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Updates on New Voices from Paris

Exciting updates are in store for NEW VOICES, the innovative project by Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe (FAB) dedicated to spotlighting dramaturgy and democratizing access to playwriting, while embracing digital tools. With a decade-long commitment to nurturing European artistic talent and fostering a diverse, equitable, and sustainable creative ecosystem, Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe has been a pivotal force in supporting playwrights’ careers and advocating for inclusivity.

From February 19th to the 22nd, the New Voices community gathered at Théâtre Ouvert in Paris for an engaging four-day event. Discussions spanned topics such as digital theater, ethical considerations, and author’s rights, laying the groundwork for FAB manifesto. During the meeting, project partners and playwrights took the chance to assess progress and develop effective strategies for the future.

Culture Action Europe, in collaboration with European Theatre Convention (ETC), has taken on the responsibility of evaluating the project’s outcomes and distilling insights to benefit the wider artistic community. Marie Wittig and Lars Ebert facilitated evaluation discussions with all stakeholders, gathering feedback from the New Voices meetings in Rome and Venice. Together with Cristina da Milano, they developed a comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation Plan to enhance the project experience and ensure impactful insights for continuous improvement.