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CAE position paper on the New European Bauhaus

Almost 18 months on, the New European Bauhaus (NEB) initiative is taking shape. Despite the proclaims, however, culture does not seem to be an equal partner in the NEB so far, warn representatives of the European cultural ecosystem. In the Commission’s own words, the Green Deal is not just an environmental and economic plan, but part of a new cultural and societal paradigm. If given the means and the space to contribute, culture has a great potential to make this initiative fly.

In reaction to the Commission’s Communication on the New European Bauhaus, and in order to constructively contribute to the own-initiative report by the European Parliament, Culture Action Europe has consulted its wide cross sectoral membership made by over 170 networks, organisations, policy-makers, activists, individuals, to draft the policy recommendations, below. 

CAE NEB Position Paper

Culture Action Europe (CAE), the major European cross sectoral cultural network, has been a partner of the New European Bauhaus since 2021, both in its individual capacity and as a member of the New European Bauhaus Collective (NEBC), an informal gathering of organisations from the European cultural and architectural landscape overcoming differences and barriers to meaningfully give an added value to joint collaborations.