EC proposal “absolutely insufficient”, says CULT Committee Chair

June 22, 2020, 2:00 pm

Sabine VERHEYEN (EPP, DE), Chair of the CULT Committee, makes a statement following the exchange of views at the Committee on Culture and Education on the revised MFF proposal, in the European Parliament in Brussels.

“First, we have to see that the original proposal from the Commission from the year 2018 was much higher than what is proposed now. And it was the minimum for what we need to fulfill the obligations out of the programs and the ambitious aims. We, as Parliament’s said very clear that we need a tripling of the Erasmus plus and a doubling of creative Europe. And the one point two billion for the European Solidarity Corps to fulfill the expectations and also the obligations coming out of the program. And what is needed for the next generation. And a program that has the name Next Generation must also take into account the needs of this next generation”.


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