexandra Pavel Germany
2,294 Ms Ana Maria Roca Spain
2,293 Mr Lorenzo Bedini Italy Antenna Music Factory
2,292 Mrs Céline Duigou France
2,291 Mr herwig bangert Austria private
2,290 Mr Fritz de Jong Netherlands
2,288 Dr. Hans-Georg Knopp Germany
2,287 Mr Krasniewski Stéphane France SUDS, à ARLES
2,286 Mrs Monika Bangert Austria
2,285 Mx. Rob Berends Netherlands Paperclip Agency
2,284 Ms Miguel Ángel Calderón Spain
2,283 Mr Chris Greenwood United Kingdom Red Line Art Works
2,282 Ms Maria Creech United Kingdom 1993
2,281 Mrs Erna Hennicot Schoepges Luxembourg
2,280 Ms cristina caprioli Sweden ccap
2,279 Ms Veronica Ragusa Italy Teatro Nucleo
2,278 Ms Carla Fernandes Portugal Universidade NOVA De Lisboa - FCSH
2,277 Mr Olivier COLLET Spain Asso Cultural Homesession Arts Visuals
2,276 Mr Jesús Taboada Ferrer Spain
2,275 Ms Clelia Farrugia Canada
2,274 Mr Pablo Fernández Spain Universidad Complutense de Madrid
2,273 Ms Máirín Nic Dhonnchadha Ireland An tOireachtas
2,272 Ms Titia Ex Netherlands Light Art Projects
2,271 Ms Marta Perez Ibanez Spain Instituto de Arte Contemporáneo IAC
2,270 Ms Milena Botica Slovenia
2,269 Mr João Paulo Janicas Portugal Bonifrates - Cooperativa de Produções Teatrais e Realizações Culturais
2,268 Ms Barbara Marshall United Kingdom
2,267 Mr José Figueiredo Portugal NACO
2,266 Mr João Dias Portugal
2,265 Mr Kristof Jonckheere Belgium kunstencentrum BUDA
2,264 Mrs Oana Ciobotea Germany
2,263 Mrs Sabine de Ville Belgium Culture &Democratie
2,262 Ms Lilian Grootswagers Netherlands Future for Religious Heritage
2,261 Ms Vasiliki Tricha Greece
2,260 Ms Paulo Neto Portugal
2,259 Mr ALAN ROGERS United Kingdom b-side Multimedia Arts Festival CIC
2,258 Mr Joao Felino Portugal Jack presents
2,256 Ms Oliver Will Germany
2,255 Mr Bernard Faivre d'Arcier France
2,254 Mr Jan Rous Czech Republic Artycok.TV
2,253 Mr Nelson Armitano Spain
2,252 Ms Michaela Kramesch Austria Freier Rundfunk Oberösterreich
2,251 Ms Pavla Lukešová Czech Republic City of Brno
2,250 Ms Anouk Froidevaux Germany Freelancer
2,249 Ms Marie Korpasová Czech Republic
2,248 Ms Christina Panholzer Austria
2,247 Ms Beatrice Daniels Greece
2,246 Ms C Lys United Kingdom Circus Twist
2,245 Ms Maria Osterwa-Czekaj Poland PHU Anna Piasecka
2,244 Mrs claudine dussollier France transverscité marseille
2,243 Mr pep gatell Spain fundacion epica la fura dels baus
2,242 Ms Aikaterini Katsarou Greece
2,240 Mr Francesc Orella Spain
2,239 Mr Frans van der Leeuw Netherlands Classical Now Foundation
2,238 Ms Madeleine Seaman Austria
2,237 Mr Bruno LATHULIERE France TRAJECTOIRE - Bureau de production
2,236 Ms Carole Bemant United Kingdom Euclid International
2,235 Mr Martin Nies Germany SOMM - Society Of Music Merchants e.V.
2,234 Ms Alexandra Anghel Romania Cluj Cultural Center
2,233 Ms Irina Ivancheva-Debs Bulgaria
2,232 Ms Anne-Careen Engel Germany sharing arts e.V.
2,231 Miss Maria Antonietta Nuzzo Italy freelance project manager
2,229 Mr Jiří Kučera Czech Republic
2,227 Mr Oscar Del Barba Italy
2,226 Mr Jean Marc Broqua France La Grainerie
2,225 Ms Ester Prat Spain
2,224 Ms Megan Nelis Ireland
2,223 Dr. László Stachó Hungary Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest
2,222 Mr Konstantinos Chatziandreou Greece
2,221 Ms Isabella Fellinger Austria IMZ International Music + Media Centre
2,220 Ms Lia Ghilardi United Kingdom Noema Culture and Place Mapping
2,219 Ms Merel Boes Netherlands Waag
2,218 Mr Trevor Zahra Malta
2,217 Ms Ana Ivanova Bulgaria
2,216 Ms Demeni Daniela Ioana Romania Freelance Conference Interpreter
2,215 Mr Goran Sergej Pristas Croatia Academy of Dramatic Arts, University of Zagreb
2,214 Ms Wolfgang Richter Austria Eboran gallery
2,213 Dr. Matoula Scaltsa Greece Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
2,212 Mr Werner Moebius Austria
2,211 Ms Yelena Kharitonova Netherlands Caravan Cultura CreAcademy
2,210 Ms Darrell Calvin Spain Performing Arts Society
2,209 Miss Irene Minguez Spain
2,208 Mr Rémy Gonthier France Suds, à Arles
2,207 Miss Petra Xynidou Greece
2,206 Mr David Trattnig Austria Radio Orange/O94
2,205 Ms Agnes Wolkowicz Germany
2,204 Mr Svetoslav Nedev Bulgaria
2,203 Mr Humberto Olivo Denmark Nordiks Global
2,202 Ms Tunde Toth Ireland
2,201 Mrs Yana Genova Bulgaria Next Page Foundation
2,200 Mr Sébastien CORNUAUD France Association des auteurs de bande dessinée
2,199 Mr Jaap Van Baasbank Netherlands Van Baasbank & Vos
2,198 Ms charlotte hellekant Sweden artyfarty production
2,197 Mr Philip Krippendorff Germany for artists GmbH & CO KG
2,196 Ms michele thole Netherlands waag
2,195 Miss CRISTINA TICOI United Kingdom
2,194 Dr. Maria Chatzichristodoulou United Kingdom
2,193 Miss N Nelson United Kingdom
2,192 Ms Marjolein van den Beld Netherlands
2,191 Ms Grainne Fox Ireland Fletcher and Company
2,190 Mrs Iva Chavdarova Bulgaria March Music Days International Festival
2,189 Mr Jean-Michel Frodon France
2,188 Mr Marco Stroppa France
2,187 Mr Alberto D'Alessandro Italy European Movement Italy
2,186 Ms Charlotte Trippolt Austria
2,185 Ms Isabelle Van de Gejuchte Belgium British Council
2,184 Ms Astrid Aspegren Denmark
2,183 Ms Jane Ward United Kingdom Central Youth Theatre
2,181 Ms Nele Riepl Germany
2,180 Ms Sybrig Dokter Sweden Lava Dansproduktion
2,179 Ms renatn oblak Austria radio orange
2,178 Ms Anna Trapenciere-Schokker Netherlands
2,177 Dr. Joanna Dziadowiec-Greganić Poland ARTS Foundation
2,176 Ms Lawrence Ugwu Poland Baltic Sea Cultural Centre
2,175 Ms JULIA SHERWOOD United Kingdom Ms
2,174 Ms Barbara Caen Belgium
2,173 Ms Nino Akhvlediani Georgia
2,172 Mr Rafael Molina Spain Audience development
2,171 Ms Ulli Weish Austria ORANGE 94.0 Das Freie Radio in Wien
2,170 Ms V Taylor United Kingdom Taylor Translations
2,169 Mr David Bridgeman Ireland
2,168 Ms Marie Gethins Ireland
2,167 Mr Xavier Leurquin Belgium
2,166 Ms Niamh Boyce Ireland
2,165 Mr roudier marc France INFERNO art magazine
2,164 Ms Christine Murray Ireland
2,163 Mr M.A.H. Nejad Iran Writer, Researcher, Movie Producer
2,162 Mr Maciej Walczak Poland private
2,161 Ms Walter HOOGLAND Netherlands Universiteit van Amsterdam
2,160 Ms Nuala Ni Chonchuir Ireland
2,159 Ms Felicity Kjisik Finland
2,158 Ms Sally Marie United Kingdom Sweetshop Revolutoin
2,157 Ms Carlo Nerini Italy
2,156 Ms Roma Survilienė Lithuania National Association of Creative and Cultural Industries/Lithuania
2,155 Ms Elisavet Papageorgiou Sweden
2,154 Miss Juliana Azevedo Portugal
2,153 Mr Alvaro Lavin Spain Meridional Producciones
2,152 Ms Kirsi Huotari Finland
2,151 Mr Hans Danelius Sweden
2,150 Ms Civera Germana France INesperada
2,149 Ms FINBAR KELLY Ireland Mr
2,148 Mr frederic meseeuw Belgium bozar
2,147 Mr Seppe Roels Belgium
2,146 Mr Nils Schweckendiek Finland Helsinki Chamber Choir
2,145 Ms Yolanda Markopoulou Greece Polyplanity Productions
2,144 Mr Oliver Klenk Germany der/gelbe/klang
2,143 Ms Dani Rae United Kingdom
2,142 Ms Katya Krausova United Kingdom Portobello Media
2,141 Mrs Bergljot Jonsdottir Norway S12 Galleri og Verksted
2,140 Mr JanWillem Van der Ham Netherlands
2,139 Mrs Anna Mechelhoff Germany Piranha Arts
2,138 Mr Ros Schwartz United Kingdom Ros Schwartz Translations Ltd
2,137 Dr. Carlos Noronha Feio Portugal artist
2,136 Ms Nora Scheidl Austria netzzeit
2,135 Ms Katerina Emmanouilidou Greece Club Serres for UNESCO
2,134 Ms Sanja Jankovic France
2,133 Mrs Lina Krėpštaitė Lithuania Public Institution Pažaisli Music Festival
2,132 Mr Edgar Massul Portugal
2,131 Ms Andrea Prenghyova Czech Republic dok.incubator
2,130 Mr Florian Ross Germany Hochschule für Musik, Köln
2,129 Mrs Renáta Buchtová Czech Republic dok.incubator
2,128 Ms rachel korman Portugal
2,127 Mr Dejan Jankovic Serbia Artepunkt
2,126 Dr. Marta Niccolai United Kingdom University college London
2,125 Mr Manuel de Oliveira Portugal Noble Feature Unipessoal LDA
2,124 Mrs Monica - Valentina Șerbănescu Romania Liceul Pedagogic „Anastasia Popescu”
2,123 Ms Maria McKinney Ireland
2,122 Ms Ramón Isidoro Spain
2,121 Ms Ana M Vernia Spain SEM-EE Society form Music Education in Spain
2,120 Mr Claudio VITTURINI Italy
2,119 Mr riccardo luppi Italy Milan Music Conservatory
2,118 Mr John O'Brien Ireland
2,117 Ms Jennifer Dautermann Germany Classical:NEXT
2,116 Dr. Rosalind Fielding United Kingdom
2,115 Miss Augustina Vasile Romania
2,114 Mr Stuart Sandford United Kingdom
2,113 Ms Marija Prelog Slovenia
2,112 Ms Haruka Kuroda United Kingdom
2,111 Mrs Julie Havelund-Willett United Kingdom
2,110 Dr. RUI FERREIRA Portugal Porto Politechnic
2,109 Mrs Cristiana Morais Portugal Freelance
2,108 Mr Philipp Hribernig Austria IMZ International Music + Media Centre
2,107 Mr William Vanderborght Belgium Member ICOM BELGIUM
2,106 Mr Miha Tursic Netherlands Waag
2,105 Miss Evgenia Vlachaki United Kingdom
2,104 Dr. Richard Letts Australia Australian Arts Trust
2,103 Ms Claudia Postel Germany
2,102 Ms David Bernadas Casteil France
2,101 Ms Daniela de Paulis Netherlands Daniela de Paulis Studio
2,100 Mr Rolf Witte Germany BKJ - German Federation for Arts Education and Cultural Learning
2,099 Mr Fred van Welie Netherlands WAV productions
2,098 Mr Ralf Čeplak Mencin Slovenia Slovene Ethnographic Museum
2,097 Ms Marcela Giesche Germany LAKE Studios Berlin
2,096 Dr. Fernando Diogo Portugal Escola Superior de Educação do Instituto Politécnico do Porto
2,095 Ms Michael Scheidl Austria netzzeit
2,094 Ms Marie-Laure Griffe France
2,093 Mr Jordi Vidal Belgium Compagnie Jordi L. Vidal
2,092 Ms Inga Remeta Slovenia Društvo Asociacija
2,091 Mr Gábor Pintér Hungary Parallel Art Foundation
2,090 Mr seamus devenny Ireland Wall2wall musisc
2,089 Mr Lucas Evers Netherlands Waag - technology & Society
2,088 Mr Ignace Rizzuto Belgium
2,087 Mr Vaidas Jauniškis Lithuania Association of Performative Art Critics
2,086 Dr. Chris Baldwin Bulgaria CCD Productions
2,085 Ms Angelique Tonnaer Netherlands
2,084 Ms Nathalie Rappaport France Festival de Saint-Denis
2,083 Ms Maria Pinho Portugal IPP-ESE
2,082 Mrs Fia Adler Sandblad Sweden ADAS teater
2,081 Mr Alberto Vazquez Spain Espacio Rojo
2,080 Mr Patrick Lyons Ireland
2,079 Mrs Romi Soares Portugal
2,078 Ms Anna Wangen Belgium
2,077 Mrs Licia Eminenti France Key Writing
2,076 Mr Jakob Proyer Netherlands
2,075 Miss Irina Duarte Portugal Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga
2,074 Mr patricio jeretic France
2,073 Mrs Martien Verdenius Netherlands
2,072 Ms Anna Ledgard United Kingdom
2,071 Ms cornelia krafft Austria
2,070 Mr Miguel Sánchez Spain Culturburo
2,069 Mr Paraic Mc Quaid Ireland
2,068 Mrs Ursula Martellotti Italy
2,067 Dr. Vendula Ježková Czech Republic Just Monkeys
2,066 Mrs Ludmila Bartoníčková Czech Republic Komorní filharmonie Pardubice
2,065 Miss Francesca Rita Rombolà Italy www.poesiaeletteratura.it
2,064 Mrs Magdaléna Kulišová Czech Republic Komorní filharmonie Pardubice
2,063 Dr. Diletta Paoletti Italy University of Perugia
2,062 Mr Jaroslav Rauser Czech Republic institut of modern hudby
2,061 Mr Paul Dujardin Belgium Centre for Fine Arts Brussels (BOZAR)
2,060 Ms Maria Bätzing Germany
2,059 Ms Magdalena Jadwiga Härtelová Germany Kottbusser Damm 68 Gallery
2,058 Ms Mari Varsányi Netherlands human-ed
2,057 Mrs Elke Kristoffersen Belgium The Centre fof Fine Arts (BOZAR)
2,056 Mrs Natalia Kitsopoulou Greece
2,055 Mr Dušan Pavlů Czech Republic AMASIA EXPO
2,054 Mr Francis Carpentier Belgium BOZAR
2,053 Mr Josep Seuba Spain Institut d'Arquitectura Avançada de Catalunya
2,052 Ms Magdalena Liskova Belgium Centre for Fine Arts, BOZAR
2,051 Ms Jennifer Siung Ireland Chester Beatty
2,050 Mr Martin Petrtýl Czech Republic Post Bellum
2,049 Ms Marlene Peterlechner Austria
2,048 Ms Ana Ferreira Portugal
2,047 Mr Olivier Delsalle France
2,046 Dr. Marje Lohuaru Estonia European Chamber Music Teachers Association
2,045 Mr Lukáš Broda Czech Republic Moravská filharmonie Olomouc
2,044 Ms Linda Lücke Germany
2,043 Mr Franck-Olivier Schmitt France Sylk
2,042 Ms Katharina Jeschke Austria IMZ INternational Music + Media Centre
2,041 Ms Snezhana Todorova Bulgaria Union of Bulgarian Journalists
2,040 Ms Gina Moxley Ireland Freelance theatre writer actor director
2,039 Ms Joanna Grotkowska Poland Polish Music Council
2,038 Mrs Tihana Fabijanić Croatia ECOVAST
2,037 Ms Therese Sullivan Ireland
2,036 Mr Jakub Adamek United Kingdom
2,035 Ms Suzana Jovaševićová Czech Republic
2,034 Mrs KATEŘINA Adámková Czech Republic
2,033 Mr Stanislaw Hrabia Poland IAML - International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres
2,032 Ms Maria Garzon Austria
2,031 Mrs Eva Bellefeuille Czech Republic
2,030 Ms Barbara Recheis Austria
2,029 Ms Natálie Colledani Czech Republic
2,028 Mr František Ponzer Czech Republic
2,027 Ms Annely Leinberg Estonia
2,026 Mr Guy Pierre Couleau France Syndicat National des Metteurs en Scène
2,025 Ms Maike Lautenschütz Germany
2,024 Mrs Marta Romani Italy
2,023 Mr Alberto Palacín Fernández Spain
2,022 Mr Wouter Turkenburg Netherlands History of Jazz in Europe
2,021 Mr Wouter TURKENBURG Netherlands IASJ: jazz performance, jazz research, jazz education
2,020 Miss Alena Kopečná Czech Republic Prague Fringe Festival
2,019 Ms Laura Štoma Latvia
2,018 Mx. João Abreu Portugal
2,017 Mrs Mariana Delgadillo Espinoza France Ensemble Alkymia
2,016 Ms Claire Monville Belgium Conseil de la Musique de la Communauté française Wallonie-Bruxelles
2,015 Mr Stéphane GROSCLAUDE France Plate-forme interrégionale
2,014 Mr Jiří Raiterman Czech Republic DOX Centre for Contemporary Art
2,013 Mr Raphaël Languillat Germany fgnm e.V.
2,012 Mr Tomas Van Respaille Belgium Centre for Fine Arts Brussels (BOZAR)
2,011 Mr Manuel Quintana Spain
2,010 Mrs Cécile Boiffin Czech Republic
2,009 Mr Miguel Bastos Portugal
2,008 Mr Matěj Sladký Czech Republic
2,007 Mr Bohumil Nekolný Czech Republic DAMU Praha
2,006 Mrs Vesela Kondakova Bulgaria Bulgarian Music Association
2,005 Ms Klara Maljuga Slovenia
2,004 Mr Rubén Castillo del Pozo Spain
2,003 Ms Oľga Smetanová Slovakia Central European Music Forum
2,002 Ms Christine Halsall United Kingdom Creative Scotland
2,001 Mrs Ineke Vandoorn Netherlands
2,000 Ms Alba Roorda Martinez Netherlands
1,999 Mr Goran Koncar Croatia UNISON Croatian Music Alliance
1,998 Mrs Sanda Vojkovic Croatia UNISON Croatian Music Alliance
1,997 Ms Oľga Smetanová Austria ISCM
1,996 Ms Laura Lopes Portugal Tenso Network Europe
1,995 Mr Jan Moritz Onken Germany CALLIAS FOUNDATION
1,994 Mr Willem van Moort Netherlands BplusC
1,993 Mr Nenad Bogdanovic Cyprus Euro-Arab Youth Music Center
1,992 Mrs Nora Jelinek Czech Republic
1,991 Mr Robin Pultera Czech Republic BRAINZ IMMERSIVE
1,990 Ms Vendula Kodetova Czech Republic Studio Citadela
1,989 Mr Jean Lacornerie France Theatre de La Croix Rousse
1,988 Ms Hamma Meliani France Cie Théâtre Hamma Meliani Ecole d'art dramatique
1,987 Ms Marion Riches France ATAA
1,986 Mr Mario Kolínský Czech Republic
1,985 Mrs GENIEZ Helene France ATAA
1,984 Mrs Roxana Racoviteanu Romania DACIN SARA
1,983 Mr Bogdan Ficeac Romania DACIN SARA
1,982 Mr Jakub Monik Czech Republic Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra
1,981 Mr Olivier TURA France TREMPOLINO
1,980 Mr Peter Carpentier Germany
1,979 Ms Eva Kesslová Czech Republic BERG Orchestra
1,978 Ms Lumír KAVÍK Czech Republic Janáčkova filharmonie Ostrava
1,977 Ms Sarah Weber Belgium FEDEC
1,976 Mr Cyril le Grix France Syndicat National des Metteurs en Scène
1,975 Ms Sylvia Hinz Germany
1,974 Dr. Claudia Serbanuta Romania Progress Foundation
1,973 Ms Manon Pichon Austria
1,972 Ms Melina Marcher Austria
1,971 Mr Guilhem Cottet France UPFI
1,970 Mr Thomas Eder Germany
1,969 Mr Arne Höhne Germany
1,968 Ms Daniële Streep Netherlands Eurosonic Noorderslag
1,967 Ms Christa Auderlitzky Austria Filmdelights
1,966 Mr Marcin Gesla Poland
1,965 Mr Stephan Wagner ??
1,964 Mr Milan Krajňák Czech Republic Janáčkova filharmónie Ostrava
1,963 Mr Věroslav Lanča Czech Republic Janáčkova filharmonie Ostrava
1,962 Mr Peter Weber Germany Fraunhofer IBMT
1,961 Ms Anne Laurent Austria
1,960 Mrs isabelle handtschoewercker France ville
1,959 Mrs Anikó Kovarikné Hegedűs Czech Republic Brno Philharmonic
1,958 Mr Patrick KAMENKA France
1,957 Mr Petr Vrána Czech Republic
1,956 Ms Zdeňka Vránová Czech Republic
1,955 Dr. Fiona Stevens Germany
1,954 Mr Ladislav Dejdar Czech Republic
1,953 Mr Jiří Dokoupil Czech Republic Union of Orchestral Musicians of the Czech Republic
1,952 Mrs DELAGE Hélène France Jeunesses Musicales de France Auvergne Rhône-Alpes
1,951 Ms marcello cappelli Italy ass. culturale Mandara Ke
1,950 Miss Marta Faiková Czech Republic
1,949 Ms Caroline FitzGerald Ireland
1,948 Ms Marella Boschi Ireland
1,947 Mr Jakub Tengler Czech Republic Moravska filharmonie Olomouc
1,946 Mr Michael M. Rind Germany Verband der Landesarchäologen in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (VLA)
1,945 Mrs Hafida Labich France
1,944 Mrs Ughetto Elodie France
1,943 Ms Astrid Lockhart France
1,942 Ms Marián Pavlík Czech Republic
1,941 Ms Birgit Unger Austria
1,940 Ms František Škrla Czech Republic Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra, Ostrava
1,939 Miss Cristina del Valle Martin Spain
1,938 Mr Jiří Jakubec Czech Republic Brno Philharmonic
1,937 Ms Sinead Wallace Ireland
1,936 Ms Christelle Delplanque France ATAA
1,935 Ms Heidemarie Rothe Germany athero - atelier heidemarie rothe
1,934 Ms Petra Hánová Czech Republic Moravian Philharmonic Olomouc
1,933 Ms Gabrieke Scaramuzza Italy
1,932 Mr Simon Kannenberg Germany
1,931 Mr Oscar Yran Denmark
1,930 Ms marloes staal Netherlands BBK
1,929 Mr james magaraggia Italy
1,927 Mrs Marianne Rigaux France SCAM
1,926 Ms Escriva Amalia France
1,925 Mrs Julie Meyer France Année
1,923 Ms Florence Nowak France
1,922 Mr Cormac O'Daly Ireland
1,921 Mr kevin beady Ireland kevin brady music
1,920 Ms Anne Marie Sheridan Ireland
1,919 Mrs Paulina Kończal Poland Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra, Ostrava
1,918 Ms Claire Stone United Kingdom Clean Break Theatre Company
1,917 Ms Graziella Gattulli Italy Regione Lombardia
1,916 Ms isabelle audinot France
1,915 Mrs Emma Browne Ireland
1,914 Ms ellli Krenn Austria
1,913 Ms Mick Hanley Ireland
1,912 Ms Marie Svobodova Czech Republic Le Cabaret Nomade
1,911 Mrs Sally Withnell Ireland
1,910 Ms Tríona Humphries Ireland
1,909 Mr Nacho García Vega Spain IAO (International Artist Organisation of Music)
1,908 Ms Jessica Traynor Ireland
1,907 Ms Aoife Honohan Ireland The Corps Ensemble
1,906 Ms Carola Streul Belgium EVA European Visual Authors
1,905 Mr Marcus Lamb Ireland
1,904 Dr. Maria Sliwinska Poland Stowarzyszenie Miedzynarodowe Centrum Zarzadzania Informacja
1,903 Mr Stephen Brennan Ireland
1,902 Ms Marie Mandy Belgium Réalisatrice -Photographe
1,900 Ms Noemi Fischer Austria
1,899 Mr Tomas VAN HOUTRYVE France
1,898 Ms Iveta Vacková Czech Republic
1,897 Ms Jane Brennan Ireland
1,896 Mr Bernard Maupas France
1,895 Mr Stéphane Cochet France LaScam
1,894 Ms Domenika Arnetzeder Austria
1,893 Ms Aurélia Naamani France ATAA
1,892 Mrs Tanja Dinter Austria salon emmer
1,891 Ms Mateja Lazar Slovenia Motovila Institute
1,890 Ms Chloé Leleu France Ataa
1,889 Ms Pauline Gourdon France
1,888 Ms Cecile DELAROUE France ATAA
1,887 Mr Guillaume van Turnhout France ATAA
1,886 Mr Jan Jelínek Czech Republic Na Nohou z.s.
1,885 Ms Ulrike Kuner Austria European Association of Independent Performing Arts
1,884 Ms Bali Christina France
1,883 Ms Marie-Liz MICHEL France Animated movies filmmaker, songwriter, author,designer
1,882 Mr marek gabrysch United Kingdom star and shadow cinema
1,881 Mrs Claudia FAES France ATAA
1,880 Mr Jean-Pierre Mast France
1,879 Ms Marion Gerards Germany Kath. Hochschule NRW, Abt. Aachen
1,878 Mr Jan Pátek Czech Republic Moravská filharmonie Olomouc
1,877 Mr David Pizinger Czech Republic
1,876 Ms Caroline Mégret France ATAA
1,875 Mr Martin Kostelecký Czech Republic
1,874 Mr John Miller France
1,873 Mr Philip. O'Sullivan. Ireland self employed actor
1,872 Ms Dorothea Kellerová Czech Republic Brno Philharmonic
1,871 Mr Karl O'Neill Ireland
1,870 Mr Dalibor Teimer Czech Republic MFO
1,869 Mr BINNINGER Marc France Marc Binninger Photography
1,868 Mr Gilles Coudert France
1,867 Ms Katharina Zowe-Bühler Germany
1,866 Mr Michel DIARD France SNJ-CGT
1,865 Ms Camille Duvelleroy France
1,864 Dr. Krista Warnke Germany
1,863 Mr Sylvestre Meininger France
1,862 Ms Livia Colvin Italy
1,861 Mr Ferran Arbós Spain Ludic 3 sccl
1,860 Ms laetitia moreau France Scam
1,859 Mr Steven Wassenaar France
1,858 Ms Laura Smith United Kingdom
1,857 Ms Debbie Wright Ireland Turas Theatre Collective
1,856 Ms Milka Salatic Serbia Amateur Art Association of Vojvodina
1,855 Mr Sergio Alapont Spain
1,854 Ms Jennifer Jennings Ireland
1,853 Mr Anthony Panetto France ATAA
1,852 Ms Sophia Hodge Germany
1,851 Mrs Blanchet Lise France
1,850 Mr Pep Montes Spain
1,849 Ms Isabelle Miller France ATAA Association des Traducteurs Adaptateurs de l'Audiovisuel
1,848 Ms Alena Fojtů Czech Republic Mfo
1,847 Ms Benedicte Van der Maar France Scam
1,846 Mr Lada Bubenicek Czech Republic Scf
1,845 Mrs Virginie Linhart France
1,844 Mr Renaud Maes Belgium Scam/La Revue nouvelle
1,843 Mrs Jana Krisicova Czech Republic
1,842 Ms Kerstin Rosemann Germany
1,841 Mr Benoit Peeters France Scam
1,840 Ms Sophia Ioannou Gjerding Denmark
1,839 Ms Lucie Vinklerová Czech Republic My Food
1,838 Mrs Julie Černá Czech Republic Silesian Theatre Opava
1,837 Mrs Brigitte Chevet France SCAM France
1,836 Mr Pavel Kuzník Czech Republic Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra
1,835 Dr. Patrick Schollmeyer Germany Deutscher Archäologen-Verband (DArV) - German Association of Archaeologists
1,834 Mr Gernot Schoedl Austria VdFS
1,833 Mr Rémi Lainé France SCAM
1,832 Ms Pavel Balcařík Czech Republic Moravská filharmonie Olomouc
1,831 Ms Sonja Soldo Croatia Pogon
1,830 Mr Vilem Pavlicek Czech Republic FBM Zlin
1,829 Ms Cahier Christel France
1,828 Mrs Tanja Tandara Croatia poVUcizakulturu - association for project management in culture
1,827 Mr Jakub Sobotka Czech Republic Moravská filharmonie Olomouc
1,826 Ms Joanna Malewski France
1,825 Mrs Markéta Soldánová Czech Republic Moravská filharmonie Olomouc
1,824 Mr Pavel Doležal Czech Republic
1,823 Mr Jiří Navrátil Czech Republic Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra
1,822 Mrs Tea Vidmar Slovenia Self-employed
1,821 Mrs Loredana Stanciu Romania County Library Nicolae Iorga
1,820 Mrs Šárka Adamíkova Czech Republic
1,819 Ms Gabriel Pavlík Czech Republic Moravská filharmonie Olomouc
1,818 Mr Luděk Zakopal Czech Republic Moravská filharmonie Olomouc
1,817 Mr Olivier Paraire France
1,816 Mr Pavel Vitek Czech Republic Janacek philharmony Ostrava
1,815 Ms Tifiou Jean-François France UCMF
1,814 Mr Roman Šimíček Czech Republic
1,813 Mr Petr Psenica Czech Republic
1,812 Mr Ricky Romain United Kingdom Ricky
1,811 Mr Igor Kopyt Czech Republic Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra
1,810 Ms František Kosina Czech Republic Prague Symphony Orchestra
1,809 Mr Martin Janeček Czech Republic Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra Ostrava
1,808 Mr Karel Palát Czech Republic Pilsen Philharmony
1,807 Mr Petr Hladik Czech Republic Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra
1,806 Ms Amy Downes United Kingdom
1,805 Mr Ondra Groman Czech Republic
1,804 Mrs Martina Venc Matušínská Czech Republic Brno filharmonic orchestra
1,803 Ms Florence Fawcett United Kingdom
1,802 Mr Jesper Aabille Denmark
1,801 Mr Martin Benoist France
1,800 Ms Alexandre Hilaire France
1,799 Ms Fenneke de Kramer Netherlands BBK
1,798 Mr Mathias Nygård Finland Turisas
1,797 Ms Martina Keenan Ireland Gate Theatre
1,796 Mrs Lia Verrees Belgium Migou
1,795 Ms Terezie Kolínská Czech Republic Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava
1,794 Mr Olivier Toscer France Documentary director
1,793 Ms Elisabeth Jonniaux France
1,792 Ms Ayn Wolters France Mensen Bewegen
1,791 Mr Milan Kamenicky Czech Republic
1,790 Ms Simone Aaberg Kærn Denmark Flying Entreprise/v. Simone Aaberg Kærn
1,789 Mr Zbyněk Volf Czech Republic Brno phlilharmonic
1,788 Mrs Gabriela Kummerova Czech Republic Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra Olomouc
1,787 Mr Peter Sikkema Netherlands ESNS
1,786 Mr Zdeněk Nádeníček Czech Republic Philharmonic Brno
1,785 Mrs Lenka Škrlová Czech Republic
1,784 Ms Lilit Nazaryan Czech Republic
1,783 Mr Tomáš Kuzník Czech Republic MFO
1,782 Mrs Jana Horáková Czech Republic
1,781 Ms Dominika Mužíková Czech Republic MFO
1,780 Mrs Lenka Černínová Czech Republic Moravian philharmonic orchestra
1,779 Mrs Jana Horáková Denmark
1,778 Ms Selma Guimarães Portugal
1,777 Dr. Robert Meijerink Netherlands ESNS
1,776 Mr David Ryšánek Czech Republic Brno Philharmonic Orchestra
1,775 Mr Stephen Gibbons Ireland
1,774 Ms Anastazie Tomečková Czech Republic
1,773 Mr David Barry Ireland
1,772 Mr Nollaig MacRéamoinn Ireland
1,771 Ms Alena Sikorova Czech Republic
1,770 Miss Liliana Balcaříková Czech Republic
1,769 Ms Peter Puskas Latvia puskas international artist management
1,768 Ms Jaroslava Petrova Czech Republic Moravska filharmonie Olomouc
1,767 Mr Lukas Polak Czech Republic
1,766 Mr Miloslav Raisigl Czech Republic Filharmonie Brno
1,765 Mr Vojtěch Zajíc Czech Republic
1,764 Ms Anna Horejsi Czech Republic
1,763 Miss Ana Ribeiro Portugal
1,762 Ms Olga Faiková Czech Republic JFO
1,761 Ms Petra Olajcová Czech Republic Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra
1,760 Mr Zdeněk Mikeška Czech Republic
1,759 Mr Aleš Tvrdík Czech Republic
1,758 Mr František Adamik Czech Republic
1,757 Mr Daniel Swain Norway Sandefjord kulturskole
1,756 Mrs Maria del Mar Pérez Garcia Spain KALATOS SERVICIOS SL.
1,755 Ms Martin Ondracek Czech Republic
1,754 Dr. Martin Loeser Germany Universität Greifswald
1,753 Ms Edda Breit Austria
1,752 Mrs Ann Kennedy Ireland Culture action group
1,751 Mrs michaela matysová Czech Republic National gallery Prague
1,750 Mr David Sierra Spain Sierra Contratación Artística
1,749 Ms Lorelei Harris Ireland
1,748 Mr Herve Rony France LaScam
1,747 Mr Urban Pappi Germany VG Bild-Kunst
1,746 Mr Richard Bermange United Kingdom
1,745 Mrs Katrine Malinovsky Denmark Katrine
1,744 Mrs Emanuela Rigucci Italy
1,743 Ms Josefina Formanová Czech Republic
1,742 Ms Axelle de Calan France 4ème Art
1,741 Mr Jean-Michel Ribes France
1,740 Mr Kavanagh David Belgium Federation of Screenwriters in Europe
1,738 Mr Hartwig Wolf Austria
1,737 Mr Guy Flechter France Mark Kendall Artists Management
1,736 Ms Sharon Eckman United Kingdom
1,735 Ms Elspeth Hocking Ireland
1,734 Mr Hans Schamle Netherlands If I Can't Dance, I Don't Want o Be Part Of Your Revolution
1,733 Mrs Christin Heitmann Germany Beethoven-Haus Bonn
1,732 Ms Nele De Wachter Belgium
1,731 Ms Jessica Lacey Netherlands
1,730 Mr Miguel Caneda Spain
1,729 Ms Lucy Medlycott Ireland ISACS Network
1,728 Mr Davide Levi United Kingdom
1,727 Ms Ruth Mariner ?? Gestalt Arts
1,726 Mr Damian Thantrey United Kingdom Lichfield Festival
1,725 Mr Cam McA United Kingdom
1,724 Mr Mihály Balogh Hungary
1,723 Ms Yvonne Murphy Ireland EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum
1,722 Mr Mark Kendall United Kingdom Mark Kendall Artists Management Limited
1,721 Mr Vianney Baudeu France LaScam
1,720 Mr Omar Shahryar United Kingdom Opera Schmopera
1,719 Ms Patricia Ryan Ireland
1,718 Mr Norman Duffy Ireland Galway Choral Association
1,717 Mr Daniel Mahr Hungary Budapest Cultural Center
1,716 Ms Hilary Boyle Ireland
1,715 Mr Nathan Mannion Ireland EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum
1,714 Dr. Jan Novacek Germany Gesellschaft für Anthropologie
1,713 Mr Brendan Talbot Ireland
1,712 Mr Arne van Vliet Netherlands BECCA Europe
1,711 Ms Lise Autogena United Kingdom Autogena Projects
1,710 Mr Dago Houben Netherlands ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag)
1,709 Mrs Ana Marin Spain Y5630968F
1,708 Mr John Kelleher United Kingdom International Actors London
1,707 Ms Roisin Kearney Ireland Manojo productions
1,706 Ms lee paterson United Kingdom
1,705 Mrs Mary Ronayne Ireland
1,704 Mr Alain HUGUES France
1,703 Ms Aoife O'Connell Ireland
1,702 Dr. Karine Le Bail France SCAM
1,701 Mr Jean-Christophe Lanièce France
1,700 Mr Mani Mortazavi France 4a4 productions
1,699 Ms Anais Deloince-Papin France 4ème Art
1,698 Ms Moira G Germany BFF (Best Films Forever) Collective
1,697 Mr noel eccles Ireland
1,696 Ms María Mateo Spain
1,695 Mr Stephen Faigenbaum France
1,694 Mr Peter Eramian Cyprus Thkio Ppalies
1,693 Dr. Regine Schulz Germany Roemer and Pelizaeus Museum Hildesheim
1,692 Mrs Dominique Racle France
1,691 Mr Radek Ševčík Czech Republic One World Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Zlín
1,690 Ms Pernille Kapper Williams Denmark
1,689 Mr Miroslav Patočka Czech Republic
1,688 Mr auke wassenaar Netherlands BBK NL
1,687 Miss Michaela Švandová Czech Republic Kasárna Karlín
1,686 Mr Vincent Hazard France Self employed
1,685 Mr Valerio Contaldo Switzerland
1,684 Mrs ella steenmeijer Netherlands BBK Netherlands
1,683 Ms Maike Fuchs Germany
1,682 Ms Helen Beaumont Ireland
1,681 Dr. Emily Joyce Evans Germany Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz
1,680 Ms Katrien Van der Perre Belgium deAuteurs
1,679 Ms Triona Campbell Ireland
1,678 Mr Michael Joseph Ireland Actor
1,677 Ms Claire Tighe Ireland
1,676 Ms Grainne Jordan Ireland
1,675 Mrs Helen Doogue Ireland
1,674 Mr Donncha Crowley Ireland
1,673 Ms Violetta Muth Ireland
1,672 Ms Lisa Flanagan Ireland
1,671 Mr Declan Kavanagh United States
1,670 Ms Michelle Browne Ireland
1,669 Ms Soile Lahdenperä Finland
1,668 Mr Brendan Sheehan Ireland
1,667 Ms Raquele Magalhaes France Private
1,666 Ms Siobhan O’Sullivan Morrin Ireland
1,665 Mr Alex Petcu Ireland
1,664 Mr Brendan Farrell Ireland
1,663 Mr Olivier ZEGNA RATA France
1,662 Ms Eileen Hanratty Ireland
1,661 Ms Eugénie Guibert France Sartory Artists
1,660 Dr. Miriam Haughton Ireland
1,659 Mr Michael Sands Ireland Michael
1,658 Mr Shane Hickey-O'Mara Ireland NA
1,657 Mr Kristian Handberg Denmark University of Copenhagen
1,656 Mr jesper dyrehauge Germany
1,655 Ms Fairooz Tamimi Sweden Fairouz Al Tamimi Company
1,654 Mr Yves Nilly France Writers & Directors Worldwide
1,653 Ms Róisín de Buitléar Ireland
1,652 Ms Diane Du saillant France Agence diane du saillant
1,651 Ms Vanda moretti Italy
1,650 Mrs Perrine Laurent France Agence RSB Artists
1,649 Mr Julien Gioria France Veronique Jourdain Artists Management
1,648 Mr René Massis France Agence Massis Opéra
1,647 Ms Dominique Riber France Backstage Opera Management
1,646 Mr Christian Pliefke Germany CPL-Music / Nordic Notes
1,645 Ms Laure GICQUEL France Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques
1,644 Mr vincent coq France
1,643 Miss Ave Toelpt Estonia Jazz Estonia
1,642 Miss Anett Tamm Estonia Jazz Estonia
1,641 Ms Carol Dillon-Kelly Ireland
1,640 Ms Cécile Despringre Belgium Society of Audiovisual Authors (SAA)
1,639 Ms Adria Ferrali Italy Cultural Association New Dance Drama and the DAP Festival
1,638 Ms Florence Brunel France Agence artistique Florence Brunel
1,637 Ms Celine Carroll Ireland
1,636 Mr Régis REMIGY Belgium RAC
1,635 Ms Annica Ryngbeck Belgium Society of Audiovisual Authors
1,634 Mr Vincent Shiels ??
1,632 Ms Eliza Kehoe Ireland
1,631 Mr Waldo Riedl Germany domicil - Forum Jazz & Creative Music
1,630 Mr Joe Vanek Ireland Freelance Stage Designer and Teacher.
1,629 Mr Udo Goesswald Germany
1,628 Ms Fiona Kearney Ireland The Glucksman
1,627 Ms Jill Doyle Ireland
1,626 Mrs Stephanie Duffy Ireland Duffy’s Circus Ltd
1,625 Mr David Duffy Ireland Duffy’s Circus Ltd
1,624 Ms Elvira Vitale Italy
1,623 Mr Ted Oakes Ireland IMT Lucca
1,622 Mr Kristijan Mičić Croatia Zadar snova
1,621 Ms EVELYNE MARTIN Austria
1,620 Ms Mia Bradić Croatia
1,619 Ms Symon Kliman Slovakia Nova cvernovka
1,618 Ms Aiveen Mackle United Kingdom
1,617 Mr BEAU Olivier France BLG artist Management
1,616 Ms Svetlana Vasylyeva Switzerland ArtDialog Verein
1,615 Mr Bernd Schneider Germany Museum Kesselhaus Herzberge
1,614 Mr Christian Berger Austria
1,613 Mrs Kerstin Walsh Ireland
1,612 Mr Peter Ameis Germany Museum Kesselhaus Herzberge
1,611 Ms Jenna Binley Ireland
1,610 Ms Olwen Grindley Ireland
1,609 Mr Lelio Giannetto Italy curva minore
1,608 Ms Francesco Catania Italy Francesco
1,607 Ms Mark Byrne Ireland
1,606 Ms Puck Willaarts Netherlands Beroepsvereniging van beeldende kunstenaars
1,605 Mr Jean-François Novelli France
1,604 Ms Magdalena Curic Croatia
1,603 Ms Caroline Martin France Caroline Martin Musique
1,602 Mrs Corine Verset France
1,601 Mr Neill Fleming Ireland
1,600 Ms Liv O’Donoghue Ireland DRAFF
1,599 Mr Sergio Zinna Italy Zō - centro culture contemporanee
1,598 Ms Pauline McLynn Ireland Miss
1,597 Mr Con Holly Ireland
1,596 Mr Felix Wittek Germany Felix Wittek
1,595 Mr Stephen Murray Ireland
1,594 Miss Tin Vulto Netherlands www.thehagueartist.nl
1,593 Ms Jodie Sweeney Ireland
1,592 Mr Andreas Kirchner Germany Kirchner Musikmanagement
1,591 Ms G. Przibilla Netherlands Beroepsvereniging van Beeldende Kunstenaars-BBK
1,590 Mrs Martina Behrendt Germany Sportmuseum Berlin
1,589 Mrs Manuela Barroso Australia
1,588 Ms Maya O'Shea Beschi Ireland
1,587 Mrs monica ciarcelluti Italy Arterie
1,586 Ms Seán Doyle Ireland
1,585 Ms Patrick Davin Belgium
1,584 Ms Rebecca Halliday Ireland
1,583 Ms Deirdre Doyle Ireland
1,582 Mrs Gemma Walls Ireland
1,581 Ms Anne Sklebitz Germany
1,580 Mr Gerry Noonan Ireland Gerry Noonan - Baritone
1,579 Ms Stefania Tagliaferri Italy Palinodie
1,578 Ms Marie-Therese Byrne Ireland
1,577 Ms Cora Doyle Ireland
1,575 Ms Valerie Mcloughlin Ireland
1,574 Mrs Gladys Coyle Ireland STAGEZONE THEATRE SCHOOL
1,573 Mrs Roisin Cotter Ireland Mrs
1,572 Ms Nicola Clark Ireland
1,571 Ms Cécile Moroux France We are Europe
1,570 Ms Anne McIntyre Ireland
1,569 Dr. Raymond Deane Ireland Herr
1,568 Ms Alessandra Rossi Italy ARTERIE
1,567 Ms maggie Byrne Ireland maggie
1,566 Mrs L. Coolen Netherlands
1,565 Ms Clodagh Mackle Ireland
1,564 Ms Astrid Walsh Ireland
1,563 Dr. Faith Gabrielle Guss Norway TransFormationStation
1,562 Ms Roisin Cooney Ireland
1,561 Mr Michael Bates Ireland Corps Ensemble
1,560 Ms Delphine Fee Ireland
1,559 Ms Lesley Conroy Ireland Freelance actor
1,558 Ms Maria Schweppe Ireland
1,557 Ms Anne Mackle Germany
1,556 Mr Camil Mihăescu Romania West University from Timișoara
1,555 Ms Cecilia Malmström Olsson Sweden Danscentrum Väst
1,554 Mr Eric O Brien Ireland
1,553 Ms Aileen Connor Ireland
1,552 Ms Sheila Gormley Ireland
1,551 Dr. Anne-Marie O'Farrell Ireland
1,550 Ms Sarah Weller United Kingdom
1,549 Ms Caroline Senior Ireland
1,548 Ms Eileen Gill Ireland
1,547 Ms Lucy Winkelmann Ireland
1,546 Ms CLAIRE LEGourrierec Germany
1,545 Ms Carmel Rooney Ireland
1,544 Mr Timothy McCarthy Ireland Feis Maitiú Cork
1,543 Ms Sarah Fitzgibbon Ireland
1,542 Ms Noelle Brown Ireland NB Theatre Company
1,541 Mr Mark Lambert Ireland Smock Alley Theatre
1,540 Mr Carlos Martins Portugal Associação Sons da Lusofonia
1,539 Ms Lisa Anderson Ireland
1,538 Mrs Mirna Radovanovic Italy
1,537 Mrs Orla Fitzgerald Ireland
1,536 Ms Mira Jochems Belgium
1,535 Mr Andy Crook Ireland
1,534 Ms Edegar Starke Germany
1,533 Mr Jack Gilligan Ireland
1,532 Ms Rita Oksanen Finland
1,531 Ms Rosanne Staveley Ireland
1,530 Mrs Carolin Widmann Germany
1,529 Ms Bebhinn McKenna Ireland
1,528 Ms John Waldron Germany
1,527 Ms Denise O'Connor Ireland
1,526 Ms Brigid Delaney Ireland
1,525 Mr Bob Byrne Ireland
1,524 Mr Mart Kalm Estonia
1,523 Mrs Pauline Minsky Ireland
1,522 Ms Mandy Fox-Clarke Ireland
1,521 Ms Carmel Hughes Ireland
1,520 Mrs Casandra Boldor Romania
1,519 Ms Deirdre Monaghan Ireland Actor
1,518 Ms Eimear Bradley Ireland
1,517 Mr Wes Trumble Ireland Wes Trumble Design
1,516 Mr Olivier Cornet Ireland Olivier Cornet Gallery
1,515 Mr Daniel Smith Australia
1,514 Ms Mary Bolger Hinds Ireland
1,513 Mr Flavio Spampinato Italy
1,512 Ms Gráinne Tiernan Ireland
1,511 Ms Gina O'Kelly Ireland Irish Museums Association
1,510 Dr. Olwen Fouéré Ireland
1,509 Ms Bairbre Kelly Ireland
1,508 Dr. Santa Casciani@jcu.edu Italy
1,507 Ms Deirdre Molloy Ireland Freelance arts worker
1,506 Ms Andrea Kavanagh Ireland
1,505 Dr. Clíona Ó Gallchoir Ireland University College Cork
1,504 Mr Dennis McNulty Ireland
1,503 Mr David Layde Ireland Mr
1,502 Mrs Jackie Hogan Ireland Shorelines Arts Festival
1,501 Mr Anthony Kinahan Ireland
1,500 Mr Vincent Lawlor Ireland Arena Lynx Events0
1,499 Ms Aoife Maguire Ireland
1,498 Mr Declan Conlon Ireland
1,497 Ms Ketevan Paitchadze Georgia Art Cross Foundation
1,496 Ms Donna Leonard Ireland
1,495 Mrs Sharon Gaynor Ireland
1,494 Mr Damien Gagnevin Ireland
1,493 Ms Nuala Hayes Ireland Storytellers of Ireland
1,492 Mr Robert Sheehen United Kingdom
1,491 Ms Fionnuala O Shea Ireland
1,490 Ms Kerry Power Ireland Verdant Productions
1,489 Ms Beatrice O'Connell Ireland Visual Artists Ireland
1,488 Ms Andrea Ainsworth Ireland
1,487 Ms Louise Kiely Ireland Louise Kiely Casting
1,486 Ms Ita O'Driscoll Ireland
1,485 Ms Karen Scully Ireland
1,484 Ms Ellie Byrne Ireland Ellie Byrne Promotions
1,483 Ms Helena Browne Ireland
1,482 Ms Darren Smith Ireland Kite Entertainment
1,481 Mr Paul Wade Ireland
1,480 Ms Niamh Kelly Ireland
1,479 Mr Gerry Kelly Ireland Cork Pops Orchestra
1,478 Ms Amy De bhrun Ireland
1,477 Mr Simon O'Gorman Ireland
1,476 Ms Fiona Browne Ireland
1,475 Mr Brian Byrne Ireland
1,474 Ms Jeanie Rochford Ireland
1,473 Ms Angeline Ball Ireland
1,472 Ms Mary Sexton Ireland RTÉ CONCERT Orchestra
1,471 Ms G White Ireland
1,470 Ms Diane O'Connor Ireland Mothers Artists Makers
1,469 Mrs Fran Murphy Ireland
1,468 Ms Liz Barry Ireland LJB Associates
1,467 Mr Rüdiger Gundlach Germany
1,466 Ms Kathleen Warner Yeates Ireland Flying Turtle Productions
1,465 Mr Manus Halligan Ireland
1,464 Ms Pamela Butler Ireland
1,463 Ms Mr Séamas Griffin Ireland Rush Musical Society
1,462 Ms Kay Desmond Ireland
1,461 Ms Noni Stapleton Ireland Noni
1,460 Mr Donal Ryan Ireland
1,459 Dr. Alexandre Chevalier Belgium ICOM Belgique Wallonie-Bruxelles
1,458 Ms Niamh Ferry Ireland Civic Theatre
1,457 Mrs Friederike Kulcsar Austria
1,456 Dr. Helena Enright United Kingdom Bath Spa University
1,455 Ms Larissa O’Grady Ireland Musician
1,454 Ms Regan O'Brien Ireland
1,453 Ms Jayne Davis Ireland
1,452 Ms Adrienne O’Hara Ireland
1,451 Mr Miguel Ángel Pérez Ávila Spain Thusia Koop. Elk. Txikia
1,450 Ms Esther O'Connor Ireland
1,449 Mr Niall Welsh Ireland
1,448 Ms Jan Duffy Ireland - None -
1,447 Ms Caro Swords Ireland
1,446 Ms Emma Lowe Ireland
1,445 Ms Katrina Foley Ireland
1,444 Miss Anna Gonzalez United Kingdom
1,443 Ms Lucy Atkinson United Kingdom
1,442 Ms Iseult Golden Ireland
1,441 Mr Alan Howley Ireland
1,440 Ms Andrea Laurent Ireland Mothers Artists Makers
1,439 Ms A Gormley Ireland
1,438 Mr Hans van Wingerden Netherlands Artfox
1,437 Ms Zia Bergin-Holly Ireland
1,436 Ms Dolores Lyne Ireland
1,435 Ms Cerstin Mudiwa Ireland
1,434 Mr James Harrold Ireland
1,433 Ms Emma Power Ireland
1,432 Ms Ludmilla van der Spoel Netherlands
1,431 Mr Eoin Brady Ireland
1,430 Dr. Barbara Diana Italy
1,429 Mr K.W. van den Beukel. Netherlands Beroepsvereniging van Beeldende Kunstenaars-BBK
1,428 Ms Konstantina Achilleos Cyprus
1,427 Ms Eunice McMenamin Ireland
1,426 Mr Eoghan Carrick Ireland
1,425 Mr Th.W. Schokker Netherlands B.B.K.
1,424 Ms Bridget Deevy Ireland
1,423 Ms Elizabeth Welsh Ireland
1,422 Dr. Inga Karaia Georgia Georgian Museums Association
1,421 Mr Ivo Kamphuis Netherlands www.theanimalcrusade.com
1,420 Ms Lisa Krugel Ireland
1,419 Ms sinead mckenna Ireland
1,418 Mr Angel Luis Gonzalez Fernandez Ireland PhotoIreland
1,417 Ms Clare Power Ireland Mrs
1,416 Ms Antonia Blau Belgium Goethe-Institut
1,415 Ms Kathleen Tynan Ireland Royal Irish Academy of Music
1,414 Ms Helena White Ireland
1,413 Mr Roberto Casarotto Italy Centro per la Scena Contemporanea-Bassano del Grappa
1,412 Mr Sauli Zinovjev Finland
1,411 Ms Andrea Irvine Ireland
1,410 Ms Jo Mangan Ireland Carlow Arts Festival
1,409 Ms Tracy Ryan Ireland Freerein theatre
1,408 Ms Sabine Dargent Ireland
1,407 Mrs Gwen Bolger Ireland
1,406 Ms Rebecca Daly Ireland
1,405 Ms Emma O'Sullivan Ireland
1,404 Ms Ciara Higgins Ireland Great Music in Irish Houses Festival
1,403 Ms Honor Heffernan Ireland
1,402 Ms Jaume Santonja Spain Jaume Santonja
1,401 Ms Elaine O'Donoghue Ireland
1,400 Mr Jim Nolan Ireland
1,399 Ms Olga Barry Ireland
1,398 Ms Michelle Barry Ireland
1,397 Mrs Maura Riacci Italy
1,396 Mr Eric Lalor Ireland
1,395 Mr Clive Welsh Ireland
1,394 Mr Conor Linehan Ireland
1,393 Ms Magda Zimmerman Netherlands Atelier Zimmerman
1,392 Mr Glenn Gannon Ireland
1,391 Mr Bojan Gorenec Slovenia University of Ljubljana, Academy of Fine Arts and Design
1,390 Ms Crona Byrne Ireland Crona
1,389 Ms Yvette Zanussi France Pact-eu.eu
1,388 Ms Bairbre Guilfoyle Ireland Playwright
1,387 Mr Liam Halligan Ireland
1,386 Ms Maree Kearns Ireland Freelance
1,385 Ms Liz Nugent Ireland Writer
1,384 Mr Malachy McKenna Ireland Writer
1,383 Ms Karen Kelleher United Kingdom
1,382 Ms Belinda Murphy ?? Theatre
1,381 Mr mark o'brien Ireland axis Ballymun
1,380 Ms Nikki Connor Ireland
1,379 Ms nikki Ragua United Kingdom
1,378 Ms Eimer Murphy Ireland
1,377 Mr Tim McStay Ireland
1,376 Mr Paul O'Neill Ireland Freelance design & technical support
1,375 Ms Jan O Sullivan Ireland
1,374 Ms Laura Macken Ireland
1,373 Ms Catherine Conneely Ireland
1,372 Mrs Clare Barrett Ireland
1,371 Ms Liz Roche Ireland Liz Roche Company
1,370 Ms Irene Kelleher Ireland
1,368 Ms Chris McHallem Ireland
1,367 Ms Mary Murray ??
1,366 Mr Geoff O'Keeffe Ireland
1,365 Ms Eilish Murphy Ireland
1,364 Ms pat sullivan Ireland PS Productions
1,363 Ms Clare Dowling Ireland
1,362 Mr Gavin Kostick Ireland Fishamble: The New Play Company
1,361 Ms Therese Maher Ireland Dwan Academy
1,360 Mr Samuli Vuori Finland Lunamy Creations
1,359 Mr Sakari Laurila Finland Kammari Research Group
1,358 Mrs Yvonne Shiels Ireland
1,357 Mr Brian Treacy Ireland Liberty Hall Theatre
1,356 Ms Claire Blennerhassett Ireland
1,355 Ms Fiona Cunningham Ireland POV Production Design
1,354 Mr Joseph Reid Ireland Filipino cultural coordinator
1,353 Ms Oonagh Desire Ireland
1,352 Dr. Pam Monaco Ireland Musical Theater Dublin
1,351 Ms Eadaoin Donoghue Ireland
1,350 Ms Clare O'Mahony Ireland
1,349 Ms Aideen Wylde Ireland BrokenCrow Theatre
1,348 Mr Eoin McNinch Ireland Eoin
1,347 Ms Kate Crook Ireland
1,346 Ms Deirdre Dwyer Ireland
1,345 Mr Cathal McGuire Ireland Game Theory
1,344 Ms Julie Kelleher Ireland The Everyman
1,343 Mr Will O'Connell Ireland Actor/Musician
1,342 Mr Peter Canning Ireland High Res
1,341 Ms Colette Tuite Gallagher Sweden private person
1,340 Mr Vasileios Zopoglou Switzerland mediterranean music festival
1,339 Mr Alkis Zopoglou Greece Cosmopolis festival
1,338 Mr Robbie Kane Ireland
1,337 Ms Sarah Purcell Ireland
1,336 Ms Roseanna Purcell Ireland Theatre artist
1,335 Mr Mark Fitzgerald Ireland
1,334 Mr Willie White Ireland Dublin Theatre Festival
1,333 Ms Ruth Hegarty Ireland Actor
1,332 Ms Huibertje Borsje Netherlands BBK
1,331 Ms Aisling Mooney Ireland
1,330 Ms G osman Netherlands
1,329 Ms Cathy Dunne Ireland
1,328 Ms Lisa Mahony Ireland
1,327 Ms Mags Mulvey Ireland Theatre
1,326 Mr Garrett Ryan Ireland
1,325 Ms Eleni Chasou Cyprus
1,324 Ms Philippa Alford Ireland
1,323 Mr Conleth White Ireland
1,322 Ms Aisling O'Brien Ireland
1,321 Ms Anna Newell Ireland www.annanewell.co.uk
1,320 Ms Susan McDaid Ireland
1,319 Mr Liam Burke Ireland
1,318 Mr Donking Rongavilla Ireland
1,317 Dr. Gabriella Mányi Walek Hungary National Fashion League Hungary Association
1,316 Ms Annette Flynn Ireland
1,315 Mr John Broderick Ireland
1,314 Dr. Karen Power Ireland
1,313 Ms Tara Furlong Ireland
1,312 Ms Mary Kirkpatrick United States
1,311 Mr Andrew Leonard Ireland
1,310 Mrs Antonia Kuzmanić Croatia Positive force
1,309 Ms Ann Williams Ireland
1,308 Ms Megan Oliver Ireland
1,307 Ms Catherine Kelleher Ireland
1,306 Ms Tine Tyldum Norway
1,305 Miss Rita Pinto Portugal Freelancer
1,304 Ms Mairéad Folan Ireland NoRopes Theatre Company
1,303 Mr Liam O’Regan Ireland
1,302 Ms Yvonne O’Regan Ireland
1,301 Ms Gerard Howard Ireland
1,300 Mr Scott De Buitléir Ireland
1,299 Mr Darren McGranaghan Ireland
1,298 Mr Paddy McPoland Ireland Clannad Productions Ltd.
1,297 Ms Deirdre Bradshaw Ireland
1,296 Mr David Gilna Ireland
1,295 Mrs Grace OMalley Ireland
1,294 Ms Teresa Murray Ireland
1,293 Mr Ciaran McGrath Ireland
1,292 Ms terry heron Ireland
1,291 Mr Killian Coyle Ireland
1,290 Ms Doreen Meehan Ireland
1,289 Ms Laura Dowdall Ireland
1,288 Ms Maria McDermottroe Ireland
1,287 Ms Ju Crosbie Ireland
1,286 Mr Neil Farren Ireland
1,285 Mr Cathal Synnott Ireland
1,284 Mr Tom Creed Ireland 1980
1,283 Mr Shane O’Regan Ireland Reality:Check Productions
1,282 Dr. Michael Lee Ireland Trinity College Dublin
1,281 Mr Charles O'Brien Ireland Anthem Productions Ltd
1,280 Ms Ciara Phelan Ireland
1,279 Ms Margarita Corscadden Ireland
1,278 Ms Aoife Spillane-Hinks Ireland Then This Theatre
1,277 Ms MAUREEN Hughes Ireland Maureen Hughes Casting
1,276 Mr Joe Conlan Ireland
1,275 Mr John Deely Ireland Pinpoint
1,274 Mrs Deirdre Lumsden Ireland
1,273 Mr THOMAS SKERRITT Ireland Cool AV
1,272 Ms Laura MacNaughton Ireland O'Reilly Theatre
1,271 Mr Réda SIDI-BOUMEDINE France RSB artists
1,270 Ms Carola Reul Germany Junge Deutsche Philharmonie
1,269 Mr wim bakker Netherlands wimbakkerwilhelminadorp
1,268 Miss Hanna Olsson Sweden Trans Europe Halles
1,267 Mrs Martha Stroo Netherlands FOTODOK
1,266 Ms Esther Wilson United Kingdom
1,265 Ms Aino Elina Muhonen Finland
1,264 Ms Fiona Keller Ireland
1,263 Mr Jens Tytgat Belgium Inside Jazz Management
1,262 Mr Donal Shiels Ireland Verdant Productions
1,261 Ms Outi Pulkkinen Finland Freelance musician
1,260 Miss Emma Møller Denmark Warehouse9
1,259 Mr Ronald Keizer Netherlands BLiP Agency
1,258 Mr Brendan Mac Evilly Ireland Words Ireland
1,257 Mrs Ine Berg Norway
1,256 Mr Thomas Vermynck Germany J.A.W Family
1,255 Mrs Ana Patricia Pascoal Portugal
1,253 Mr Francesco Cammalleri Italy Amici Del Jazz
1,252 Mr Tito Ceccherini Italy
1,251 Ms Maria Dragatakis Greece THEAMA - Theater for the Disabled
1,250 Dr. Vince Briffa Malta
1,249 Mrs Stefanie Marcus Germany Traumton
1,248 Mr Dioni Piatkowski Poland Era Jazzu
1,247 Ms Alexandre Rossi Netherlands A.Rossi Music
1,246 Ms Daria Tuminas Netherlands FOTODOK
1,245 Mr Salvador Vivancos Spain Asociación Retrovisor
1,244 Ms Arlette Hovinga Netherlands Musicrunner
1,243 Mrs Ute Pinter Austria impuls
1,242 Ms Jaime Mateos Spain
1,241 Mr Jeroen Vanacker Belgium Concertgebouw Brugge
1,240 Mrs Lisanne van Happen Netherlands
1,239 Mr Ruggero Franceschini Italy Eunemesi
1,238 Mr Ciaran O'Grady Ireland
1,237 Ms Cliona Dukes Ireland
1,236 Ms Simona Spirovska Macedonia Artopia
1,235 Dr. Ellada Evangelou Cyprus Buffer Fringe Performing Arts festival
1,234 Ms Puck Barendrecht Netherlands FOTODOK
1,233 Ms Arrate Arias Spain
1,232 Ms Associazione LISI Italy Ventottozerosei
1,231 Mr Kıvanç Yalçıner Turkey Puruli Culture Art
1,230 Ms Maaretta Jaukkuri Finland
1,229 Dr. Marinos Koutsomichalis Cyprus Cyprus University of Technology
1,228 Ms Iliada C Netherlands -
1,227 Ms Frederique Chabaud Belgium EP - Greens/EFA Group
1,226 Miss Janneke Aronson Netherlands FOTODOK
1,225 Ms Susan Jenkins Netherlands S Tyler Jenkins
1,224 Ms giorgia cerruti Italy piccola compagnia della magnolia - giorgia cerruti
1,223 Ms Femke Rotteveel Netherlands FOTODOK
1,222 Ms Joanne Campbell Ireland
1,221 Ms Anne Schultka Germany KIDS Regio
1,220 Ms Claire Byrne Ireland The Green Party
1,219 Ms Paula Medina Spain
1,218 Miss Marianella Pucci Italy Mediateur
1,217 Ms Suzannah Depasquale Malta
1,216 Dr. Clyde Meli Malta Clyde
1,215 Ms Diana Fehr Netherlands MuseoSpace Stichting
1,214 Ms Živa Brecelj Slovenia Plesni Teater Ljubljana / Dance Theatre Ljubljana
1,213 Ms Lia Lapithi Cyprus
1,212 Dr. Valeria Pica Italy GSSI
1,211 Ms Angel Mestres Spain Transit
1,210 Ms Lena Röth Austria Wassergassenatelier
1,209 Mr Gerard Lee Ireland
1,208 Ms Manon Richard France Europa Nostra
1,207 Mr Robert Brufau Spain L'Auditori de Barcelona
1,206 Ms Paula Greevy-Lee Ireland
1,205 Mrs silvia lodi Italy IPPAZIO DE LUCA
1,204 Ms Jefta Van Dinther Germany
1,203 Ms Serena Marchi Italy
1,202 Ms Maaike Stutterheim Netherlands Communitism
1,201 Mr Enrico Messina Italy Armamaxa teatro
1,200 Mr Laurent Delage Austria Laurent Delage Artists Management
1,199 Ms Ioana Tamas Romania
1,198 Ms Barbara Van lindt Belgium Kaaitheater
1,197 Ms Doretta Asteri Greece Institute of Education Policies
1,196 Mr Ciarán O'Melia Ireland
1,195 Mrs Aida Bergsen Cyprus Aida Bergsen Jewellery
1,194 Mr Darren Thornton Ireland Calipo Theatre Company
1,193 Ms Ailbhe Smyth Ireland
1,192 Ms Ana Varela Portugal
1,191 Ms Trina McCann Ireland
1,190 Ms Ellen Pentony Ireland
1,189 Ms Aileen Galvin Ireland Sync & Swim
1,188 Mr Bue Monrad Denmark
1,187 Ms Irene Alaez Vasconcellos Spain Una Más Una
1,186 Mr Saba Salvemini Italy Areté Ensemble
1,185 Mrs Zaneta Vavrova Czech Republic Educational and Cultural Centre Broumov Monastery
1,184 Ms Tonio De nitto Italy
1,183 Ms Pia Lucas United Kingdom
1,182 Mr Antonio Spagnuolo Italy Allegorica Opera Management
1,181 Mr Oliver Walker Germany
1,180 Ms Sofie Luckhardt Germany THE AGENCY
1,179 Mrs Maria Anaclerio Italy Ass.cult. Compagnia del Sole
1,178 Dr. Julia Müllegger Austria Kulturverein Kino Ebensee
1,177 Mr Giuseppe Semeraro Italy
1,176 Ms Nadja Peter Germany livekultur mannheim e.V.
1,175 Mrs Jo Rodgers Ireland
1,174 Mr Thomas Morris France Opera singer
1,173 Ms Tamar Brüggemann Netherlands Wonderfeel
1,172 Mrs Susanna Caetani United Kingdom Only Stage
1,171 Mr Liam Ryan Ireland
1,170 Ms Majella Hollywood Ireland Chamber Choir Ireland
1,169 Ms Rebekah Berger Germany
1,168 Dr. ingrid schacherl Austria
1,167 Ms Virve Sutinen Finland Tanz im August
1,166 Ms fabrizio mescoli Italy
1,165 Mr Michal Hladky Slovakia Creative Industry Košice
1,164 Mr Martin Müller Germany Konzertdirektion Martin Müller
1,163 Mr Florent Karrer France
1,162 Mr Sahy Ratia France
1,161 Mrs bettina Funck-Brentano France Adagio Artists Management
1,160 Ms Dessislava Boshnakova Bulgaria NBU
1,159 Ms Claudie Arif France Mme
1,158 Ms Sofie De Ruysser Belgium
1,157 Mr Niki Smit Netherlands Monobanda
1,156 Mr Kristian Krog Denmark Maltfabrikken
1,155 Ms Alex Verhaest Belgium
1,154 Ms Aleksandra Janus Poland Centrum Cyfrowe
1,153 Mr Dalibor Belić Serbia NKA+
1,152 Mr Anthony GABRIELE United Kingdom
1,151 Ms Eszter Pista Hungary
1,150 Ms Giovanna Losco Italy Giovanna Losco Artist & Project manager
1,149 Mr Derek Chandruang United Kingdom IMG Artists (UK) Ltd.
1,148 Mr Manuel Gama Portugal
1,147 Mr Anthony Long Ireland
1,146 Mr Korhan Basaran Turkey Company RAu
1,145 Ms Alix Van Ransbeecka Belgium De Veerman vzw, De Spiegel theater
1,144 Mr JUNGHO HAN South Korea Etoile Classic Ltd.
1,143 Mr Johan Penson Belgium InfraCult
1,142 Ms Jeanne Fené France Ella Ella
1,141 Mr Peter Hutter Austria
1,140 Mrs Elisabetta Longardi Italy Resia Artists
1,139 Mr Mark Stephan Buhl Austria Mark Stephan Buhl Artists Management
1,138 Ms Philippa Allan Germany Real Arts
1,137 Mrs Veselka Kuncheva Bulgaria Puppets Lab
1,136 Mrs Margarethe Makovec-Lederer Austria < rotor > center for contemporary art Austria
1,135 Mr CHRISTOS CARRAS Greece Onassis Cultural Centre
1,134 Mr Tchavdar Pentchev France
1,133 Mrs Maria Chelnokova Spain Tejo Milenario
1,132 Mr Kevin McNally Ireland Clonakilty International Guitar Festival
1,131 Mr Miglen Mirtchev France
1,130 Mrs Cristina Carlini Italy Living
1,129 Mrs Rosario Nieto Spain Viguela
1,128 Dr. Ciro De Rosa Italy Globofonie
1,127 Mr Arnaud de Schaetzen Belgium RAB/BKO
1,126 Dr. Matthias Korn Germany
1,125 Mr Rudolf van Aalderen Netherlands GPS Global
1,124 Ms Zdenka Kachlova Czech Republic CEMA -Central European Music Agency
1,123 Ms Eleanor Hope Austria Interclassica Music Management
1,122 Mrs Heike David Germany
1,121 Mr Alexis Georgoulis Greece European Parliament
1,120 Ms Amelie Snyers United Kingdom Village Underground
1,119 Mr Anastasis Efentakis Greece
1,118 Mr Wim Maeseele Belgium
1,117 Mrs Borbála Kuliné Ujhelyi Hungary
1,116 Ms Claudia Rosignoli Spain Interarts
1,115 Ms FREDERIQUE BERGHOLTZ Netherlands If I Can't Dance, I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution
1,114 Mr armin w.nimra ruckerbauer Austria arTTension
1,113 Ms Hulda Stefánsdóttir Iceland Iceland University of the Arts
1,112 Mrs Gabriella Riccio Italy L'Asilo Ex Asilo Filangieri - Cultural Common Napoli
1,111 Mr Jasper van Grunsven Belgium
1,110 Mr Stefano Zucchiatti Italy Europe Jazz Network
1,109 Mrs Susanna Bellavigna Italy
1,108 Mr Steve Rimmer United Kingdom CADS
1,107 Mr Márton Kopcsik Hungary Si-Bemol Bt
1,106 Mr Nóniusz Gábor Hungary
1,105 Ms Bettina Gida Hungary
1,104 Ms Erika Schmidt Hungary Aktív Egyesület - Active Association
1,103 Mr Francesco Carignani Italy Comune di Napoli
1,102 Dr. Tine De Ruysser Belgium
1,101 Ms Maria-Louiza Laopodi Greece
1,100 Mr Peter Campbell Bensted Denmark The Cultural Association WoWiWo (WorldWideWords)
1,099 Mr Bart Meuris Belgium LUCA School of Arts, Campus Lemmens
1,098 Mr Nikola Gligorov Macedonia SKOPJE SUMMER FESTIVAL
1,097 Mrs Monica Ares Spain Tarima. Soluciones Técnicas creaticas
1,096 Mrs Galina Baeva Austria kulturen in bewegung/Vienna Institut for Development and Cooperation
1,095 Ms Astrid Bossuyt Belgium
1,094 Mr JOHN KOZAK United Kingdom Mr
1,093 Mrs Monique Bleekemolen Netherlands
1,092 Mr Bjørn Herrman Norway Norsk Oversetterforening
1,091 Ms Mary Ann DeVlieg Italy
1,090 Ms Marcella Nonni Italy Ravenna Teatro soc.coop.
1,089 Ms Anika Arevalo Belgium Amateo
1,088 Mr William Skeaping United Kingdom Extinction rebellion
1,087 Mr Uros Veber Slovenia Projekt Atol
1,086 Ms Marjan De Schutter Belgium
1,085 Ms Karen Nölle Germany Freundeskreis Literaturübersetzer:innen
1,084 Mr Hannes Heide Austria European Parliament
1,083 Mr Markus Medl Bahamas European Parliament
1,082 Mr Morten Visby Denmark Council of European Literary Translators' Associations
1,081 Ms Helene Schnitzer Austria TKI - Tiroler Kulturinitiativen
1,080 Ms Marina Kozul Croatia 25 FPS Festival
1,079 Mr Guido Lukoschek Germany Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg
1,078 Mr Marco Friedrich Trenkwalder Austria DIAMETRALE Filmfestival
1,077 Mr Domenico Cotugno Italy
1,076 Ms Assia Ivanova Bulgaria New Bulgarian University
1,075 Dr. Fabio Tinella Italy Factory Compagnia transadriatica
1,074 Ms Lia Haraki Cyprus Pelma productions
1,073 Mr Michal Balcer Poland
1,072 Ms Barbara Horvath Austria KUNSTVEREIN EISENSTADT
1,071 Mrs Myrto Aristidou Cyprus Cyprus University of Technology
1,070 Dr. Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert Cyprus Cyprus University of Technology
1,069 Dr. Derck Littel Netherlands Cellist
1,068 Ms Sofia Karakaidou Portugal
1,067 Ms Zehavah Littel Netherlands
1,066 Ms Claude VERON Belgium
1,065 Mr Michael Mundhenk Germany
1,064 Ms Seda Shekoyan Armenia Freelance
1,063 Ms Crina Bustenaru Romania Public Library
1,062 Dr. Sigrid Yanara Palacios Castillo Germany Mangrove Culture
1,061 Ms Antra Gaile Latvia Air Productions
1,060 Ms Veroncia Gallego Sotelo Spain
1,059 Dr. pablo sanz United Kingdom Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC), Queen´s University Belfast
1,058 Mr Lars Ebert Netherlands H401
1,057 Ms Helmi Vent Austria Mozarteum University Salzburg
1,056 Mrs eemke koppelman Netherlands createur dámbiance
1,055 Ms Heide Hasskerl Germany
1,054 Mx. Kenneth Lind Sweden
1,053 Miss Irati Fernandez Spain
1,052 Ms Ioannis Pantazidis Greece Marble Art Center
1,051 Mrs Carmen Heredia Martínez Spain Profesora de Arte
1,050 Ms Lara Weiß Germany Un-Label - Performing Arts Company
1,049 Ms Antoaneta Koleva Bulgaria Critique and Humanism Publishing House
1,048 Mr Joaquim Jorge Portugal NGO
1,047 Mr Jordi Balta Portoles Spain
1,046 Ms Krysztina Winkel Germany
1,045 Miss cristina noguer Spain
1,044 Mr Catalin Mirea Romania
1,043 Mr pablo sanz Spain
1,042 Miss Monica Marotta Germany
1,041 Ms Rhona OConnor Ireland Coisceim.com
1,040 Dr. Panos Amelidis United Kingdom
1,039 Ms Angeliki Georokosta Greece El Sistema Greece
1,038 Ms Alexia Achilleos Cyprus
1,037 Ms Angela Jansen Netherlands Gemeente Maastricht
1,036 Mrs Natalie Mégard Denmark
1,035 Ms NURIA Perez Spain
1,034 Ms Nora Hadjisotiriou Cyprus N H Atlantis Culture
1,033 Ms Androulla Shati Cyprus
1,032 Ms Teresa Sobral Portugal
1,031 Mrs Paula Sousa Portugal Teatroesfera
1,030 Mrs Sara Raposo United States Museum of Science and Industry Chicago
1,029 Ms Zélia Godinho Portugal
1,028 Mr Joaquim Catana Portugal
1,027 Ms André Filipe Portugal
1,026 Mr Martin Olsen Denmark Artist
1,025 Ms Aurora Tresserras Spain
1,024 Ms Dr. Klaus Breinlinger Germany
1,023 Ms Dani Font Spain Catalonia Sacra
1,022 Mr Jorge Fernandez León Spain Fundacion Municipal de Cultura de Gijón
1,021 Ms Yvona Kreuzmannova Czech Republic Tanec Praha
1,019 Mr Michal Schmidt Czech Republic Folk Holidays festival
1,018 Mr Jan Žůrek Czech Republic DW7
1,017 Ms Laura Harris United Kingdom Miss
1,016 Mr Nicola Bernardini Italy Conservatorio "Santa Cecilia" Roma
1,015 Ms Rute Viais Portugal
1,014 Dr. Juan F. Ruiz López Spain Universidad de Castilla La Mancha
1,013 Mr Ernest Vanrintel Belgium
1,012 Miss Pepa Ivanova Bulgaria
1,011 Mr Pedro Lucas Salcedo Spain Sociedad de Estudios Historiológicos y Etnográficos
1,010 Ms Marina Maleni Cyprus Cyprus Theatre Organisation
1,009 Ms Carla Bodo Italy Associazone per l'Economia della Cultura
1,008 Mr Dražen Čiča Germany
1,007 Ms Barbara Escañuela Álvarez de Sotomayor Spain
1,006 Mr J A Hopkin Germany
1,005 Miss mariella nanni Italy
1,004 Ms Derville Quigley Netherlands ELIA
1,003 Mrs Mercé Gironella Spain
1,002 Mr გიორგი არზიანი Georgia Library about Georgia
1,001 Ms Lotta Harryson Sweden
1,000 Mr DIeter Welke Germany ITI
999 Mrs Bettina Carpi United Kingdom
998 Mr Tomas Queralt Brunet Spain
997 Mr Jonathan Goodacre United Kingdom The Audience Agency
996 Ms Katerina Nikou Belgium independet curator of contemporary art
995 Mr Jüri-Ruut Kangur Estonia European Orchestra Federation EOFed
994 Mr Giacomo Armaroli Italy
993 Ms Josien Vos Netherlands Beroepsvereniging van Beeldende Kunstenaars-BBK
992 Miss Laura Reyes López Spain
991 Mrs Veronica Rivas Spain
990 Mrs Carmen Reiné Spain
989 Ms Marko Manojlović Croatia
988 Mrs Lola Vallespi Spain El Soniquete de Lola
987 Mr Carles Gispert Spain Aatomic Lab
986 Ms Josefa Parra Ramos Spain
985 Mr Francisco Benavent Rodriguez Spain Juventudes Musicales Jerez (Spain)
984 Mr Guillermo Sanchez de Cos Suarez Spain
983 Ms Ana Pinto Portugal
982 Ms Mirna Draženović Croatia Muze d.o.o. / Muses Ltd
981 Dr. Aleksandra Janik Poland The E. Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw
980 Miss Nuria Rauret Oliva ??
979 Dr. Jordi Tresserras Spain LABPATC Laboratorio de Patrimonio y Turismo Cultural
978 Ms Teresa Rocha Spain
977 Mrs Petya Zasheva Malta The Splendid-incubator for cultural, artistic and creative enterprises
976 Ms Oana Balanescu Romania Petrila Town Public Library
975 Miss Marisa Satsia Cyprus
974 Mr Agustín Almagro Blázquez Spain
973 Ms Sunčica Ostoić Croatia Kontejner / bureau of contemporary art praxis
972 Ms Mariya Angelova Bulgaria
971 Ms María Martínez Spain
970 Mrs Ingrid Tranum velásquez Denmark NextDoor Project
969 Mr David Quiles Guillo Spain the wrong
968 Mr Gianluca Del Gobbo Netherlands Sticting AVnode
967 Mr Gianluca Del Gobbo Italy Flyer srl impresa sociale
966 Ms Cascina Way Italy Cascina Way
965 Mr Antonio Jesús Navajas Spain
964 Mr Juan Ruesga Spain
963 Mrs Mercedes Rodriguez Larrauri Spain
962 Ms Hanna Clairière France Babel
961 Mr Martin Lecoutere Luxembourg CCSA
960 Mr Vasileios Kalaitzidis Greece
959 Dr. Branislava Kuburovic Czech Republic
958 Mr Manu Raymond Romania Stage Expert
957 Dr. Rita Marcalo Ireland Instant Dissidence
956 Ms Antonia Fleckenstein Germany
955 Ms Kalliopi Kalaitzidou Greece
954 Dr. magdalena tyzlik-carver Denmark Aarhus University
953 Ms Stéphène Jourdain France Les Musiciens du Louvre
952 Ms Raffaella casotti Italy raffaella
951 Mr Pavlos Michaelides Cyprus
950 Ms Ivana Indjin Netherlands Art harmony
949 Mr Dato Nadiradze Georgia Artinfo Georgia
948 Ms Lluisa Magem Spain
947 Ms Rachel Uwa Germany School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe
946 Mr Fernando Vicario Colombia consultores culturales
945 Ms Fernando Conde Spain
944 Mr João Leão Portugal outro associação cultural
943 Mr Romulus Neagu Portugal INTRUSO Associação Cultural
942 Mr Hugo Moreira Portugal
941 Mr Laurent Sauerwein France
940 Mr David Bolger Ireland CoisCeim
939 Mr José Miguel Fernández Spain Asociación Profesional de gestores Culturales de Andalucia
938 Mr Silver Marge Estonia
937 Mr Rafael Morales Spain Asociación de Gestores Culturales de Andalucía-GECA
936 Mr Juan Pedro Caballero Salas Spain
935 Dr. Nevena Ivanova Bulgaria Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
934 Mr Francisco Fuentes Aragón Spain
933 Ms Jordi Cami Spain
932 Mr tim hodgkinson United Kingdom
931 Dr. Alexandra Karousou Greece
930 Ms Margarita Kiselichka Macedonia
929 Mr Andoni Garaizar Spain Kultiba
928 Mr Gábor Mondik Hungary Creative Europe Desk Hungary
927 Ms Luiza Zamora Romania Asociatia 37
926 Ms Beatriz Palenzuela Spain Babirusa Danza
925 Ms Melita Nikolić Croatia Muses Ltd.
924 Ms Sandra Rodrigues Pereira Luxembourg
923 Miss Catarina Almeida Portugal
922 Mr Jose Antonio Romero López Spain
921 Mr Rafael Baliña Spain Fundación Provincial de Cultura
920 Ms Antje Valentin Germany
919 Mr Nikolas Vryoni Cyprus
918 Ms Carpente Pascale France
917 Ms Ciara Agnew Ireland
916 Ms Stefania Cecilia Stefan Romania
915 Mr Florian Nitsch Austria Herr
914 Ms Pablo Álvarez de Eulate González Spain Acción Cultural Española AC/E
913 Miss Bucur Mihaela Roxana Romania University of Leters
912 Dr. Enrique Carbó Spain Instituto de Arte Contemporáneo
911 Ms Georgia Doetzer Cyprus
910 Ms Alison Bytne Ireland
909 Mr Bruno Galvão Portugal Elenco Produções
908 Mr Younes Boumehdi France APICM
907 Ms Davinia Galea Malta ARC Research & Consultancy
906 Ms Elisa Gallo Rosso Ireland
904 Mr James McLoughlin Ireland
903 Ms Caroline Carolineduffydesigns@gmail.com Ireland
902 Ms Maite Luengo Aguirre Spain Universidad del País Vasco UPV/EHU
901 Ms Marta Martins Portugal
900 Mr Michael Stafford Ireland AAEX
899 Miss Maite Cajaraville Spain Piksel Festival
898 Ms Michelle Lewis-King Portugal
897 Mr Antonio Roda Martínez Spain
896 Ms Delia Gavlitchi Romania MiniREACTOR Association
895 Ms Simona Altea Italy
894 Mrs Mireille CREMER Luxembourg
893 Ms Telma Domingues Portugal
892 Dr. Freya Bailes United Kingdom
891 Ms Melissa Sousa Portugal LOOP Festival
890 Mrs Michèle Déome Belgium
889 Mr Daniel Sanchez-lopez Spain
888 Mr Bani Brusadin Spain The Influencers festival
887 Miss Maria de Lurdes Nobre Portugal associ' arte
886 Mrs Fanny Roustan France
885 Ms Elisabet Reia Portugal
884 Mrs Barbara Franić Croatia
883 Ms Tatiana calari Germany Bezirk Treptow Köpenick
882 Mr Rafael Burgos Lucena Spain
881 Ms Linda Messas Belgium Association Européenne des Conservatoires (AEC)
880 Mr Radu Pulbere Romania University of Art and Design of Cluj-Napoca
879 Mrs Sonja-Barbara Bader Croatia
878 Dr. Danielle Wilde Denmark University of Southern Denmark
877 Mr Lutz Längert Germany MoBe Moving Poets Berlin e.V.
876 Mr MJ van’t Oever Netherlands Personal title
874 Mr Bernhard Gaul Ireland AAEX (Art as Exchange)
873 Mr Jose Manuel Tienza Corchero Spain Asoc. Cultural y Juvenil
872 Ms Kate Strudwick United Kingdom Head4Arts
871 Ms Mary Tritschler Ireland #artinlockdown
870 Ms Debbie Chapman Ireland
869 Ms Maria Joao Trindade Portugal Lua Cheia teatro para todos - Associação de Animação Cultural
868 Miss Marina Landa Spain University of Deusto
867 Ms Aileen Durkan Ireland
866 Ms angel alberto gonzalez Mexico
865 Ms Floriana Petrosino Spain IED Madrid
864 Ms Hermano Noronha Portugal
863 Mr Joaquim Cachopo Portugal Teatro Infantil de Lisboa
862 Ms Brenda O Connor Ireland
861 Ms T Ex Netherlands
860 Mr Peter O’Connor Ireland
859 Ms Tania Ivanova Macedonia Reactor
858 Ms Carmen Torres Spain Vigüela
857 Mr Dimitris Panagoulias Greece
856 Mr Antonio Chaves Spain
855 Mr Juan Antonio Torres Spain
854 Mrs Zorana Mihelcic Croatia Sibenik Dance Festival
853 Ms GiannaLia Cogliandro Beyens Belgium ENCATC
852 Ms Niamh O'Connor Ireland
851 Mr Niklaus Bein Germany K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg
850 Mrs Mariarita Alfino Italy Accademia dei Cameristi
849 Mr Bruno Mendes Portugal
848 Ms Anabela Santos Portugal
847 Ms Viltaute Zemelyte Austria
846 Mr Yvon Werniers Belgium
845 Mrs Victoria Francu Romania Romanian Library Association
844 Ms Silvia Carta Italy EP
843 Ms Marilena Preda Sanc Romania
842 Mrs Daphné Mincke Belgium
841 Ms Mariana Dias Portugal Mari & Crupi Theatre Company
840 Ms Nadine Botha Netherlands
839 Ms Margarida Ribeiro Portugal
838 Ms Helen Woolston United Kingdom
837 Mr horacio czertok Italy teatro nucleo
836 Ms Aina Marti Casas Spain
835 Ms Eva Macali Italy
834 Ms Alba Vilariño Germany Piranha Arts AG
833 Ms Silvina Szperling Poland Festival VideoDanzaBA
832 Mr António Torres Portugal Dancer
831 Ms Majken Overgaard Denmark Catch
830 Mr Joao Ferreira Portugal Cabe Cave Associação Cultural
829 Mrs Monica Keane Ireland
828 Ms Mary MacNamara Ireland
827 Ms Filipa Mesquita Portugal Teatro e Marionetas de Mandrágora
826 Ms Luciana Ribeiro Portugal
825 Mr Alex van Giersbergen Netherlands
824 Mr Jolan Huygens Belgium
823 Miss Carolina Morgado Portugal
822 Mr Thorbjorn Magnusson Sweden
821 Mr Antonio Lima Portugal
820 Ms Margareta Nilsson Sweden
819 Ms Sara de Castro Portugal
818 Mr Victor Linhares Portugal
817 Ms Silvia Matei Romania Silvia
816 Mr Klaus Linden Germany Kultur-Initiative-Klösterchen e.V.
815 Mr Rui Silva Portugal Dentro do Covil
814 Ms Kim van Kaam Netherlands
813 Ms Sophia Taouri France
812 Ms Gasztowtt Vanessa France
811 Dr. Amanda Dillon Ireland
810 Ms Vanessa Reinwand-Weiss Germany Bundesakademie für Kulturelle Bildung
809 Ms Sarah Keane Ireland
808 Ms Lisette Reuter Germany Un-Label Performing Arts Company
807 Ms maria silva Portugal
806 Mr Stephen Roberts Canada
805 Ms Constantinescu Nicolaie Romania Kosson
804 Ms Kety Shengelia Georgia CED
803 Dr. Rita Severis Cyprus Centre of Visual Arts and Research
802 Ms Marta Silva Portugal
801 Mrs Andreia Macedo Portugal Indepent artist
800 Mr Fernando Casaca Portugal
799 Miss Aina Berenguer Spain Esbart Dansaire Santvicentí
798 Mr Mark O’Kelly Ireland
797 Mr Nuno Labau Portugal Vaca Magra
796 Mr Théo Majcher France ALTER EGO (X)
795 Miss Manuela São Simão Portugal
794 Mr David Andre Luxembourg
793 Mr Lauri Linna Finland
792 Mr Leontios Toumpouris United Kingdom -
791 Ms Anja Dietzmann Germany CED
790 Mr Ruy Malheiro Portugal Escola de Mulheres - Oficina de Teatro, Lda
788 Ms Katharine Heron United Kingdom University of Westminster
787 Mr Erich Berger Finland Bioart Society
786 Mr Niels Righolt Denmark CKI - Center for Kunst & Interkultur
785 Ms Júlia Sardà Spain EP
784 Ms Olwen Dawe Ireland
783 Ms E j Belgium
782 Mrs Claden Laurane France Agence culturelle Grand Est
781 Ms Marie Hélène DEVIGNON Belgium
780 Ms Jon Astorquiza Spain ElektrART, Art and Technology
779 Mr Marc Scheer Luxembourg Kulturfabrik
778 Ms Herrade Fousse Luxembourg Centre culturel Kulturfabrik
777 Ms Maura O'Keeffe Ireland Freelance
776 Ms Emel Budak Turkey
775 Ms Miguel Maqueda Merino Spain
774 Mr Cian O’Brien Ireland Project Arts Centre
773 Miss Aurélie Lhomme Luxembourg Kulturfabrik
772 Ms Marie Grundström Sweden
771 Mr Bienvenido Maquedano Spain Consejería de Educación y Cultura Castilla la Mancha Spain
770 Ms corinne bonsma Netherlands
769 Ms Maria Meneses Portugal Santa Maria da Feira
768 Mrs Anna Dijkstra Netherlands Eurafrika
767 Miss Eider Corral Spain Eider Corral Design
766 Ms olga Perez Vitoria Spain EP
765 Ms Anna Lyrevik Sweden Lund University
764 Dr. KLEMENTINA BATINA Croatia Association Ecomuseum of Bistra
763 Ms Ricarda Lopez Gonzalez Spain
762 Ms Ana Stipsić Serbia
761 Mrs Jela Rodoni Albania Path Multimedia Center
760 Mr Pádraig Heneghan Ireland Freelance Producer/ General Manager
759 Mr Juan Miguel Sánchez Spain
758 Mr Paulo Jorge Morgado Portugal
757 Ms Maria Fernanda Mamede de Pádua Lapa Portugal Escola de Mulheres-Oficina de Teatro
756 Mr Alexandros Pissourios United Kingdom
755 Mr Paul Clouvel France Elektramusic / Musiques Eclatées - Strasbourg/Berlin/Geneva
754 Mr Filipe Luz Portugal cofac - University Lusófona
753 Mr Marc steichen Luxembourg
752 Ms Casto Sánchez Spain
751 Mr TOMAS FERNANDEZ ALONSO Spain PLATEA Servicios e infraestructuras culturales
750 Ms Myriam Gemers Belgium
749 Ms Karin Seisbøll Denmark
748 Ms Guillermo Rodríguez Spain
747 Mr René Penning Luxembourg
746 Mrs Aleksandra Bajde Austria
745 Mr Declan Mallon Ireland Upstate Theatre Project
744 Mr Gabriel Lucas Spain Medialab-Prado
743 Mr J. Luis Ben Spain
742 Mrs Emily Suárez Spain
741 Ms Kristel Hunnersen Netherlands Hanzehogeschool
740 Mr Jack Rusher Germany
739 Mr Jeroen Chabot Netherlands Willem de Kooning Academy
738 Mr Juan Aizpitarte Spain Espacio Reflex
737 Dr. Deaglán Ó Donghaile United Kingdom Liverpool John Moores University
735 Miss Anca Munteanu Romania Rhea Asociation
734 Mrs Patricia CANELLIS Norway Høgskolen i Østfold
733 Mr gonzalo fernandez parrilla Spain university
732 Mr Manuel Damasio Portugal Universidade Lusófona/GECT - European Association of Film and Media Schools
731 Mr nazim alfatli Belgium
730 Mr Vicente Martínez Arango Spain
729 Mr Ivan Valladares González Spain
728 Mr Παλασκας Λεωνιδας Greece
727 Mrs Maria Vessleko Ireland femLENS
726 Ms Margaret Lawlor Ireland Independent
725 Ms Marta Santos Portugal
724 Ms Andrea Sadjak Austria
723 Miss Adriana Ruiz García Spain
722 Ms Portland Green United Kingdom Portland Green Cultural Projects
721 Ms Marleen Scholten Italy
720 Ms Katerina Gnafaki Germany
719 Mrs Maria Abreu Portugal Fundacão GDA
718 Mr George Vassilev Bulgaria Unibit
717 Mrs Anja Schaluschke Germany
716 Ms Etleva Demollari Albania National Museum of Secret Surveillance House of Leaves
715 Ms Dario Puglisi Italy
714 Mr PJ Bruyniks Netherlands Visual Artist
713 Ms Robert FALK Belgium A3 Production
712 Mrs Diana Filimon Romania Forum Apulum
711 Ms Angelique Tonnaer Kırkıl Turkey TRIADA
710 Mr José Luis Roncero Gorrochategui Spain Asociación de Innovación Cultural Moviltik
709 Mr jo van driessche Belgium brugges festival
708 Ms PAZ SANTA CECILIA Spain Magale Prods.
707 Ms Luca Basilico Italy About The Future
706 Ms Martina Maria Linzer Austria Gain & sustain: Europe NGO
705 Ms Eleni Bagaki Greece
704 Mr Juan Antonio Vázquez Franco Spain Mundofonías
703 Ms Judith Staines United Kingdom
702 Mrs Ellen Addário Vetter Germany Ellen Addário Vetter Tanzkompanie
701 Mrs Cristina Bosch Spain
700 Ms Ana Silva Portugal
699 Mrs Cristiana Morais Portugal Freelancer
698 Ms Eva Sjuve Sweden Moolab
697 Mr Domagoj Smoljo Germany !Meidengruppe Bitnik
696 Mr Yiorgos Bagakis Germany
695 Ms Mille Kalsmose Denmark Mille Kalsmose Studio
694 Mr Tobia Bandini Italy Sonora Social Club
693 Mrs Marie-Françoise Dussenne Belgium
692 Ms Cordelia Krause Germany
691 Mx. Antye Greie Finland Hai Art ry
690 Mr arjang omrani Germany
689 Mr Danja Vasiliev Germany The Critical Engineering Working Group
688 Ms Irene Intxausti Spain Teklak. Estudio de Comunicación y Audiencias
687 Ms reinhard Friedrich Germany Europäisches Burgeninstitut, Einrichtung der DBV
685 Ms Nicole Nikolaou Belgium British Council
684 Miss Bárbara Pérez Cayetano Spain
683 Mrs Dasha Ilina France
682 Ms Xheni Dani Italy
681 Ms Rebecca Thonander Germany NEMO
680 Mr Ton Endewerf Netherlands Endewerf Management
679 Ms Ülker Uncu Turkey Bgst Organization
678 Mrs trudy boos Spain
677 Ms Arabella Harvey United Kingdom Round Table Projects
676 Mr Ian Dean United Kingdom Creative Dialogue Ltd
675 Ms Helene Black Cyprus NeMe
674 Mr Djarga Seidi Portugal Associação BALODIREN
673 Ms Roxana Trestioreanu Romania
672 Ms Ioana Cornelia Cristina Crihana Romania The National Association of Public Librarians and Libraries in Romania
671 Mrs Vicky Holliday United Kingdom
670 Mr Lorenzo Demontis Italy
669 Ms Erika Lambnert Belgium
668 Mrs Ivana Golob Mihic Croatia Udruga za razvoj umjetnosti, kulture i edukacije
667 Miss Elga Melucci Italy Matera 2019 (former)
666 Ms Francesca Sassu Italy nocefresca
665 Mr Kristoffer Ørum Denmark Studio kristoffer Ørum
664 Mr Mick ter Reehorst Netherlands Are We Europe
663 Ms Bridget Webster Ireland CoisCéim Dance Theatre
662 Ms Poula Tatiana Ørum Denmark
661 Ms Alice Burrows Germany European Theatre Convention
660 Mrs Irma Peña Spain
659 Dr. Lana Pavlovic Aleksic Croatia Independent scholar
658 Mrs Madeleine Edberg Spain
657 Mr Alberto Cerezo Soto Spain Interarts Foundation
656 Ms Barbara Neundlinger Germany
655 Mr Cesare D'Arco Italy THEATRON 2.0
654 Ms Adolfo Núñez Spain Independent composer
653 Mr Dejan Vujinović Serbia Etnofest Association
652 Mrs Sevrette Danielle France
651 Miss Valentina Alvarado Matos Spain
650 Mr Giorgio Giannella Italy Comitato Arci Teramo
649 Ms Astrid Kury Austria Frau
648 Ms Cornelia Dümcke Germany CULTURE CONCEPTS
647 Ms Alice Bolognesi Italy Arci Ferrara APs
646 Ms Valentina Besegher Scotti Germany Labor Neunzehn
645 Ms Nicoleta Andresoiu Romania
644 Ms Heidi Hove Denmark
643 Ms Josefina Matas Spain
642 Miss regine debatty Italy
641 Ms Valérie Wolters Belgium workspacebrussels
640 Mrs Francesca Chiavacci Italy Arci
639 Mr Lutz Kraft Germany
638 Mr Rafaël Deroo Belgium EFFORTS
637 Mr Carlo Testini Italy ARCI
636 Ms Rosa Martinez Spain
635 Ms Mojca Jan-Zoran Slovenia Slovenian Theatre Institute
634 Ms Ingrid Wolff Netherlands 2+ Produkties
633 Ms Maria Souza Portugal
632 Ms Nikola Richter Germany mikrotext
631 Mrs Florinda Saieva Italy Farm Cultural Park
630 Dr. Simon Van Damme Belgium LUCA School of Arts
629 Miss Lidija Mustedanagić Serbia Museum of Vojvodina
628 Mr Phil Brown United Kingdom
627 Dr. Kyriakos Kalaitzidis Greece EN CHORDAIS
626 Mr Felipe BASABE LLORENS Spain Culture Solutions Europe
625 Mr Quentin Legrand Belgium Rue Branly
624 Mr Alberto Vazquez Spain
623 Mrs Edith Risse Austria Steirische Kulturinitiative
622 Mrs Sabine Zaalene Switzerland VISARTE
621 Ms Agoston Nagy Hungary
620 Mrs Silvia Muntean Romania
619 Mr Kim Jerg Denmark Danish Drama Teachers Association
618 Dr. Mario Di Mauro Italy RI_CREA - Centro di Ricerca per l'ambiente e il patrimonio culturale
616 Dr. Iside Carbone Italy
615 Ms Maria Pichlbauer Austria
614 Mr Oscar Loeser Germany
613 Mrs Sophie Hjerl Denmark
612 Ms Ivor Cummings Germany
611 Mr André Sier Portugal s373.net/x
610 Mr Brian Solon Ireland
609 Mr Julian Oliver Germany The Critical Engineering Working Group
608 Mr Alessandro Crociata Italy GSSI
607 Mr borut cajnko Slovenia
606 Mr aritz eiguren Spain
605 Mrs Elisabeth Ioannides Greece National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens
604 Mr Gints Grube Latvia Mistrus Media
603 Miss Nerea Diaz Spain Espacio Open Bilbao
602 Mr Pepe Zapata Spain
601 Ms Alberto gonzalez pulido Spain AICAV
600 Ms Eva Ursprung Austria Schaumbad - Freies Atelierhaus Graz
599 Ms Yashar Valakjie France FRC
598 Ms Victòria Peña. Carulla Spain
597 Mr Emilio Garcia Spain
596 Mr Larus Vilhjalmsson Iceland Gaflaraleikhusid Children and Youth Theatre
595 Mr Janez Janša Slovenia Maska, Ljubljana
594 Ms Sonja Lattwesen Germany Make Big Records
593 Mrs Aitziber Cortijo Spain
592 Mr Gojko Božović Serbia Arhipelag Publishing
591 Mr Philip Peters Netherlands
590 Ms Wies Rademaker Netherlands Singer
589 Mrs Marija Vitas Serbia Association Ring Ring
588 Mr Jordi Beltran Spain
587 Mx. DISCO llective Slovenia
586 Mrs Lila de Chaves Greece H&M,Heritage&Museums,in partnership with EMF
585 Mr Bernat Millet Spain Lumínic Festival
584 Ms Emma Cianchi Italy ArtGarage
583 Mr Iván Arbildua Spain Cía.SalaNegra
582 Mr Csaba Méhes Hungary
581 Ms Sanja Haas Croatia
580 Mr Bojan Djordjevic Serbia Association Ring Ring
579 Mr Peter Van Rompaey Belgium Muziekpublique
578 Mr Antonio Irre Catalano Italy
577 Ms Eleonora Andriolo Italy
576 Dr. Stig A. Eriksson Norway www.drama.no
575 Ms Jutta Susanne Kastner Germany
574 Ms La Otra C Spain La Otra C
573 Mrs Alejandra Hernández Spain Independent composer
572 Mr Miguel Angel Pérez Spain Freelance Arts Manager and Trainer
571 Mr Gustavo Luis Spain
570 Ms Anna Gesualdi Italy TeatrInGestAzione
569 Ms Laura Turlaja Latvia
568 Ms Begoña Crespo Spain HILO PRODUCCIONES
567 Mr José Luis Martínez Moreno Gibraltar BrightMed
566 Mr Gabriel Corral Mariscal Spain
565 Ms Janice McAdam Ireland
564 Ms Fariba Mosleh Austria Brunnenpassage Wien
563 Ms Maria Pia De Noia Italy
562 Ms Marta Patak Hungary
561 Ms Lilla Kalmar Hungary
560 Ms Britta Omeis Belgium
559 Ms Ruth Pfletschinger Austria IMZ - International Music + Media Centre
558 Miss Elzbieta Kielar Spain Cultural centre
557 Ms Heide Hammer Austria
556 Mr Mario Batelic Croatia
555 Ms Camila DE EPALZA AZQUETA Spain Basque Government Delegation to the EU
554 Mr Yan Delgado Gibraltar Brightmed
553 Mr Yorgos Taxiarchopoulos Greece ACEY Europe
552 Ms Rhian Hutchings Belgium RESEO
551 Ms Isabel Kranz Austria
550 Mrs Rita Orlando Italy
549 Ms Urska Comino Slovenia
548 Mr Christian Magnusson Germany
547 Mrs Roberta Gottardi Italy Monteverdi Music Conservatory Bolzano Bozen
546 Ms Paraskevi - Myrsini Nasiou Greece University of Piraeus
545 Mr Mircea Laslo Romania Copacabana Productions
544 Dr. Anna Hansen Sweden The regional museum of Skåne
543 Mr Erik Gobin Belgium
542 Ms Leonie Wichmann Spain
541 Mr Rafa Bilbao Spain
540 Mrs Adele Maresca Italy ICOM ITALY
539 Ms Una Meistere Latvia Arterritory
538 Ms Daniel Gutiérrez Spain Diagnosis Cultural
537 Ms Dita Rietuma Latvia National Film Centre
536 Ms Katrin Straub Belgium
535 Ms Anna Daneri Italy
534 Mr Domenico Barra Italy White Page Gallery/s
533 Mr Janez Janša Slovenia Aksioma Institute for Contemporary Art Ljubljana
532 Mr Zsolt Mesterhazy Netherlands
531 Ms Irena Majcen Belgium FdE
530 Ms Sneška Quaedvlieg-Mihailović Netherlands EUROPA NOSTRA, The European Voice of Cultural Heritage
529 Ms Frauke Aulbert Germany
528 Mrs Danusa Castro Italy
527 Miss Claire HUGONNET France
526 Mr Georgi Gruew Poland
525 Ms Jolanta Treile Latvia
524 Ms Vessela Dantcheva Bulgaria Compote Collective
523 Ms Vanesa AMUTIO Spain
522 Dr. Garrett Lynch IRL Ireland
521 Ms Aiga Grisane Latvia
520 Ms Araceli Tzigane Spain Mapamundi Cultural SL
519 Mr Piotr Cypryański Poland
518 Mr Mário Alves Portugal ACI - Centro InterCulturaCidade
517 Ms Chiara Niccoli Italy Teatro TILT
516 Mr Argibel Euba Ugarte Spain
515 Mrs Aleksandra Berberih-Slana Slovenia Slovenian Museum Association
514 Ms Barbara Epalza Spain Azkuna Zentroa
513 Ms Patricia Cairrão Portugal RUGAS Cultural Association
512 Mrs Eleonora Papapietro Italy
511 Mrs Iskra Dimitrova Bulgaria Film critic - Information Centre for 1,000 Bulgarian film makers as Free-Lance
510 Mrs Ruxandra Nazare Romania Public Library of Brasov
509 Mr R N United Kingdom TCFT
508 Ms Sofia Kapnissi Netherlands Beroepsvereniging van Beeldende Kunstenaars (BBK)
507 Ms Iwona Preis Sweden Intercult
506 Ms Susan Fazakerley Belgium Amateo
505 Mr Janusz Barański Poland
504 Mr Roberto Borgogno Italy
503 Mr Thomas Kotthoff Germany Werkkreis Kultur Meschede
502 Ms Almudena Arana Spain
501 Mr Tomás Antonio Afonso González Spain Arts manager
500 D