Survey for artists and cultural professionals in Europe

January 22, 2024, 10:53 am

Culture Action Europe, in collaboration with Panteia, is conducting a survey to assess the current status and working conditions of artists and cultural professionals across Europe.

The CCS (cultural and creative sectors) workforce faces challenges such as poor working conditions, high cross-border mobility, and a lack of portability for social security entitlements. Atypical working patterns and irregular income contribute to issues like weak social protection, leaving individuals vulnerable to subcontracting abuses, facing self-employment, and underpaid or unpaid work. The rise of digital technologies, including generative AI, further complicates these matters.

To address these concerns, the European Parliament has suggested a framework aimed at improving the conditions for cultural and creative workers. Our survey seeks firsthand experiences from artists, cultural professionals, and organizations within the sector to provide valuable insights into the working conditions.

The survey is open until February 9th.

To participate, artists and cultural professionals can access the survey here: 

Cultural organisations and institutions/governments can access the survey here:

We encourage you to tell us your experiences and share this survey within your networks, to gather as much feedback as possible!


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