Tales from Culturopolis | Ep.3 – Cultural Work

February 13, 2023, 12:38 pm

CAE x MCA Special Edition | Ep.3 – Cultural Work

Culture Action Europe’s podcast Frequencies and Michael Culture Association’s Eucropolis present a four-part collaboration exploring the current discourse and practice around cultural rights in our communities across Europe. The series focuses on the four focus areas of the 2022 conference Culturopolis, co-organized by the Culture Institute of Barcelona and Culture Action Europe, which brought together researchers, cultural workers, artists and policymakers to exchange ideas and work around cultural rights.

This episode focuses on cultural work, with an important focus on the right to work in the cultural sector under decent conditions. How is the work of artists and cultural workers valued and recognised? What inequalities continue to occur in cultural work? How can we ensure cultural work and workers’ economic, social and environmental sustainability? In this episode, we have an up-close look at the realities of artists and cultural workers across Europe and how they and their allies are fighting for their rights.

Special guests:
Catherine Magnant – Head of the cultural policies department in the European Commission Directorate General for Education and Culture
Noel Kelly – Director of Visual Artists Ireland
Katharina Weinert – Policy Adviser, European Music Council – SHIFT Project
Julia Pagel – Secretary General of the Network of European Museum Organisations (NEMO)

Music Credits:
Intro: Funk Saviour – Ketsa
Intermediary: HoliznaCC0 – Plants, Johnny Ripper -tide jewel  納骨堂,  Johnny Ripper – Typing, Daniel Birch – Vast Possibilities, Ketsa – All Forgiven, Sara Alfonso – First Lights
Outro: Can’t Stop We – Ketsa

Episode produced and hosted by:
Marco Fiore, Michael Culture Association
Maya Weisinger, Culture Action Europe

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