CAE responses to Coronavirus

March 13, 2020, 1:52 pm

The recent spread of the Coronavirus is pushing States to take harsh measures in the attempt to tackle the epidemic and to #flattenthecurve. Belgium is not an exception.

Culture Action Europe takes the civic responsibility to mitigate the spread of COVID19 and joins other cultural venues, festivals, projects and civil society organisations in suspending events and travels before the 3rd of April earliest. As of today, Culture Action Europe’s team also starts working from home.

CAE stands in solidarity with artists and cultural operators affected by the emergency measures to prohibit large gatherings of people with a view to containing the spread of the COVID19 virus. Without appropriate support measures, these decisions will have devastating economic and social consequences on the sector, as numerous events and tours are being cancelled abruptly. Whether employed or freelance, workers in the cultural sector, who are often in an already precarious situation, are facing a sudden and dramatic loss of income. We support PEARLE* statement and urge all governments to adopt emergency measures that may adequately support the sustainability of the cultural sector.

Updates on CAE’s future events

After having evaluated the current situation and agreed with partners, Culture Action Europe has decided to cancel or change the format (move online) all our upcoming events, until April 3. Below is a list of the upcoming events that will be affected by these new measures:


  • March 13, Artistic Freedom Meeting at Freemuse Offices: Culture Action Europe and Freemuse have jointly taken the decision to cancel the Partners Meeting on Artistic Freedom.
  • April 3, Mu.SA Final Conference: “The future of museum professionals in the digital era”: Culture Action Europe, DAISSy Research Group of the Hellenic Open University and the Mu.SA project partners have jointly taken the decision to cancel the Mu.SA Final Conference. Alternative strategies to disseminate the final results of the conference are in the discussion among the consortium members. More information will be forthcoming.


  • March 16, Beyond the Urban breakfast: Our joint Beyond the Urban breakfast, jointly co-organised by CAE, ENCC, IETM and Trans Europe Halles will still take place, but in another format. We invite you to join the discussion online. Timing remains the same: tune in here on Monday 16 March at 10.00 CET to our Beyond the Urban webinar.

CAE goes home (working)

Recognising the harm that an increasing and uncontrolled spread of the Coronavirus would bring to our Health Systems, and sustaining the individual responsibility that each one of us has in the effort to halt the epidemy, CAE’s office decided, for the time being, to stop the in-office working sessions and to deploy home-working initiatives.

This does not mean that we disappear! We will keep working as usual and are available from Monday to Friday during our working hours. If you wish to contact us, drop an email to any of the members of our team.

EACEA: Information for beneficiaries whose activities are impacted by Coronavirus

The COVID-19 crisis has necessarily triggered the measures by national competent authorities to contain the spread of the virus. These may have brought difficulties in the management of international and European projects, especially when it comes to the impossibility of travelling or gathering that some organisations and partners are facing.

In its 6 March communication, EACEA recommends that planned actions shall be normally carried out, as far as possible, but also reminds that all the Agreements contain a “force majeure” clause which may apply to mobility restrictions, as a direct consequence of the measures taken by the competent national authorities in charge. However, the existence of an event of “force majeure” suitable to concretely hinder the ordinary implementation of the planned actions will be analysed on a “case-by-case” basis.

We invite you to check and read carefully the “Force majeure” article in your contract and try to assess the situation with your partners and see what could be impacted by the above-mentioned changes. Contact your project officers for more information.

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