Step into our kitchen! A Cultural Meal for Europe

March 24, 2023, 10:02 am

Today, Culture Action Europe is introducing the “#CulturalMealEU Cookbook.” A ‘palatable’ breakdown of the calls of the 2023 Cultural Deal for Europe statement is served fresh to your table. Now that you’ve had time to ‘digest’ the events of our #CulturalDealEU 2023 policy conversation, we can share what we’ve been ‘cooking’ up! 

Designed by Lulu Soto

The Cultural Meal for Europe is Culture Action Europe’s (and its members’) tasty contribution to the Cultural Deal for Europe Campaign, developed by Culture Action Europe, the European Cultural Foundation, and Europa Nostra, acting also on behalf of the European Heritage Alliance.

Cooking and food is a universal concept that brings people together. It is a metaphor that is understandable for everyone, has enormous cultural, social, environmental, and economic dimensions and speaks to our (shared) identities, cultural heritage, history, traditions and innovation. The process of cooking requires an active engagement from the ones preparing the dish – so the Cookbook is an invitation and a call for action to roll your sleeves up and engage with the calls of the Cultural Deal for Europe. On the other hand, the cookbook also refers to the concept of sharing food as a dimension of creating communities.

We decided to deconstruct the CDEU statement and its 8 calls into 8 independent recipes. These dishes – starting with the entrée/amuse-bouche and ending with the dessert/cocktail, suggest options to create the full dining experience – as the Cultural Deal creates the framework – or be used as self-standing recipes – a feature aligned with the modular nature of the Cultural Deal for Europe itself.

We looked into each call carefully and translated them into a dish – playing with the metaphors that sometimes more obviously, other times more delicately, refer to the main concepts of each call. Each recipe includes a description (of the metaphor), ingredients, preparation method and a link to the actual call from the CDEU statement.

We invite you to read the full recipes in the Cultural Meal for Europe Cookbook: they are tasty, original, vegetarian, playful and (sometimes) funny.

Food is for sharing!

Want to share one of the recipes? You can download your own #CulturalMealEU toolkit which includes illustrated recipe cards that you can use to spread the 8 calls of the #CulturalDealEU statement. Use them on social media, your website, or even as inspiration for your own dinner party! Download them here.

Icing on the cake

Join the over 1,100 people who have endorsed the #CulturalDealEU. If you too believe culture should be put at the heart of public debate and decision-making, add your name to the growing list. Endorse #CulturalDealEU here.

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