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EP Elections Podcast with MEP Helga Trüpel

In the run-up to the European Parliamentary Elections, Culture Action Europe together with the cultural and creative sector advocates for a future for culture and Europe that is democratic, diverse, fair, free, human, inclusive and vital. As part of our EP elections campaign, we have launched a podcast series dedicated to discussing key cultural topics with representatives of the major european political party groupings.

The podcasts support the purpose of our elections campaign, aiming to encourage MEPs and candidates to put forward their positions on critical cultural issues and to foster awareness among EU citizens empowering them to make informed decisions as voters in the upcoming elections.

In this episode of Salon Culture podcasts, our colleague Sophie Dowden enters the European Parliament to speak to MEP Helga Trüpel from the Green Party. They discuss current issues, emerging from our campaign appeal, such as the role of culture in enhancing a positive understanding of the EU. For Ms. Trüpel, culture stands at the centre of the European Union and is essential for the future of Europe, not only “on Sunday speeches but every day of the week”.

The urgency to protect cultural diversity and freedom of expression in the current political situation is also addressed, with Ms. Trüpel stressing that “we cannot make the European Union and a peaceful life in the European Union without cultural diversity.” In order to promote cultural diversity, the European Union needs to further address the need to support artists in their mobility rights and grant them access to fair working conditions.

This episode of our podcast series also includes an important discussion on the necessary cross-sectoral strategies for education and culture and on how they depend on a fairer budget allocation for the cultural sector. Ms. Trüpel voices a concern over the outcome of the MFF negotiations and the doubling of the budget for culture, as things stand in the European Council, concluding that “we all, regardless where we live, we need to put pressure on our national governments.”

Here you can find a template letter for writing to your ministers of culture, finance and foreign affairs to urge them to support the doubling of the budget for culture in advance of the upcoming negotiations between the European Parliament, Council and Commission.

Click on the player below to listen to the full interview with MEP Helga Trüpel.



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