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An initiative by CAE Italian members

CAE’s Italian members have been working together for the last year to share thoughts and experiences that lately grew into a full project directly led by them in collaboration with Culture Action Europe Staff.
The project is called Cre•action Roma, and will be held in Rome on April 28.
It is an answer to an urgent need of make their voices heard, to combine their expertise and stories to build together a strong vision for their city, based on common values ​​and concrete cultural strategies.The discussion was initially sparked by an emergency decree that was passed by the Italian Senate to redefine Cultural heritage sites as an essential service and, in that way, changing the rules of employment, restricting workers rights.

The project group states that: ”CAE has given us the opportunity to exchange between actors from different countries, experiences and feelings. By working together, it turns out that we all had common needs and struggles. It turns out that European culture shares the same values, the same hopes.
Cre•action Roma is the start of something new with the hope that it will be reproduced in those places where its needed, finding practical solutions to the theme of culture as an important instrument for integration and development.”

The project is now inviting Italian cultural institutions and professionals to collaborate and work together in 3 parallel workshops on 28 April around the issue of “CULTURE AS AN ESSENTIAL SERVICE“:

with the aim of writing a document that could help us in presenting their requests to politicians to initiate a process of determination of the basic level of CULTURAL benefits to be guaranteed throughout the national territory.

To learn more or to join see the project Italian site: