Effect of Covid-19 on Creative Europe & the European CCS | Phase 2

April 30, 2020, 12:44 pm

Under the initiative of Culture Action Europe, European cultural networks, platforms and cultural organisations have been advocating for an increased flexibility of Creative Europe program during and after the pandemic. On the 20th of March 2020, Culture Action Europe has addressed a joint letter to the Commissioner Gabriel and Members of Directorate General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (DG EAC), listing proposals regarding the ways to cope with the consequences of COVID-19 on Creative Europe and the European Cultural and Creative Sectors.

You can find the first letter here.

Meanwhile, the European Commission has made available to all current and potential applicants and beneficiaries of Creative Europe a list of Questions & Answers to shed some light on the most acute issues regarding the programme. Most of these Q&As do address and clarify our concerns. However, in close consultation with our members and working together with other European cultural networks, Culture Action Europe raise a few additional points which were not tackled by the Q&A document by the Commission.

These additional points are summarised in the letter that was sent to the DG EAC and EACEA on the 30th of April. Culture Action Europe, together with the signatories of our previous letter, call for further explanation on issues related to eligibility, match-funding and co-financing rates, budgetary shifts and effects of the MFF extension on networks funded by Creative Europe.

Our second letter to the Commission is available here.

Culture Action Europe remains in a continuous conversation with the DG EAC passing over messages and proposals deriving from the cultural sector. Do you want to raise issues that are not in the letter yet? Get in touch with us now: contact[at]cultureactioneurope.org