Know your rights: ARJ public toolkit on artistic freedom

Arts Rights Justice (ARJ) is an independent cross-sector working group, representing over 30 EU and international associations, NGOs and networks from arts, free speech and human rights sectors. It advocates for artistic freedom, human rights and social justice within the specific field of the arts sector. ARJ aims to encourage greater understanding in public spheres of the interaction between culture and human rights in upholding democratic principles.

Earlier in 2016, ARJ published a Public Toolkit for artists, cultural workers and organisations. This practical tool can help artists, arts associations, networks and cultural organisations working on protecting artists and artistic freedom. The working-group is currently preparing a companion, a small booklet of about 50 pages, based on the toolkit.

ARJ is an independent working-group powered by Culture Action Europe.



August 12, 2016, 12:33 pm
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