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Mapping | Covid-19 Emergency Response

In response to Covid-19 pandemic many governments, arts councils, foundations and private actors are deploying new emergency initiatives: designing compensation measures, reorganising their funding, combining efforts and sharing information, all this to tackle the unprecedented crisis that hit our societies – and specifically our culture, arts, creative sectors and cultural heritage. Culture Action Europe has addressed the EU to take specific action in support of the very hardly hit cultural and creative sector.

Together with the European Cultural Foundation (ECF), Culture Action Europe is mapping emergency initiatives and measures across Europe (compensations, dedicated funding, combined efforts or public and private actors, information sharing etc.) to tackle the effects of the Covid-19 crisis on the arts, culture, creative sectors and cultural heritage. In many countries in Europe, where such measures are not yet put in place, the cultural and creative sectors mobilised and asked their governments to take specific action.

We want to hear from you about such initiatives, in order to pull together more resources and share them widely with cultural actors across Europe and beyond. In addition, it will help ECF in designing a new facility “Culture of Solidarity”.

Thank you for participating in this survey which should not take more than 10 minutes of your time. Please respond if possible by 1 April 2020. The first consolidation of the results will be released on 2 April 2020.

Feel free to share it widely among your colleagues, members, partners – this information may be useful for many, but vital for some. It is time for solidarity and sharing!

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